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Okay I completely forgot about the moment in that Hellen Keller musical episode where Cartman is like, writing lyrics or something? And some guy (I forgot his name whoops) tells Cartman to imagine how Hellen Keller felt by closing his eyes and covering his ears, so he does and then a bunch of gore, food, disturbing crap comes on screen and then when asked what he saw, Cartman goes "just the same old crap I always see". I knew Cartman was fucked up, but my god.

cartmans got a lot of issues

i rewatched le petite tourette the other day and i forgot about all that stuff he blurted out????? 

12/08/2017, 5.30pm

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The ongoing adventures of Vin and his true love - sweets :D

And the inevitable aftermath, guest starring JD and Ezra:

Vin: Auuuuugh, just let me die in piece….
Ezra: I can not fathom what would lead a sane person to do such a thing to himself, Mr Tanner…
JD: Google says that in a few minutes you get to experience explosive diarrhea :“DDDD
Vin: It was still worth it!