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Niall Tries and Niall Fails: A Journey Through My Niall Gifs

So close.  And yet so far.  That’s okay, we all know he’s left-handed anyway, so he deserves props for using his non-dominant hand.

And yet again!  Actually, this is the first time I’ve realized both of these gifs are right-handed catch attempts, so that may actually have a lot to do with it. That’s okay Niall.  Keep trying to catch things with your right hand.  It’s adorable <3

I think he was trying to do leap frog.  I couldn’t be certain though because… well, you can see it for yourself.  I have to think he was just trolling us here because have you seen him jump?  Niall’s got mad jump skillz yo.

Louis can’t even look because this is too painful.  If it weren’t for this we would have gotten to see more of Niall’s beautiful blue eyes during the Kiss You video.  Of course, if it weren’t for this we wouldn’t have gotten hot jazz band Niall in sunglasses.  A dilemma.

One has to wonder if Niall has ever attempted a handstand in his life before this. Bent elbows, lack of kicking power, and lack of water to keep you upright with its buoyancy- a necessity as far as my own experience goes.  They probably didn’t fill the stadium with water because of Zayn’s aversion to swimming, so really Niall was just being a good friend.

Iconic.  Classic.  The most endearing thing you’ve ever seen and don’t lie.  You know that even you would be hard pressed to manage to hit yourself in the face like this.

Here Niall tries to very casually play off his fail.  Nice try sweetheart.  Also, I swear that guy in the hat in the background also looks like Niall.  This is clearly during one of his time travel episodes.

Everyone else demonstrates the worm.  They do it with vigor, with verve, and with passion! Niall, however, puts a lot of stock in realism and shows everyone how a worm actually moves.

One of many attempts at a forward roll.  Forward rolls really do suck since you’re landing on your spine, but I think Niall’s forward rolls are even more special and I’m not at all surprised he managed to scratch and bruise himself to bits doing this.

Here Niall fails to predict the future. It’s alright, everyone loves a wet Niall, so it’s actually more of a win. 

Oh, oh!  He’s making a go at it.

Liam scolds at first but then decides Niall is too precious and must be helped in case he accidentally snaps his own neck.  No really, look at where his head is.

He made it over and onto his back.. sort of.  Almost there!

Ooh, but at the last minute he flops sideways, killing his execution points.  A complete shame.  Next time, Niall.  You’ll get it next time.

And we’ll end with a more recent gif to prove that to this day Niall still has trouble with any and all acrobatics that involve attempting to put his legs over his head.