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I like to think that Sherlock ‘you’re so vain’ Holmes would go into a tizzy the moment he finds a gray hair amongst his curls. He would go into a strop, researching dye options and detractors, obsessing to the point of madness. That is, until he discovers that the gray at his temples lends him a distinguished air… one that Molly finds more than a little attractive. Suddenly, the gray hairs don’t seem so bad and he uses this new aura to full effect. On her.

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“He loves her. Of course he does, he adores her” - Steven Moffat

“Molly’s just this rock for Sherlock” - Amanda Abbington

“No no I didn’t practice it, i just fucking did it. I had loads of glass in my hair and I just go for the girl” - Benedict Cumberbatch

“You can’t have Sherlock Holmes without Molly Hooper” - Steven Moffat

“Molly started really as a one shot character, really, in the pilot, doing that first scene just to help introduce Sherlock. And it’s just one of those magical things because Lou Brealey was so brilliant in the part. And it was so automatically funny to see Sherlock with her. But she’s as a character, she’s grown the most of anyone in that series. She’s so totally different now and continues to be that. I have to keep reminding myself you haven’t seen the next two. So there’s a lot to come with that. She’s the first person to make Sherlock apologize. And in extremis, while Sherlock was faking emotion when he was talking to John from the rooftop, just to make sure he was so totally upset he wouldn’t notice that the man was actually alive and had a squash ball in his armpit, when he goes to Molly, he’s being genuinely emotional. So she’s a hugely important character and a surprise to us because we never really intended to add any characters to the original canon. But here we have” - Steven Moffat

“Look how pretty Loo looks. She’s gorgeous” - Benedict Cumberbatch

“You didn’t have to come in, Molly” - Sherlock Holmes, A Scandal in Belgravia, S2.01

“You do count. You’ve always counted and I’ve always trusted you” - Sherlock Holmes, The Reichenbach Fall S2.03

“You look well” - Sherlock Holmes, The Sign of Three, S3.02

“The one person he thought didn’t matter at all to me was the one person that mattered the most” - Sherlock Holmes, The Empty Hearse, S3.01

“What do I do?” - Sherlock Holmes, His Last Vow, S3.03

“I’m sorry. Forgive me. Merry Christmas, Molly Hooper” - Sherlock Holmes, A Scandal in Belgravia, S2.01

“You can see me” - Sherlock Holmes, The Reichenbach Fall, S2.03

“Would you…would you like to solve crimes?” - Sherlock Holmes, The Empty Hearse, S3.01

“For the sake of law and order, I suggest you avoid all future attempts at a relationship, Molly” - Sherlock Holmes, The Reichenbach Fall, S2.03

“You’ve changed your hair. The style, it’s usually parted in the middle. It’s nice. suits you better this way” - Sherlock Holmes, The Blind Banker, S1.02

“You” - Benedict Cumberbatch/Sherlock Holmes

“I will always ship Sherlock and Molly” - The Oxford English Dictionary

“Molly is so important. So fucking important” - Steven Moffat

long story short:


Tattoos are an art form. And to me, art is creativity. So no list will ever be complete, until there will be someone out there working on something new. But this (a rewriting of an old piece I wrote for ET on tumblr) can help to know a little bit more about modern tattoo styles. Take your time to understand the differencies, go through the names in the list, find your style. A good tattoo lasts forever, and knowledge is the roots of a good choice.

Old School/Traditional: Is usually referred to American classic tattooing. Artists like Amund Dietzel, Sailor Jerry, Herbert Hoffman or Bert Grimm, from the firtst decades of 1900, are the names to start from if you want to know its roots, Classical subjects (anchors, ships, roses, daggers, eagles, horses etc.), simple designs, bold lines and  basic color palettes. Traditional tattooing is definitely more than a trend, with its own philosophy and unwritten rules.

Tony Nilsson, Cassandra Frances, Samuele Briganti, Paul Dobleman, Paul Fulton, Florian Santus, Moira Ramone (pics: Moira Ramone, Paul Fulton, Mauro Quaresima)

There is also a different kind of traditional, widly diffused, enough to be considered a style, that people keep considering part of traditional or neo traditional. It keeps bold lines, and part of the classic imaginery, mixed with weird, modern, surreal, pop stuff. No limits for color palettes, no rules. Tradition meets creativity, one of the personal favourites.

El Carlo, Ron Wells, Luca Font, Pietro Sedda, Ray Wallace, Dane Mancini, Laura Yahna, Ibi Rothe, Deno Jr (pics: Ray Wallace, El Carlo, Laura Yahna, Dane Mancini)

Japanese: Originally called Irezumi, its roots runs deep in the history of its country. Its meaning in Japanese culture changed through the centuries, from tebori (tattooing by hand) to Yobori (tattooing by machine), to became part of the classic Japanese imaginaery, as we know it. Not every asian themed tattoo (common subjects like dragons, yokai demons, tigers, hannya masks and so on) is japanese style. Everything from colors to placement, to the shapes of the untattooed areas has its rules. As any other ancient styles, of course, you can find its modern, contaminated, version too (Gakkin or Wendy Pham’s works are a good example).  

Shige, Pino Cafaro, Caio Pinero, Bill Canales, Gotch, Rodrigo Souto, Yutaro (Bill Canales, Pino Cafaro, R. Souto, Shigenori Ywasaki)

Modern tribal and ornamental: usually referred to a mix of geometrical shapes, patterns, mandalas, asian motives, and Maori influences.

Guy le tatooer, Thomas Hooper, Marco Galdo, Chaim Machlev, Little Swastika (Guy, C. Machlev, T. Hooper)

Realism: From portraits, to a custom piece, to the perfect reproduction of a picture/painting. Realistic tattoos is one of the most spectacular styles in tattooing. No black outline, and lifelike shades, black and grey or colors. It easily mixes with different styles, like with Simone Pfaff or Andrey Lukovnikov, where realism is just a technical part of their own style.

Robert Hernandez, Chris Gherman, Alex De Pase, Scrappy Uno, Sandra Daukshta, Lippo, Sam Stokes (Lippo, A. Acosta, S. Daukshta)

Biomechanical: A trend in the late 90’, basically made of mechanical parts that looks like fused with the flesh. Organic and unorganic elements are realistically drawn, to create the illusion to be carved in the onwer’s body.

Don McDonald, Carson Hill, Guy Hatchinson (who creates bio organic style) (itp: Carson Hill, Don McDonald, Guy Atchinson)

New School/Cartoonish: Fantasy, big eyes subjects, rounded shapes, bright colors, crazy proportions and prospectives. Another style that was more popular in the 90’, now is often fused with different styles, specially with neo traditional.

Kati Berinkey (she fuses new school and sketchy/illustrative styles for her designs), Adam Hawtorne (another one with his own distintcive illustrative style), David Tevenal, Nathan Evans (mixing neo trad e new school) (A. Hawtorne, A. H., David Tevenal)

Neo Traditional: Illustrative like tattoos, where classical subjects like women, crows, snakes, triangles, wolves etc. (from the classic old school imaginery), are drawn with bright colors, and realistical shading, in a aperfect mix between traditional and realism.

Emily Rose, Dusty Neal, Lu’s Lips, Christophe Bonardi, Debora Cherrys, Rodrigo Kalaka El Uf, Jack Goks Pearce. (E. R. Murray, R. Kalaka, Teresa Sharpe, Lu’s Lips)

Lettering: Text tattoos are usually a bad idea, unless they are done in the proper style, and from a specialized artist.

Norm Will Rise, Justin Wilson, Big Meas (N. W. R., J. Wilson, Big Meas)

Chicano: the word “Chicano”, referred to American citizen of Mexican origin, ceased to be a slur in the 60’, while the style itself was born a couple decades before. Common subjects are wemen, skulls, roses, and religious icons, usually in black and gray.

Boog, Macko (Macko, Boog)

These are the most common, radicated, worldly reconized style. But is just a partial view of what the contemporary tattoo scene can offer. In the last 15 years, more and more styles are born. Some of them still don’t even have a name, some have more than one. Some of them will became classic and some are just a trend.

Fun fact: wikipidia’s italian “tattoo” page have “genital” listed as one of the most common styles.

Watercolors: The colors are spread to simulate watercolors. Often mixed with other styles. People keeps debating about how watercolor tattoos will age. Only time will tell.

Klaim, Amanda Wachob, Niko Inko (A. Wachob, G. Smash, Klaim)

Photoshop: the names probably comes from a folder where the artist Xoil (still one of the best in this style) used to store his works’ pics.

If you have ever used PS, you know what I’m talking about. PS style is basically a collage of different images and techniques, from watercolor to dotwork to lettering.

Xoil, Niko Inko, Voller Kontrast, Little Swastika, Jef Palumbo, Arlin ffrench (J. Palumbo, Xoil)

Illustrative Geometrical style: geometrical elements are common in modern tattoo designs, but some artists  generated a new trend, mixing illustrative elements, modern tribal patterns, and geometrical lines.

Maxime Buchi, Daniel Meyer, Valentin Hirsch, Kamil Czapiga  (C. Machlev, D. Meyer, Maxime Buchi) 

Illustrative, sketchy: The artist draw on skin all the lines that usually are ereased in a finished design, to create the illusion of a pencil sketch.

Lea Nahon, Sam Rulz, Nomi Chi, Sven Groenvald (Lea Nahon, S. Groenvald, Nomi Chi)

3D: Again, not exactly a style.  The artist uses realistic shading, shadows and prospectives to give the illusion of depth.

Russ Abbott, Jesse Rix (itp: Jesse Rix, Russ Abbott)

Engraving: on a thin line between illustrative, sketchy, and traditional tattoos, engraving uses black lines to simulate ancient wood engraving techniques, taking inspiration from medieval like illustration.

Sam Rulz, Maxime Buchi, Andrei Svetov (A. SV, Sam Rulz)

Next style has no name yet, and it’s slightly less diffused.. But I like it, so it’s in the list. ;) Tipical traditional pieces but coloured with flat colors, almost no shades, and twisted, experimental, original designs. 

Adrian Edek, Sany Kim, Aivaras Lee, Patryk Hilton

Girly: It’s a definition I hate, cause I’m convinced there is no room for sex differencies in art. I’m a big bearded boy and still I would proudly wear a Jody Dawber or Cassandra Frances’ piece. Still, this is how people call it. Bold lines and flat shading are mixed with bright colors like pink, yellow, light blue, that perfectly fits the “cuteness” of the subjects, often inspired from pop culture and cartoon characters.

Jody Dawber (basically a traditional artist), Alex Strangler, Sasha Mezoghlian (A. Strangler, J. Dawber, S. Mezoghlian)

The last style of this list have no name yet, but it’s still worth to be considered cause of it’s diffusion and people response to it. Basically the artists recreates a simpler, geometrical, version of the subjects, with no black outline, and a watercolor effect.

Sasha Unisex, Marius Trubisz, Marcin Surowiec, David Cote (M. Surowiec, Sasha Unisex)

The Holmes Children

Hamish Michael Holmes (age 19)

The eldest of the bunch. It cannot be denied he is Sherlock’s son and although he has the intelligence of a Holmes, his compassion and understanding undoubtedly makes him Molly’s. He finds love in anything space related and has a passion for piano. He is protective of his sister and his brother is his best friend. All in all he is the most likable, if not lovable, of the Holmes children.

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William Victor Holmes (age 17)

The middle child of the Holmes children. His sweet and innocent face is a perfect mask for his wild and adventuress self. He loves puzzles and pranks. And like his father he also has a love for “the game”. He will do anything for his family yet he isn’t always desirable. He is in short a jokester with all the charm and wit of a Holmes man.

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Elizabeth Louise Holmes (age 13)

The baby of the group. She’s sweet and loving like her mother but stubborn like her father. She knows she’s daddy’s little princess but she isn’t the typical girly girl. Though that never stops her from having her way when it comes to her father and brothers. Her goal is to become the world’s very best consulting detective.

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Tuesday’s Crush

Michael Hooper Is Cute. I’m Not Quite Sure How To Explain My Crush On Him. He’s Goofy-Looking In Some Pictures, Which Makes Him All The Cuter To Me. He’s Boyish-Looking, And I prefer More Rugged-Looking Men. But He Has A Confident Air About Him…And, Damn, Is That Sexy! 

Woof, Baby!

Soooo… I the only one who thinks that Molly and Jim could be kinda cute together? That she could balance him out with her innocence and he making her a little tougher and badass from time to time? Oh god I am imagining all these scenarios now….Molly forbidding him to kill Sherlock. Jim suprising her with showing up to work when she needs to stay longer. YES LOVING IT

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Warning! ANGST 
again ANGST!!

alright my first intention was to join the sherlolly hug fest @mychakk posted about and it ended up with me writing this sad thing

  @whclocked This is on you!

Don’t ask me where this came from alright!

She knocked the door before she entered to find it open. She sighed and opened it a little only to find darkness and hideous smell, she stepped in carefully with her black high heels shoes and covered her nose for protection.

He was sitting on his chair like a body with no soul inside, next to him one of Mrs. Hudson’s tray with untouched rotten food on it, she recognized it was where the smell came from, he checked her from head to toes with unfocused eyes before he spoke.

“I see you attended the funeral” Sherlock said with  croaky voice, looking to the hair she put it in bun and the black simple dress she wore.

Molly swallowed hard and nodded “I knew what John did, not allowing you to attend her funeral, that was too harsh from him, you had the right to say your goodbye.” She needed all her strength to stand in front of him without shaking, seeing him damaged in such a way was hurting her more than she thought.

“Well I can’t blame him for not wanting his wife’s killer in her funeral!” he spoke as if it was obvious as sun that only a blind would miss it.

“What? john would never think ..”

“Really?!!” He shouted, “Cause I’m certain I did!” he raised up from the chair grabbing his hair with his hands almost pulling them out.

tears started to burn her eyes while she tried to keep them inside “It wasn’t your fault Sherlock, you didn’t pull the trigger.”

“Words kill Molly, but they were mine and they should’ve killed me!” He grumbled and looked to her, a light came from street showed his eyes to her, the redness indicated he didn’t sleep for days.

“I saw it,” he shook his head and frowned “I saw how desperate she was and I kept pushing and pushing,” he said hitting his right fist to his other hand hard, he moved to his chair, looking out of strength, she couldn’t keep neither the tears inside her eyes, nor the distance between her and him, she found herself walking to him and sat  on the arm of the chair taking his head on her chest, he didn’t move away from her as she expected, instead his harsh fast breaths began to calm down and he closed his eyes. She wanted to tell him not to blame himself, that it was Mary’s choice and she wouldn’t be happy to sacrifice her life for him to be miserable, to live in guilt, but that was a talk for another time, in this moment she felt all he needed was someone to feel safe around to scream his feelings and hold him in the end.

“She tried to stop me Molly,” he said in a low voice, “She saw it too and tried to stop me but I didn’t listen.” she pulled him to her chest more, wishing she could transfer his suffering to her and started to run her hands on his shoulder for comfort.

She didn’t know how long they stayed this way, but when she felt he was almost serene, she pulled away taking his hand and walked him to his room, he looked worn down and she didn’t receive any struggling from his side.

After she put him in his bed she took off her shoes and joined him hugging him from the back, he didn’t object the whole time or the two minutes he took to go fully into sleep.

She couldn’t sleep though, a cold hand squeezed her heart, knowing that she may need to choose soon. The wounds Mary’s death left weren’t going to heal fast between her friends. She saw John today, he was in no shape to take care of a child at the moment and she knew she would need to step in to do her duties as the godmother of Rosie, and the way Sherlock was thinking made her feel that he was about to take a dark path and needed an eye on him, in the time his best friend and her goddaughter’s father couldn’t stand to be with him in the same room. She closed her eyes in pain feeling her heart ripped into two. With another sigh, she tightened her hold on Sherlock, putting her head on the pillow, and tried to forget about tomorrow’s problems, at least for now she could help one of them and that what mattered in this moment.   

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Ugh. You're so rude to all the other ships, when yours is actually the worst. I mean, Molly is obviously lame, I don't get what you see in her anyway. 😚😬

(Ok for reals this is gonna be my last one because I don’t want to become some kind of salt queen lol)

Oh you think this ship is the worst because Molly is lame huh? Hm, let’s evaluate… So here we have a single woman in her mid 30s who lives in one of the coolest cities in the world in her very own sweet action flat because she’s got a kick butt job doing what most people have neither the stomach nor brain for. She literally cuts people open and figures crap out. Oh and that’s without Sherlock btw. There’s a main character who, no matter her feelings, never asks for his help. You never see her like, “hey uh, I got this body here and I just can’t quite put my finger on the cause of death. Can you be the consulting pathologist for me today??” Nope. She gets it done herself. In fact, who goes to who for help? Yeah that’s right. Sherlock goes to her for help. On the regular. So regular that Mycroft calls Bart’s Sherlock’s “home from home.” Huh…fascinating. Oh and we’re not done! Molly Hooper also dated and broke up with the ultimate criminal mastermind Jim Moriarty. In addition, she can make the Consulting Detective himself apologize or change his behavior with a single glance, and has become the embodiment of a way to keep him in line. “Shape up Sherl, or we’re calling Molly.” And let’s not even talk about the sort of effect her impending demise has on the man. Funny, I don’t recall him being like *shrug* “she’s a little lame, let’s move on to the next challenge, Eurus.” 

Don’t know what we see in Molly Hooper?? My deepest sympathies for your failing eyesight. 😂 😘 

@wherestoriescomefrom I blame this one on you, because your Eurus is just as lovely as your Jim.

Eurus carefully bit back a sigh, leaning her cheek on her fist as she flicked her eyes over the woman sitting across from her. What did her brother dear see in her? It had only taken fifteen seconds to deduce everything worth knowing about her, and she was dull, dull, duuuullll.

“Ugh, I seriously just want to take a cricket bat to their kneecaps.”

Oh. Oh! Well, this was … this was fascinating.

Jim had been right about her. He would be sooo smug. Good thing he was dead.

Molly seemed to realize what she’d said and turned a bright red, stammering an apologetic, half-hearted denial.

“No, no, I quite agree,” Eurus said with a wave of her hand.

Her eyes flickered minutely as she wound back through the conversation she had mostly tuned out. They had been talking about cats (obvious choice, given the sheen of cat hair covering her disgusting jumper), but Molly had somehow devolved into a delightfully vicious rant about … vegans who tried to feed their pet carnivores a vegetarian diet.

Molly shuffled uncertainly, twirling her coffee cup between her hands. “Some people make eugenics look like a good idea,” she mumbled with an uncertain smile and a little flick of her eyes in Eurus’ direction.

Oh, I like you. The thought struck Eurus like a lightening bolt, temporarily seizing up every muscle. The next two flashed through her just as quickly, and with no less of an impact.

I wanna do things to you.

I wanna do things for you.

Well. Now that was interesting. Jim hadn’t warned her about that.

Lovely, lovely Jim. Leaving her with all these delightful surprises. No wonder he’d gone and offed himself.

Eurus’ mouth stretched into the unfamiliar shape of a genuine smile as she sipped her coffee, half-listening while she pondered…

What could she do for Molly Hooper?


Molly:(talking about Sherlock) There’s nothing to tell! He’s just a guy I work with!
: C’mon, you’re going out with the guy! There’s gotta be something wrong with him!
: Alright Adler, be nice. [to Molly] So does he have a hump? A hump and a hairpiece?
Mary: Wait, does he eat chalk?[The others stare, bemused]
Mary: Just, ’cause, I don’t want her to go through what I went through with Carl- oh!
Molly: Okay, everybody relax. This is not even a date. It’s just two people going out to dinner and not having sex.
: Sounds like a date to me.

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