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You woke up this morning raindrops falling against the window. 

‘’Same dream… it’s the same thing over and over again.’’ puzzled by your repeating dream you slowly climbed out of bed rubbing your eyes. This was the 6th time this week. You poured the coffee into your cup hoping it would wake you up, your cat jumped up on the dining table begging for attention. ‘’I know I know I’ll feed you in a minute fluffy.’’ You answered waving your hand at Fluffy. The cat in your dreams look nothing like Fluffy. Fluffy was black and fat, while the cat in your dreams were a calico, stoic creature who moved gracefully over the white floor. Fluffy looked at you pissed over the fact that you had yet to feed him, he had been waiting a whole minute now! You made your way over to his cat bowl and picked it up. Next to it lied Fluffys bright red ball, another thing that made you even sure that it wasn’t fluffy. The ball in your dream was yellow, Fluffy hated yellow. You on the other hand quite liked the color.
Your morning went on just as it did any other day. Getting dressed, going to school, nothing out of the ordinary.

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can i get an angst with jinyoung as the cast? but its a happy ending hehe ^^

“Yah, that was a wild night, wasn’t it?” he said as he wrapped his arms around your waist. You could barely move by yourself, so his body was good support as you headed upstairs to your apartment door.

“It was fun though,” you cooed back, stumbling onto your door as you figited to look for the keys in your purse. You managed to get them and unlock the door, making the two of you fumble onto the floor. “Thanks for a great time, Jaebum.”

“It was my pleasure,” he replied as he got up brushing himself. He stuck his hand out to help you back up and brushed your dress clean. “Well, I should get going now.”

“Wait, do you want to spend the night over? You aren’t sober enough to drive home!” You warned.

“You aren’t sober enough to offer a guy a night in your apartment,” he chuckled. “Maybe another time when we aren’t both drunk. I don’t want to take advantage of you,” he grinned. You smiled, knowing that he had good intentions. “I’ll see you another time,” he wrapped his arms around you again.

Wrapping your arms around his neck, you smile. “Okay, just call me when you’re available.” After exchanging farewells, and he was out the door.

You managed to walk all the way to the couch without tripping on your clumsy feet. You planted yourself on the couch and sighed, checking your phone to see it was 3am. “Ah, I have work in four hours,” you whined.

You sat up, but ended up crashing back down on the couch. Your head landed on something white and soft. You lifted your head up and your eyes met a white teddy bear wearing a red scarf and matching red hat. You smiled and embraced it into your arms. That is until you remembered where you got the bear. You looked at it in disgust, but you hugged it. 

“What about that bear, Jagiya? Would you like that? I could win that for you!” he chuckled.

“Yah, Jinyoung!” you giggled as you lightly punched his shoulder. “Fine, if you can win me that bear, I’ll pay you with five kisses.”

“I can’t believe you won that bear..” you muttered as the booth worker handed you over the prize.

“I can’t believe I won five kisses from a beautiful girl,” he smiled at you as he leaned his face to you. “But then again, I can’t believe I won the privilege to call you my girlfriend.”

“Stupid bear..” you muttered into its fluffy skin. “Stop reminding me of him.” You sighed and decided that you should sleep in your own bed. You got up, with the bear still in your arms. You walked down your bedroom corridor and looked at the photos hanging in the hallway.

They were pictures of the two of you. Pictures of you and Jinyoung. The top right one was taken on your first date to the amusement park where he won the bear in your arms. The one on the far left was taken a few months prior when the two of you had your first kiss.

“I’ve never actually—” you said as your voice trailed off. Your eyes continued to avoid his as you twiddled your fingers together.

Jinyoung brought your chin up with his hand so that he could look directly into your eyes. “I’ll be gentle.”

As he went in, you quickly snapped your head to the left so that he would kiss your cheek instead. You covered your face in embarrassment as he chuckled. “It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s normal to be nervous the first time.”

With swift movements, Jinyoung repeated his actions. Before you could turn your head he made sure to press his lips against yours. And at that moment, you decided they were the only pair of lips you ever wanted to kiss.

You smiled at the photos, thinking of Jinyoung. Then you remembered that you weren’t supposed to be happy, and you stormed off into your bedroom quickly.

You clenched your heart as you practically felt it stop beating. Jinyoung walked closer to you but you pushed him back. “Leave,” you croaked as tears began to stream down your face.


“You’ve done enough already, Park Jinyoung!” you screamed fully turning your back to him. “Just— please..”

You heard him sigh behind you. “If that’s what you want..” After he whispered that, you could only hear a fading trail of footsteps.

You laid down in your bed and turned your head to look out the window. It was pouring. Even the rain reminded you of Jinyoung. The rain is how you met in the first place. 

“Dammit, not again,” you cursed as you look up at the grey sky. It always seemed to rain when you forgot your umbrella.

You stood at the crosswalk waiting for the walking sign to signal go as your clothes began to get soaked. You frowned in frustration as you looked at your clothes.

Suddenly, you felt no drops of rain. You looked up to see an umbrella hovering above your head. You looked to your left to see a cute guy holding his umbrella above the two of you. “You seemed like you needed it,” he smiled.

You smiled back as he walked you all the way to your house.

You covered your face with a pillow and screamed into it. “Yah, Park Jinyoung! Get out of my head!”

Just then, there was a knock at the door. You quickly sat up and checked the time on your phone again. “Who would come here at three in the morning?” You muttered. As you made you way to the door, you thought it could be Jaebum who decided to take the offer in staying in your apartment for the night. 

You unlocked the door and opened it. “So did you finally decide you wanted to stay the ni-” You paused in shock.

He stood there soaked to the bone. He was shivering and he didn’t look too well. “..H-Hi,” he said so faintly. “..D-Do you mind if I c-come in?”

“Sure, c-come, in Jinyoung,” you stuttered. He bowed and made his way in. You closed the door behind him and just stood there facing the door. Why is he here at this time? Why would he come here in the first place? Is this fate?

You turned to see him standing there dripping wet staring at you. You weren’t sure if you wanted to hug him and warm him up or slap him. But you just stood there staring back at him. “You should change,” you coughed as I looked away. “I’ll make you something warm to eat.”

He nodded and headed to your bedroom, leaving a trail of water as he went. “Hang your wet clothes on top of the shower doors when you’re done,” you yelled.

You made your way to the kitchen and tried to look for something to make for him. “Crap, I forgot to go for a grocery run,” you hissed. You searched high and low in every cabinet to see what you could fetch. After searching the whole kitchen, you managed to find a box of pancake mix. “Pancakes,” you signed.

You preheated the stove as you began to stir the mix in a bowl along with some eggs and water.

“I didn’t know you still had some of my clothes,” you heard him say coming towards the kitchen. You heart started beating faster. No, you thought. You were over him and your heart shouldn’t act like this.

“Well, you forgot to retrieve them earlier, so I decided to hold onto them until I bump into you,” you replied. You felt your cheeks warm up. Hopefully they heated up from the heat of the pan.

“You could have dropped them off at my apartment,” he huffed. He leaned his lean body against the entry to the kitchen as he watched you cook. Trying to avert yourself from making eye contact with him, you kept busy with the pancakes.

“In case you forgot, I still don’t have my license,” you barked back. In the corner of your eye, you could see him make his way closer, causing your heart to beat faster.

“Oh, I know. You could have walked though, I don’t live that far away, remember?” he said moving closer.

“If you live so close, why didn’t you just go home instead of stopping by?” you angrily replied as your heart kept beating faster. Before you knew it, he was behind you. Right behind you. You could feel his breath on your neck, which made you shudder. He wrapped his arms around your waist.

“Because.. I’ve missed you,” he whispered into your ear as he gently rocked you back and forth. As much as you wanted this, you couldn’t let him see that you wanted him as well. You made your way out of his grasp and looked at him furiously.

“You missed me? Why did you break up with me in the first place!” you yelled.

“You were the difficult one here!” he snapped back. “You kept flirting with other guys!”

“Just because I talk to other guys doesn’t mean I’m cheating on you!”

The two of you stood there. It was silent, but there was definitely tension. You turned around to see how the pancakes were doing to see that they were burned to a crisp. “Ugh, see? Now you have nothing to eat!”

“I didn’t ask for anything to eat!”

“Yes, but I know you. Everytime you come here, you’re usually hungry! I’d never want you to go hungry!”

“And why would you care?”

“Because I miss you too!” You both shocked by the words that came out of your mouth. You didn’t know what to think, so you just fell to the floor and your eyes began to tear up. He sat down beside you in efforts to comfort you

“It’s okay, I’m right here,” he whispered as he brought you into a hug. “I missed the days we were like this.. Even if we were arguing,” he confessed.

You hugged him tighter and he let out a small laugh.

“I’m sorry that I made you feel lonely and I’ve caused your heart so much pain. I know that it was me who made you like this,” he whispered. “When we broke up, I tried seeing other women. As nice and pretty as they were, I only thought about you.”

“To be honest,” you managed to let out. “I offered the guy who took me home a night to stay here so that.. I could try to forget you. But.. I just couldn’t..”

“Can we just start where we left off? Can we pretend we never broke up? Can you be mine again?” He asked. A tear dropped from your eye. He wiped it away with his thumb as he cupped your face. He softly kissed your cheek. “I promise to never hurt you again. If I do, then I give you permission to slap me.”

You lightly slapped his right cheek. He flinched in response. “That was for breaking my heart,” you said. Right after, you hugged him tightly, making him confused. “This is for fixing it again.”

He backed away from the hug and smiled. He got up and brought you up with him. Before you could fully stand up, his arms came under your legs and swooped you up, carrying you bridal style. You laid your head on his shoulder. “Now time for you to go to bed, missy.”

“But.. I have work in.. two hours! I need to take a shower, make breakfast, change my cloth-” he silenced you by placing his lips on yours. 

“I’ll call in and say you’re sick. Right now, you need to sleep.” You both smiled at each other and slowly your eyes began to droop.

He walked you to your bedroom and gently placed you on top of the bed. He kissed your cheek and laid down as you curled up to him slowly drifting to sleep.

“I’ve missed you. I won’t ever leave your side again,” he whispered.



When you’re arguably the biggest indie band in the world, you’re allowed to open your documentary screening with a Bukowski poem. And that’s just what Arcade Fire’s Win Butler did to intro last night’s screening of the band’s new documentary Reflektor Tapes at The Theatre at the Ace Hotel in LA. Reading from a piece of notebook paper, Butler rattled off Bukowski’s “So You Want to Be a Writer” in lieu of a traditional speech to present the 90-minute work. A little hifalutin, sure, but the words were a fitting choice for both the famously impassioned band and the Khalil Joseph-directed film, a highly-stylized, nonlinear patchwork of the group’s travels and creative process leading up to and throughout their 2014 Reflektor tour.  

The screening was followed by a Q&A led by Noisey’s own managing editor Eric Sundermann, who talked to Butler and bandmate Regine Chassagne about the story behind the film and fielded questions from the audience. Read on for the top takeaways from the night as well as photos from the event and afterparty DJ’d by Butler.

Director Khalil Joseph wasn’t a fan of the band before Reflektor.
“We kind of invited him into our world and we didn’t really know we were going to make a film,” Butler said. “For Khalil, he knew a couple of our songs, but he didn’t know any of our records. He kind of got into the band through Reflketor. So most of the songs in the film were dictated by what he was gravitating towards. I think it appealed to us to have someone who didn’t have a bunch of baggage about what our band meant. It was kind of appealing to have someone just point the camera at what he wanted to point the camera at and we just kind of did our shit and let him do his shit, pretty much. We provided the show and the locations and let him have carte blanche to put his camera where he wanted to.”

The band and Joseph looked at making the film like making an album.
“I feel like it’s a film where you can watch it again and get something different out of it [every time],” Butler said. “We kind of wanted to mirror the experience of listening to a record. Pretty much every time I listen to Blonde on Blonde, a song will come on and I’ll be like 'Right, this song is on here!’ It’s so dense that I forget even what tracks are on the record, even though I’ve been listening to it since I was 15. For [20] years I’ve been getting something out of that record. It feels weird speaking for [Khalil], but it seems like he looks at filmmaking like making a record. When we originally met him he was working for Terrence Malik in Austin as an editor. In terms of filmmakers I’ve met, I feel like Terrence Malik has the most similar working style to making a record. Because the whole thing is about trying to capture the essence of a performance, and the film kind of makes itself around the emotional truth of the moment that we get. I just feel like we had philosophical things in common, more than anything.”

Arcade Fire’s next album will be a departure from Reflektor.
The band shyed from sharing much about future projects, but when asked where they see Reflektor fitting into the band’s discography, Butler played it coy: “[It’s the] fourth one. The one after The Suburbs and before…whatever the fuck we do next. Which will be different as well. Brace yourselves.”

If they could give their younger selves career advice, they’d take it a little slower.
“Maybe, don’t do a double record and do the soundtrack to a film and have a child at the same time. It’s intense. Just pick one,” Butler said. “Or two. Because we were doing Reflketor and the soundtrack to Her and Regine was nine months pregnant and then you’re on SNL four months after. It was intense.”
Chassagne saw it differently: “But we did it. [I’d say] actually, do even more.”

The band took away many lessons from their visits to Haiti.
“When I go to Haiti it’s amazing to see a place that has almost no stuff, but all spirit,” Chassagne said. “It’s kind of something that’s really clashing when I come back. Because here’s there’s a lot of stuff, and not a lot of spirit.”

Butler’s time in Haiti was as influential to him as a musician as the first time he heard Radiohead’s The Bends.
“I remember being in rural Haiti the first time we went and there was this guy, he was an arborist. His name was 'Tit Oiseau, which means little bird in Creole. And this guy starts singing and it was like getting in a time machine and going to like pre-Delta blues, a hundred years [back]. It was the deepest music I’ve ever heard, just this guy singing a capella. Regine was translating the lyrics for me and it was about heartbreak and how hard life is. I’ve seen a lot of bands play, I’ve been exposed to a lot of music—for me, it was one of the high points of my entire musical life. I remember buying The Bends at a mall in Houston, Texas. It was this shitty mall and there was a cardboard cutout of The Bends, it was the day it came out. I had maybe seen a music video and I bought it. And I went home and I put the CD in the thing and I listened and it completely changed the way I thought about music. And this experience in Haiti for me was an equivalent experience in my own personal understand of how music works.”

Becoming a parent has reshaped Butler’s perceptions of his own songs about growing up.
“The song 'The Suburbs,’ there’s a line about wanting to have a daughter, which…we didn’t have a daughter. So it comes to my mind all the time. We did the Bridge School a couple years ago and seeing Neil Young sing 'Old Man,’ which he wrote when he was 22, it almost sounds more appropriate now that he’s older. I aspire to be able to write songs that good. I think that’s a pretty good sign of good song, that you can sing it when you’re 80 and the depth of it has kind of gotten richer.”

Arcade Fire had been trying to work with Reflketor producer James Murphy since Neon Bible.
“I’d been a fan of James for a long time and we’d toured together and he actually flew up to Montreal about working on Neon Bible. We couldn’t get the schedules to work out because he was doing LCD [Soundsystem], so it was just kind of a matter of time before we did it. And then we got to be in New York with James and have David Bowie come sing on 'Reflektor’. Which, the first seven-inch that James bought when he was 14 was Bowie’s 'Fame,’ and we’re in the studio where he recorded 'Fame.’ And he was like, 'Oh yeah, the last time I was here I was in the basement and John Lennon came by and we recorded "Fame.”’ We were like, alright, cool. We’re at least in the [right] building. I hope we get to do more shit with James. It’s a pleasure.“

Writing a great song is about more than just technical prowess.
"I went to jazz school for two years before I met Win,” Chassagne said. “You can use all these chords and make the craziest composition with all these extensions and substitutions. I was listening to really far-out stuff and intellectually I was like, 'Ok, yeah, five of a five of a five and a seventh and an eleventh…’ Ok, that’s cool. But my aunt thinks this is elevator music. For me, you just have to be sincere and you just have to mean it and express something through the music. Because you do all kinds of shit, and if you don’t mean it, it’s just shit, you know?”

The band hates having their picture taken—except by Aton Corbijn.
“We really don’t enjoy having our picture taken as a band,” Butler said. “I’d say it’s one of our least favorite activities ever. It was always like the sacrifice we had to make to play music. It was like, we need band photos because there are papers and they need to advertise we’re doing a show. But then we met Anton Corbijn on the Funeral tour and he came backstage. We were used to these horrifying photoshoots where everyone’s really uncomfortable and they’re like 'Why don’t you guys hold these umbrellas? Why don’t you try this or that?’ and it’s like 'No, please, stop talking.’ But Anton came backstage and he just had his film camera and he took a lamp, told us to open our mouths like we’re singing 'Wake Up,’ and was like, click—'I got it.’ He took four photos of us and it was the best band photo of us that’s ever been taken.”

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did you frick up the game by never letting go of the umbrella?

Not really, beds and walking in water and mirrors are messed up, and you can’t use the tiny bird or ferry guy while holding the umbrella, and it disappears in some cutscenes. But it does look hilarious.