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❝You don’t get it Batman…we got the real advantage here. Every damn day we walk out into the world without any expectations of a tomorrow. The odds are always against us. Except today. You see, the Justice League doesn’t kill…BUT WE DO!

Justice League vs Suicide Squad Issue #1

subtle kaboom

remember that part in the movie where the squad were preparing for the final battle and Katana is crying over her sword and talking to her husbands soul (which was heartbreaking and i wish we could’ve seen more about that) and Digger was lookin at her like he was concerned and troubled over it? well i’m thinkin that that was him starting to regret being a jerk to her all the times before that (sadly, most of those scenes were deleted from the final cut)… because he realises that she’s got issues, she’s in pain, she’s not just some blank badass with a blade, she’s got depth and a past and feelings (Digger you fuckin idiot) - and he feels shitty for being an asshole

and when he says “we should get a drink sometime” it is my headcanon that thats him trying to not exactly apologise, because i’m sure he knows she thinks him lower than dirt and therefore doesn’t think of anything he says to her to be worth crying over, but to at least make it up to her (and also because he wants to know her better becausE HE LIKES HER AND I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS HEADCANON)


“You know, outside you’re amazing… But inside, you’re ugly.”

‘Sir, I’m trying to hook up two pieces of alien tech using spares from an electrical repair shop. My only guide is the research notes of a lunatic captain, who keeps breaking off from his findings to reminisce about old boyfriends. This isn’t standard field engineering, sir.’
—  The Men Who Sold The World (Guy Adams)
[oh don’t worry Sgt Leonard, you can probably sell those ‘notes’ to us for a much higher price than you’ll ever get for any alien tech anywhere XD]
Jack tapped frantically into his wrist computer. “We’ve got three hours to find that Invitation Beacon before they pick this world apart. Well, Gwen, you have three hours. Ianto and I are going to give it two-and-a-half, then spend the last 30 minutes naked.”
“Lovely.” said Gwen.
—  The Package, a short story (Torchwood Magazine: Issue #22)

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crushes tumblrer@s?

Según a que se refiere usted con lo de “crush”!

Si son los tumblrs a los que más reblogueo y así, tumblr dice que son estos in this moment:










Que los recomiendo 100% obviously.

Si por “crush” quieres decir tumbler@s que diga omg vaya moz@, ven pa’ ca que tengo tierras pues te diré que aquí si algo abunda es gente bella, tanto por dentro como por fuera. Y para que no te pienses que no me vía mojar, te digo que le vayas a echar un ojo a @enjoytheflames7 because of reasons :D


Espero haber resuelto sus dudas anon.

Un abrazo!

Guys meet Jack HarkFish. 🐟
Soon he’ll have a brother named the Fish of Boe.
And everyone who was commenting, concerned about his bowl, don’t worry. He was only in there long enough for me to clean his other tank.

Please don’t make assumptions. Thank you :) x