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social media demigod style: Percy Jackson.

anonymous asked:

About that one "dog abuse" post, rumor say the info came from PETA, which makes the "leak" more unreliable; the OP (seem to be an extreme dog lover selling dog art) deleted the post and made a new post saying they acknowledge TMZ is unreliable but still think it's dog abuse, the dog trainer's comment are all shit, and wants the original post to spread. Oh geez...

…Which is why I advocated and will always advocate for research being done into a story before reblogging it ESPECIALLY if it comes from fake news clickbait messes of sites such as TmZ, Buzzfeed and Mic.

For example, I saw a post on my dash last night that deceptively tried to claim that the guy who filmed Eric Garner being killed by law enforcement was imprisoned for doing that….when in fact he was jailed for drugs and firearms offenses.

Never take any “news” on this hellsite at face value. Do the research. Show that you have some actual independent thought. Don’t be an easily-led pawn for the lefty/Race-hustler/Anti-Cop/Black Lives Matter agenda.