guy friends!

I Love My Friends

And here is why.

You know, I was going to take down all my posts about my OC’s, my reblogs of my Voice Over work, and all the stuff I reblogged, cause I thought I was just bugging people.

Like, they saw it and just rolled their eyes saying “okay, maybe she’ll actually post a headcannon today.”

And I don’t blame them, I have been lackluster in my posting of headcannons.

But you know why? Cause I have this little ideas about a cute story for Zoey, or making a fanfic about how US! Papyrus accidentally fed Fell Papyrus’s s/o weed brownies and the ensuing shenanigans as they try to deal with that.

Okay, personal rant aside, back to topic.

So, there I was, about to go through and delete them all, when I get a message from one of my buds.

They sent me a message saying “AAHHH! ZOEY’S VOICE IS SOO CUTE!”

And proceeded to gush.

That made me feel great, like I wasn’t being a total nuisance. So, I kinda postponed the deleting.

Then, another friend was having the same problem I was afraid of having. They actually were getting hateful comments.

And in the midst of making sure they were okay, do you know what they said?

“Hey, I’ve been meaning to tell you I really liked that piece you wrote about Zoey.”

Well, I was floored. This was someone whose writing skills I held far above my own, and they were complimenting me?

So you know what? I’m keeping them here. Even if I get hate comments about it, this is still my blog. I will keep doing headcannons, but I will also post ideas here (related to this fandom) if I wish to.

Not to be a bitch, but just to share these ideas cause I think you guys might enjoy them too.

And to my two buds, and to all my other blogger friends, thank you guys so much for all the support. Even if you don’t realize it, sometimes those little compliments really make a difference to someone.

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ive discovered that the only men i trust are ones that 1) ive consistently seen treat women and minorities w/ respect and 2) who don’t have sexual or romantic interest in me

11 Facts Tag

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RULES: Tell your followers 11 random things about yourself, and tag 11 people in return! Tag backs are allowed, but you mustn’t repeat any of the facts mentioned previously! The facts can be absolutely anything! Whatever springs to mind! 

1. I love photography. Ever since I was a kid, it’s always been something that has intrested me. Throughout the years I’ve owned maybe three or four cameras. In the grand scale of things three or four camera isn’t alot, but they hold memories from different stages of my life and I really appreciate having them.

2. English is actually not my first language. I learned English when I started going to school in the United States, about ten to eleven years ago. 

3. I joined Tumblr in Summer 2015. It’s almost been two years. I don’t even remember when this turned into a kpop/bts blog, it just happened one day. Because of this fact, I love going through my archive from the earlier months.

4. I love reading and writing. I want to start writing again, the way I used to. I stopped a few months ago, because it stopped being fun. But  being on this website really made me miss it, so hopefully I’ll start writing again.

5.When I was in middle school I learned to read music and I learned to play the flute. I really want to learn to play piano 

6. I have really bad anxiety, and I hate it to much because it stops me from doing so many of the things I love. It’s also lowered my self esteem. 

7. Because of my anxiety I am quite reserved.  I am too afraid to say the wrong thing.  I keep everything in, which is very unhealthy.

8. I had very bad experiences with friends, which is why now I tend to be more cautious when selecting who I spend time with. 

9. Alexandra is my middle name. It’s what everyone calls me. I really dislike my first name.

10. I am 157 cm tall, so I am  on the shorter side.

11. Dope was the first BTS or KPop song  that I ever heard. 

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feel free to ignore, sorry i am not very intresting 

I.. I don’t even know if i should could translate this :D

He just kinda swears in Russian (meaning something like “Well that’s just great”, “What am i going to do with you now?”)

me: i have no idea why i’m single lol

friend: you’re single because you’re in love with that red-headed anime boy from that one app.


what the fook u mean “that red-headed anime boy” u lil shit


Do you know who I’m most worried about? It’s not my parents, and it’s not the lads at college. It’s Finn. We’ve been mates since primary. We’ve had sleepovers, we’ve topped and tailed in the same bed. When he finds out, I don’t want him thinking back to them times and getting the wrong idea. He’s my mate, you know?