guy friends!

Lovett: …you can spend time with women [as a gay guy] and feel like you’re, you know, sort of part of that club and you have a little bit more access because you’re not–you’re outside of the, whatever, the male-female sort of sexual thing, whatever it is that I just don’t understand, it doesn’t make sense, you should date each other! […] I forget that men–like I’ll often try to set up my straight guy friends with another straight guy because like, you have so much in common, like why on earth–like it doesn’t make–the thing you do makes no sense, just think about it logically…who do you go to Star Wars with, you know?

lovett confirming (loli 10/21) that he’s spent the last seven years trying to get favs and tommy to hook up almost makes up for the outrage of claiming girls don’t like star wars

Happy Birthday @spicyburg !
I have only known you for about a year now, but already you’ve had such a great impact on my life, you always know how to cheer me up when I’m feeling down, and you’ve always been a shoulder for others to cry on. I hope you have an incredible birthday, and I hope the years to come are just as spectacular! I love ya dude.

I’m thinking about creating several BNHA discords, kind of centered on different stuff, what do you guys think? I’m gonna limit the number of people in each server to 25 so it’s easier to make friends and talk to each other~

I’m not sure what different kinds of servers I’d make except for a Kiribaku and an Izuocha one, maybe some for MHA fans who are also fans of other animes (Jojo, Gintama, etc.) but I’m open to suggestions

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Marauders Group Chat
  • Remus: You are now one day closer to eating your next plate of nachos.
  • Peter: That's the most hopeful thing I've ever read.
  • Sirius: But what if I die tomorrow and never eat any nachos?
  • James: Then tomorrow is nacho lucky day.
  • [Remus has removed James from the chat]