guy fox mask

White “allies” at tonight’s Mike Brown rally were constantly trying me, and it’s so incredibly triggering watching them co-opt and dilute this movement.

The irony was not lost on me at all when they waltzed through gentrified neighborhoods in DC shouting, “Whose streets? OUR streets,” to which I responded, “but actually" 

Their moral bankruptcy was blatant when they changed "black lives matter” to “all lives matter,” because they must always be centralized and included in a movement, even when it’s literally specifically a black issue.

Their inability to understand their own privilege was readily apparent when they threw up their hands during chants of “hands up don’t shoot,” as if anybody is trying to shoot their pasty asses.

And it was simply ludicrous watching them swarm around in Guy Fox masks trying to look “radical” while hoisting up signs that said “We all bleed the same color.”

Then on top of all of that, the white activists grabbing mics and leading chants that are particular to black experiences and then watching all of these white frat boys waltzing around posing and taking pictures with black activists because it was clearly a joke to them. 

So all of you so-called white (and non-black POC) “allies” can take a million seats with all of your fucking bullshit and get the fuck out of our BLACK spaces, if you can’t have any damn respect. Goodbye.

i-demand-a-hug  asked:

So what are your thoughts on Persona 5 after that latest trailer? :) Do you have any new predictions for the plot, and do you think we're getting a better idea of what themes will show up and what the characters will be like? I'm personally curious about that Jun lookalike guy in the fox mask.

I have a few ideas now, actually:

  • The dungeons are inside people’s twisted desires - this could imply that for at very least the innermost part of a dungeon, you’re going literally into a person’s soul. That would explain the weird, foreign and at times surreal environments that can’t possibly match up with any real life buildings. Hashino’s explanation of the concept of “stealing their heart” seems to imply so too. 

  • Likewise, Hashino’s explanation and the trailer make it seem to me like I really was spot on with my idea that this was going to be Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne-esque: In Japanese “Kokoro” means heart, but it can also mean “emotion” and not even necessarily all of your emotions, but just a specific one at a time. For example, in Persona 5 “Kokoro” was often used to mean “an Emotion I want to express”. This makes me think that the “heart” the Persona Users are stealing are very specific parts of their heart; twisted, corrupted desires that make them terrible people. These people LIKE being assholes, but our thief kids go in and take that quality away from them, so they have to face how twisted their ideals have been all along. They might even be fighting demon possession that way. It really is pretty close to Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne’s concept if I am right!

  • I have a sneaking suspicion that Morgana might be a member of the Cat Tribe of demons living in the collective unconscious that was briefly mentioned in Persona 2 EP’s remake. She fills a guide role very similar to that of Zula and seems to be just as knowledgeable as him, unlike Teddie and Metis who had not remotely as much detailed knowledge of their own worlds’ circumstances (and were also both Shadows rather than demons). Maybe that war that was briefly mentioned but never gone into in that scenario has something to do with what is happening now in P5. After all, demons and gods have been active in the human world again ever since the fall was averted. Maybe the two demon tribes’ conflict leaked out into the human world due to that. 

  • I feel like Morgana has the ability to transform herself (and maybe even others) into more than just two forms of Cat. That would explain the funny Hamster-forms briefly seen in the trailer and why Anne begged her for a car early on. 

  • It seems like there’ll be training minigames supervised by Morgana. Those are gonna be fun~.

  • The Protagonist’s Profile and the way VelvetGirl!Braids talks about him in the trailer makes me think that he did something really, REALLY terrible a couple of months ago that caused his previous guardians to disown him, and him having to face that sin and atone for it, while also finding his own brand of freedom will be part of the plot.