guy forest


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wooden walls of this forest church - lost in the trees . meet me in the woods - lord huron . in the devil’s territory - sufjan stevens . flowers grow out of my grave - dead man’s bones . boats and trains - stornoway . a pound of flesh - radical face . don’t go away - toad the wet sprocket . smother - daughter . trees - twenty one pilots . saddest summer - the drums . the woods - hollow coves . come away to the water - maroon 5 ft. rozzi crane . i’m so lonesome i could cry - hurray for the riff raff . there is a light that never goes out - the smiths

Context: My friend was playing a Half-Elf Hunter who desired to start a collection of animals. I was allowing him to use Wild Empathy to tame them, because why not.

GM: As you search for this guy in the wintery forest, an elephant-sized giant centipede-like thing bursts out of the snow. It radiates such intense heat that you know instinctively that going near it is a bad idea. Roll Initi-

Half-Elf: I roll to tame!

GM: Uh… Okay..? It’ll be difficult, but you can go ahead and try!

Half-Elf: *proceeds to roll a total somewhere in the 30s* I totally tamed him! I’m going to call him Orville!

GM: Well… That was going to be the mini boss fight, but yeah, you tamed him!

They later fed the boss monster to Orville.