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Beryl Adopts!
(description below contains small spoilers from the SU 6 leaks)

I had the sudden urge to design a bunch of Beryl’s based on Aquamarine’s body type so… these are the ones I ended up liking, Bixbite, Emerald, Heliodor, Morganite & Goshenite! It was fun to design them, but I barely use the characters I have so, it’s adopt time :‘>

If you’d like to adopt any of these guys just flick me a DM
Paypal only though - I’ll probably price them at… $5 each?
They all gone sorry guyz

Yours- Grayson Dolan *SMUT*

Author: grethansdolans

Pairing: Grayson x reader

Requested: Yes

Request: Hiiii! Can you please writ e Grayson smut where him and y/n are out somewhere and he gets really jealous because someone was flirting with her please!! 

Warnings: Smut, public sex, fingering

Originally posted by laurrenjaureguii

With Grayson busy with filming videos and you busy working, you guys haven’t had a date night in a while. Since you both liked doing simple things, you both decided for a classic dinner and a movie.

You didn’t go all out with your outfit. You’ve been dating Grayson for almost three years now so you didn’t bother going overboard. Deciding on a simple blouse and some dark washed jeans, and some light makeup, you and Grayson left the house.

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Hot Roommate

Written for: Supernatural Hiatus Writing Challenge - Week 4

Prompt:  “ You’re supposed to talk me out of this ”

Relationship: Dean x Reader

Words: 1023 

Warnings: Fluff, Language, Just Dean being wonderful, AU

A/N: Week four down. This is a sequel to my week three challenge but I also feel it can be read alone. Tags are at the bottom. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Summary: A sequel to Hot Neighbor, reveals Dean asking the reader an important question. Is the reader ready or are they moving too fast? 

Read Hot Neighbor here! 

   “And it is with my pleasure to introduce for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel and Jessica Winchester. You may kiss the bride!”

    You threw the handful of glitter over Sam and Jess as they kiss the church erupting in applause. You’ve never seen Jess look so happy and Sam and his big dimples is a sight to behold. But the moment is short lived for you as you focus to the other Winchester, your hero Detective Dean Winchester. He smiles at you as he approaches taking your arm following the bride and groom. You were lost in your thoughts so you’re glad he was paying attention. He’s warm pressed against you and it reminds you of the night four months ago. He’d helped you get your stuff from your cheating boyfriend’s place and then you’d fallen asleep watching Die Hard, practically inseparable ever since then.

    He leans down in your ear as the photographer starts snapping photos, “You look beautiful.”

    “You’re bias, Detective,” you giggle as the photographer orders you to face the camera and quit flirting.

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The Captain and the Nerd

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

As requested by @realnighttiger : I need a soft Steve x reader where everything is happiness and not a bad thing happens, he fell for reader cause she’s a nerd and he makes sure that she and the whole world knows that captain America loves that nerd girl

You were working at a small book shop when you met Steve Rogers aka Captain America. He was taking a stroll through Brooklyn when he came across your uncle’s store.

The little bell above the door rang signalling you that someone had stepped in. Without looking up from the latest Poe Dameron comic, you exclaimed, “Welcome Flying Pages! Let me know if you need any help!” 

The person came up and cleared their throat. You looked up and your eyes met blue, “H-Hi.” You stammered out. Then you realized who this was, “How can I help you, Captain America?”

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Sterek A-Z Challenge: one word prompts

Week 12: L - Lonely

Curled up by the door, Derek waited. By 7 pm, the apartment was completely dark. It wasn’t as if he couldn’t see, but Derek hadn’t bothered to turn on any lights throughout the day since he had been alone since Saturday. 

In the final semester, of his last year of Columbia, Stiles hadn’t been home in days. He popped in occasionally for a shower and a nap between work and the library. Derek did what he could to feed him and lessen stress, which mostly included letting him be.

Stiles insisted that he couldn’t study at home with Derek there, and Derek didn’t have any place to go. Apparently, Derek was too distracting, through no fault of his own. He wasn’t sure he believed Stiles because all he did was read, and mix new tracks. Occasionally, he went out for a run. It seemed that Derek, himself, was the distraction.

To avoid studying, Stiles would seduce him. Honestly, it wasn’t that hard. Derek couldn’t get enough of his boyfriend, so when Stiles crawled into his lap instead of writing a paper, Derek tried his best to resist, but ultimately, it was a losing battle.

Several of the Columbia libraries were open twenty-four hours during finals. They made the perfect haven. Stiles planned to graduate with honours, and while Derek, theoretically, understood the pressures of writing a final thesis, which Stiles would defend at a later date, he didn’t really.

Derek had never gone to college. In fact, he’d only gotten his GED a few years ago at Stiles’ suggestion, to which Stiles had taken great pride in embarrassing him at his little graduation ceremony, and then proceeded to plaster pictures all over social media for the pack to see. It had been a spectacle, but Derek really hadn’t expected any less from his boyfriend. Stiles had been proud of him, and that had been enough.

It wasn’t as if he had needed to graduate high school. He didn’t have a job. Not a real job. He spun for a few clubs here and there, and was actually quite popular, much to Stiles’ amusement. If he wanted, he could turn it into a career, but he didn’t need to work.

Stiles waited tables and tended bar at a ‘fancy pants’ restaurant - his words, not Derek’s - not too far from where they lived. He’d tried to tell Stiles on multiple occasions that he didn’t need to work, and he was happy to support him while he finished school, but his boyfriend was stubborn and wanted to be independent. Derek admired him for it, and when he worked late, Derek was there to walk him home at night regardless of the time. But when he didn’t see Stiles for weeks at a time during exam season, it got a little lonely in their loft.

The door protested loudly on its track, light spilling into the dark apartment from the hall, and a body tripped and tumbled over Derek. He didn’t bother to lift his head, but opened his eyes to watch Stiles struggle to untangle himself from his messenger bag.

“Shit, dude. What the fuck,” Stiles said. He flipped his bag off his shoulder, then rolled onto his back and sat up. “Why the hell are you lying in front of the door?”

Derek whined softly and buried his nose in his paws.

“Der?” Stiles called. He shifted forward onto his knees and crawled closer.

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pairing ; daveed x reader

summary ; jealousy is the best honesty

words ; 1624

warnings ; jealous!daveed; friendly cheek kisses?

note ; once again one that i made a while ago and just… never got around to publishing, i guess

You’d only consider yourself lucky to be able to say you’re apart of the Hamilton Ensemble.

Ever since you were little, you’d always dreamed of being on the big stage, no matter how, just to experience the feeling of true happiness. As a kid, you grew up with school plays and musicals, you would help out the Theatre classes and offer some insight for the Choir kids, and once you were in college, you became a Theatre major.

Though, you can’t say you did all of it alone. You’d made a friend in college by the name of Daveed Diggs, a star track runner and an amazing theatre kid, and once you hit it off, there was no stopping the two of you.

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—unexpected outcome

request: Hi, can I request a Johnny scenario where you and him set a date for your two best friends at a amusement park, you and Johnny decide to “spy” them. An “accidental” kiss happens between you two and more embarrassing is that you get caught by the other couple, after that you realize that you can’t be “friends” anymore? Happy and romantic ending please! Thank you.

paring: johnny | reader

genre: fluff, tiny bit of angst it does have a bit of swearing though

word count: 1.8k

summary: setting up each others best friends for a date had its up and downs, but what happened between the two of you was unexpected during the mission.

authors note: thank you for this request, it was really fun to write tbh! I did change up the request up a tiny bit though, i hope that’s okay! 

also, y/f/n means your friends name


Originally posted by ohbaibeeitsyou

“Come on y/f/n! it’s just one date!! it will be fun!!” you say to your best friend, who was in fact getting ready for a date you had set her up with. No, it wasn’t with some complete stranger, he was one of Johnnys friends. His name was Ten, and from what you’ve heard from Johnny, he seemed like the perfect guy for her.

You and Johnny had noticed the lack of social interaction between your two friends, so the two of you decided it was best for them to ‘get out there’, as what some people would consider it.

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Prompt 16 with Rocket

16: I’ve got you

Rocket sat at the bar holding his drink loosely. His eyes scanned the bar but he didn’t see anyone or anything he found remotely interesting. He downed his drink ordering another. He sat there for at least another hour before scanning the bar again. He almost turned back to his drink when he caught sight of a Ravager uniform. His eyes trailed up to see who was wearing it. He took a deep inhale as he saw you. He put his now empty drink down watching as you walked into the bar. His eyes followed you as you sat down at the bar a few seats down from him. You ordered a drink and he couldn’t stop a grin that formed as he appreciated your drink choice.

His grin dropped when he saw a Xandarian man walk over to you. The man sat next to you blocking his view of you. He didn’t know why but he gave a small snarl. He listened as the man tried to hit on you trying to keep from laughing as the guy offered to buy you a drink. You glanced at the man next to you raising your glass to show him you had a drink. Rocket was about to step in when you flicked the guy flirting with you off. The man huffed calling you a few derogatory names before walking away.

Rocket took this an opportunity and made eye contact with you. He gave you a grin and you returned it. He moved sitting next to you ordering another drink. You raised an eyebrow at him but didn’t say anything.

“Ya know. You should have let him buy you that drink. Never turn down a free drink.” He laughed taking a drink of his.

“Guy like him would have bought me something watered down and cheap.” You laughed back.

Rocket grinned feeling his heart speed up as he looked at you. He didn’t know what was happening. He took a breath before downing his drink. He looked over at you again taking in the Ravager outfit.

“Ravager huh? I know a few of those.” He made small talk trying to see if you’d bite.

“Yeah. Why? Is it intimidating you?” You smirked teasing him.

“Not at all. I’ve met enough. That little badge doesn’t scare me at all.” He teased back.

“Guess you’ve never met me then. I’m (y/n).” You downed your drink.

“Rocket. And after meeting Yondu Udonta I don’t think something as good lookin as you could scare me off.” He laughed.

“Udonta huh? I’m with Stakar. Different breed. Better watch out. I might just eat you alive.” You warned raising an eyebrow.

“I’m make note of that. So… big scary Ravager, you got someone to drink with?” He asked looking around the bar.

“I’ve got you.”


“What are you guys watching?”  Deran asked, flicking on the lights to Craigs room before launching himself onto the empty space of mattress behind you.  Craig groaned in disdain, reaching over to shove Deran’s shoulder and force him off of the bed.

“Dude, it’s date night.”  He stated when Deran lost his balance and tumbled to the floor.  You laughed and patted Craig’s arm before pausing the movie so you wouldn’t miss anything interesting.

“What?  You two start dating and now I’m not invited to movie nights?”  Deran rubbed at the elbow he had banged on the hard wood floor before climbing onto the bed once again.

“Kind of.”  You teased, stopping Craig from shoving his brother once again with an apologetic smile.  “You can stay for this one, but next time it’s date night only, okay?”

“Whatever.  Just don’t watch anything that I’ll want to see.”

Still me, tough guy.
Writing chick flick shit, certainly cause I’m fucking drunk. I miss you man. Every fucking day in my life, every time I pass in a crowd, I’m looking for you. Trying to see if you’re here, looking up for me. But you'renot. Still in South Side huh? Hope you’re okay. Thugs are assholes and you can’t fuck everyone of them, they are not me. Hope you miss me too, sometimes. Don’t want to this being one-sided. But I don’t want you to fucking cry. You’re a tough guy, firecrotch. Get over me. But not too much. Think of me at the end of a vodka bottle. I’ll be in the last drops.
Mexico sucks, guys are dumb, and I can’t find a warm mouth like yours.

(Come back to me. Please.)

-A letter Mickey will never send.(4)

#106 - For hermosadecadencia, thesambuca, & placidus

Filling the prompts “van being in love with this girl while meeting the reader and they become friends and all but she breaks up with him and van is a fucking mess like drunk everyday and all that and the reader just stays with him and they slowly fall in love” from @hermosadecadencia and “a relationship … built on music” from @thesambuca and  "van dating a guy when you meet / before you get together ? because van mcpann is a blessing" from @placidus

With a record in each hand, a decision had to be made. Bowie. Joy Division. Technically, both could have been bought. It would just mean you’d be eating more two minute noodles that week. You quickly surveyed the room to see if there was anyone around that could help. There was a girl at the counter, but she was a) on her phone and looked busy with that, and b) was so pretty you felt nervous at the thought of even asking her opinion. There was a group of girls over in the ‘just in’ section frothing about The 1975. A guy with a mohawk that reached high into the air appeared to be also agonising over a decision; his was between Cannibal Corpse and The Doors. You hoped he picked Jim. The only other person in the store was a normal looking guy. He was flicking through the film soundtracks. 

Approaching him slowly, he turned to you. His smile was an invitation for conversation, and you held the two records up. “Please help,” you said. He laughed and took them from you.

“Well, both are staples in your collection, yeah? So you can’t go wrong. But, would 'ave Joy Division done so well if Curtis hadn’t… you know?” the guy said. 

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anonymous asked:

boyfriend!tom and #40?

“You look incredible in that”

“Thank you,” you smiled, glancing down at the floor length Paolo Sebastian dress that you were borrowing for the night. A plunging neckline decorated with delicate white doves on nude fabric that flowed gracefully around you. 

“I mean you look great everyday but, wow.” Tom said, still half away across the room, hands stuffed in his pockets, gazing appreciatively at you. Had you two been in the ones in the room, it would have been extremely flattering; however, his younger brothers, his best friend, and parents were standing their awkwardly. You cleared your throat uncomfortably.

“Uh, are you guys ready?” you asked, flicking your eyes from Tom to Harrison, just hoping for someone, anyone, to break the silence. 

“You look lovely, you both do.” It was his mum, stepping forward to press a kiss to your cheek as her husband and youngest child followed and the told the two of you goodbye and that they’d watch for the two of you on the Telly. 

“Mate, stop ogling!” Harrison quipped, adjusting his cuff link as he held the door open for the twins. Tom, still staring at you from the other side of the room, shook himself out of his daze. 

“I’m not ogling!” he shouted back at him, moving towards the door. But as soon as Harrison’s back was out of the doorframe, Tom swiftly shut the door. “I’ve got a right to ogle. You’re my girl, aren’t ya?” he said, winding an arm around your waist and tilting his head a little to right, admiring how the highlight of your cheekbone glimmered in the hotel light. 

A loud pounding from the door and a stern “TOM!” from Harrison on the other side of the door made the both of you jump. 

“Just wait until this fucking things over, I’ll tear this dress off you.” he growled into your ear, pulling the door open and a hand leading you by the waist. But it wasn’t long until his hand wandered down to your ass and giving it a gentle squeeze. 

Hitch (2005)
  • Sara: Why?
  • Alex "Hitch" Hitchens: Because that's what people do. They leap and hope to God they can fly. Because otherwise... We just drop like a rock, wondering the whole way down : "Why in the hell did i jump?" But here I am, Sara, falling. And there's only one person that makes me feel like I can fly. That's you.
  • Sara: So, you kind of like me?
  • Alex "Hitch" Hitchens: No. I love you.

I Can’t Wait to Hear You Scream PT. 5

Summary: You and Negan encounter two others, they’re asked to hand their things over, but they refuse.

Note: This is short, because the smut is getting closer (probably in the next part) 😉

You and Negan walked out of the store and began heading back to the truck when two men approached you. One was tall and had messy blonde hair and the other was about the same height with brown hair.
Negan gripped Lucille’s handle tightly, “Can I fucking help you?”

“Nah, we’re just scouting the area. Why does it matter to you?” The blonde man spoke back. The brown haired man was staring at you and you didn’t like it.

“Scouting for what? This is my fucking territory.” Negan had some anger rising in his voice, he pointed Lucille out to them and they backed up a few inches, “In fact, that shit you’re carrying in those bags is mine.”

The blonde haired guy let out a chuckle, “You ain’t gettin’ shit from me.”
At this point it was standoff, no one dared to move. You stood firmly beside Negan getting angry as the brown haired guy kept staring at you, looking you up and down.

“Maybe you didn’t hear me the first fucking time. Your shit is mine now.” Negan growled, stepping closer to the blonde man.

“I don’t think so, why don’t you give us y'all’s shit instead. That’s a nice fucking bat. I want it.”

Negan smiled, “Don’t worry, you’re gonna fucking get her. Hell, your brain matter is gonna be stuck all over her.” Negan noticed the brown haired guy eyeing you, “Who the fuck are you staring at?” He demanded.

“Staring at that tasty bitch you got with you.” The brown haired guy smiled sinisterly.

Suddenly the blonde brandished a large hunting knife, “Fucking bring it.” The guy challenged.
Negan and the Blonde lunged for each other at the same time, grabbing at eachother and rolled into the ground.
You let out a gasp and held your crowbar up to hit the man, but before you could do anything the brown haired guy grabbed for it and slung you down into the pavement, you kicked at his abdomen, but he had already secured your hands down and pressed a knee into your thigh, “Get the fuck off of me!” You screeched.
You could hear Negan and the man still struggling and you wanted to help, but you couldn’t.
“Damn, you’re mighty fucking pretty.” The brown hair guy said flicking his tongue at you. You grimaced, but you weren’t scared, “oh yeah? Let’s see how fucking pretty I am when Negan’s beating your head in.”
You said it as if you were sure of it.
The man was taken aback and his eyes widened, and he just ripped your shirt open, you screamed even more and put all your effort into trying to push him off you, but he was too strong.
Negan and the other man were still fighting, you glanced over to see Negan get the upper hand trying to wrestle the knife from the man’s hand, Lucille was laying beside them.
You were still fighting to get from underneath the brown haired man and just as he was about to unbuttoned his pants there was a THWACK and he tumbled over you.
You quickly pushed him off, grabbing your crowbar and stood up, raising it over your head getting ready to beat his head in when a firm hand grabbed your arm,
“Fuck no. Not fucking yet, darlin’” Negan huffed, pushing you to the side.
You looked over to see the blonde man laying on the ground with blood coming out of his side, Negan had stabbed him.
Negan grabbed the brown haired guy by the scruff of his clothes and drug him to where the blonde was.
He picked Lucille up off the ground, his face had changed he was angry - angrier than you had ever seen and it was terrifying, but began to excite you at the same time.
He swung her over his shoulder, letting out a deep breathe.
“Boy, you mother fuckers are in for a real treat now. You’re gonna regret crossing me in a few minutes. Yeah, you fucking are.” He growled, “Get on your fucking knees!” He ordered and the men slowly got on their knees, breathing heavily,
“Look we will go away, just leave us alone.” The brown hair man pleaded.

Negan laughed, looking over to you, then back to them, “Are you fucking kidding me? Let you go? After that fucking bullshit that you fucks just pulled? I don’t think so.”
The men really were about to regret crossing Negan and you wanted to watch this, especially after what they did.

Negan paced around like a caged tiger. You just watched him, not wanting to get too close, because you could tell he was getting close to snapping.

“Now I gave you both a chance to give me your shit and you could have walked away, but instead, you fucks really thought you were gonna walk away with my stuff? And you-” he pointed to the brown haired guy, “You definitely aren’t fucking going anywhere.” Negan looked toward you and motioned you over and you walked to him quickly.
He pulled you beside him, “Fucking look at her.” Negan ordered, the man didn’t look up. Negan gritted his teeth and put Lucille under the man’s chin, her barbed wire digging in, lifting his chin to make him look at you.
“She sure is fucking pretty isn’t she? I fucking overheard you.”
The man said nothing,
Negan kneeled down and yanked his hair, “You better start answering me real goddamn quick.” The man let in a sharp breath, “YES.” The man cried.
Negan gave his trademark wicked smile, “Better.”
He stood up and backed up a little bit, “But unlucky for you, she’s mine. But since you wanna try to force yourself on her, I want you to look into her eyes while I beat the holy fuck fucking fuckity fuck out of you.” He spoke bluntly, raising Lucille above his head, the man gasped and and glanced to you before Negan brought down Lucille with full force and cracked the man’s skull open in one swift hit, the blood began spilling on the pavement and Negan raised the bat above his head bringing it down again and again and again.
You had only seen him like this when you first met him, but even then he wasn’t as angry as he was now.
You backed away slowly, because you were starting to like it for the fact that he was beating this man’s head in for what he did to you, no one had ever done someone like this over you.
Once he finally stopped his dark hair that was always slicked back hung in his face, he threw his hand back, brushing his hair back with his hand.
He was covered in blood and without hesitation, he raised Lucille to bring her down on the blonde man’s head next.

The smell of the blood was heavy and you weren’t used to seeing this much. Negan picked the hunting knife off the ground and shoved in into his pants and walked to you, “Are you okay?” He said sternly.
“Yeah, I’m fine. That was fucking intense.” You nodded.
His face was still full of anger and he still had a tight grip on Lucille, looking around to see if he saw anyone else, “Let’s get the fuck back to sanctuary.” He said and grabbed you by the arm pulling you towards the truck.



(yea i KNO the mushrooms are blurry AF i’m so annoyed guhdkfjdk. I like the slug tho)

The mushrooms are growing on the side of the great beech tree. The tree himself…we can only hope now :( There are bugs eating him from the inside out and we can’t do anything about it…stay strong big guy!