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If you’re overweight and you’re eating healthy food, people will not take you seriously (because they expect that eating healthy food means you should have the perfect “fitness” body already, and if you don’t have it yet, clearly you haven’t succeeded or some shit).

If you’re skinny and eating healthy, people will be “concerned” for you because you need to gain weight.

If you’re overweight and you have a treat (that you counted in your macros and calories) or even a cheat meal that you’re aware of, they’ll ask if you’re sure you should be eating that… because won’t one meal hinder your weight loss? (and if you previously felt good about eating it because you know life is about balance, you begin to feel skeptical).

If you’re skinny and you work out, they will tell you that you don’t need to… because exercise is only for weight loss, apparently, and not strength.

If you’re overweight and you work out, people will not take you seriously (see first point) and they will always try to correct you because they will assume you don’t know what you’re doing.

tldr; people don’t know your goals, they don’t know your progress and they don’t know your body. You will be judged whether you choose to go for that salad or if treat yourself and go with the fries. You will be judged whether you’ve just started your weight loss journey or are ¾ of the way there. You will be judged whether you want to lose weight or if you’re happy with the way you are. trust your body and your goals, and do it for yourself x

It’s been a rough year for my health but surgery is finally just two weeks away. The doctors and I believe this could solve or at least drastically help a lot of my current issues holding me back. I’ve lost a lot of muscle between being sick, fibromyalgia, being off hormones to go through fertility process for freezing eggs, and not being able to lift due to procedures and medications. But I’ve also learned so much about nutrition this past year. I’ve learned a lot about the actually things happening in my body and what has potential to help them. I’ve learned a lot bout intermittent fasting and maximizing my fat burn and strength gains. And I can’t wait to put it all to use and get my ass back in the gym full time in January after surgery recovery. The gains in 2017 will be real, bet.