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“You hurt me, Jordan. You broke my heart and I’ll never stop trying to hurt you back!”

Star Sapphire is driven by vengeance and empowered by her refusal to be hurt. She, unlike many other super-powered individuals, fights for herself, for her own sake. The dichotomy of Carol and Star Sapphire serves not as a contradiction, but rather as an emphasis on the extent to which she’s been hurt- Carol becomes Star out of necessity, out of an adamant refusal to self-deprecate in the face of misfortunes. Her choice of sadism over masochism frustrates the archetypal and hegemonic woman, allowing her to simultaneously embody femininity and weaponize it.


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Imagine going to a fair with Stiles and he wins you the stuffed toy you wanted. To finish out the trip, you guys ride the Ferris Wheel, where at the top, you kiss.

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Clutching the toy in one hand, you hold the bar with the other, looking out over the fair from the Ferris Wheel as it lifted you higher and higher. Deciding to spend the day at the fair with Stiles had been a wonderful choice, and you were almost sad as you anticipated its end, but sitting next to him, now, kept you from dwelling too much on the fact that it was almost over.

“It’s so pretty from up here,” you comment, looking down at the lights and people who descended upon the fair as the sun went down and the moon rose overhead, nightfall accentuating the different colors as they came together in a chorus of reds, yellows, and blues. When you look towards Stiles, you find him staring at you as he leaned back in the seat, causing it to rock a little from front to back, “I still can’t believe you managed to win at the bottle game. You were amazing!”

“You wanted that toy,” Stiles says simply, a grin playing on his lips. As the Ferris Wheel takes you closer to the top, it’s your turn to lean back, settling in beside him as the seat rocks again with a creak.

“Thank you, Stiles,” you lean towards him, deciding to make the move you’d been wanting to all night and, much to the excitement of the butterflies in your stomach, Stiles leans towards you, too. He meets you halfway as your hand comes up to his neck, lips moving against yours in a collection of smaller kisses that eventually meld into one, longer kiss that brings you to reach the top of the Wheel, but neither of you were bothered with the view it provided at the moment.

When he does part, you’re already halfway down the Ferris Wheel again, beginning your descent into the end of the night as Stiles breathes against your lips before delving in for another kiss, “You’re welcome.”


the ballad of mona lisa // panic! at the disco

DEH Beach Day Headcannons

- Connor drives because Evan gets anxious when driving, Jared didn’t pass his driving test, Zoe is too young, and Alannah would hog the aux
- Connor isn’t exactly a good driver but he isn’t as bad as they all thought
- but he goes 90 MPH down the highway, until Evan starts fReAkiNg OuT
- it’s a 2 hour drive and Evan gets shotgun, leaving an unhappy Jared squished in the backseat with Zoe and Alannah
- Jared wears total tourist clothes, with a Hawaiian print shirt and bathing suit shorts
- Evan wears a swim shirt bc he’s insecure af,,,
- Connor wears a muscle t and aviator glasses, of course with the man bun
-Alana wears a one piece and jean shorts yet slays it
- Zoe is v fashionable, with a bikini, sunhat, and flowey coverup
-when they actually get to the board walk Jared tries to flirt with all the girls (and guys) but they all give him weird looks exCEPT for this one guy and it boosts jareds ego for the rest of the day
- connor glares at any guy who even looks at Zoe
- Yes, connor and Evan are dating oc and Evan sticks v close to connor bc social anxiety and shit
- they check into a hotel, having gotten a suite using the murphys money bc they’re rich af
- Jared gets v upset that he has to share a room with Evan and connor because “Zoe and alannah get to share a king sized bed while I’m stuck with the fucking love birds in a room with only two fucking queen sized beds”
- Jared ends up leaving to sleep on the couch the moment Evan and connor get into bed because “you’re making me more gay” // (connor) “dude you are pan” // (Jared) *flips them off, grudgingly grabbing blankets*
- they get breakfast in the hotel before heading to the beach
- Jared continues to flirt
- they get a speaker and play music and its lit
- Zoe and Alanna turn to tanning
- Jared lounges in a chair, while connor sits under the umbrella, not wanting to spontaneously combust into flames because he’s hella pale
- Evan is salty bc there are no trees at the beach
- Jared throws seaweed at him and says it’s just like a sea tree
- Evan draws little patterns in the sand
- connor peacefully reads a book
- Zoe falls asleep tanning and nearly gets burned
- they all have to drag Jared into the water
- connor keeps dunking everyone
- Alanna and Zoe get in a splash fight until they accidentally splash an old guy
- its legit a beautiful beach day and the water is super calm
- Alanah and Zoe float on tubes, until Jared flips them over
- connor and Evan have to retrieve the tubes before they float away
- they all go to surf taco for lunch but Jared insists on getting playa bowl so he can have a cute Instagram picture
- Evan of course gets sunburnt, even though he kept on applying sun screen, because it turned out it was tanning oil
- Jared laughs his ass of while Zoe desperately tries to find sun screen
- alannah legit wont get out of the water
- they go to the boardwalk that night
- Jared is salty af because he had to go on the Ferris wheel alone
- but then he finds a hot guy to sit next to
- evan actually really likes rides?!2??!1!
- they head back to the hotel
- Jared insists on renting a movie
- they all pass out from exaustion halfway through
- when they wake they have to leave
- but not before eating a shit ton of PANCAKES
- jared claims they got the breakfast especially for him
- evan is confused
- jared wriggles his eyebrows
- “PANcakes”
- connor slaps him
- and Jared getting the guy from the ferris wheel’s number
- they get home, sunburnt and exhausted
- and pass out at the Murphy’s
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