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Day 1 vs Day 848 on testosterone. Sometimes I think I haven’t changed at all, I can’t see the progress as it happens day to day, and I get frustrated thinking I’ll never get where I wanna be – then I put two pictures like this together and am amazed at the strides I’ve made and the growth I’ve experienced. What a journey. 🌟 #transformationtuesday


Hi my cuties ~! 

Sooo I have been tagged so many times for a selfie tag and because I come back from the hairdresser (not sure about the right translation but you understand me right ?) I decided to show my face for once (and I know, dog filter is overuse but I love dogs 😂).

I don’t remember all the people who tagged me but I think @19ksj, @this-is-entertainment, @starrybangtagon and @prettyprettykino did ?

So now I hope I will see your beautiful faces because that always makes me happy :3 ! I’ll tag most of you but of course if you don’t want to do this, don’t (I rarely do this myself haha) : @kae-popx, @bubkwan, @ogatalata, @shinwhoohoo, @jiminsoftgf, @we-pray-for-our-sorrows-to-end, @kimmingyu, @xminghaou, @cnbluenevergiveup, @crescentlavmoon, @lesbianflavored​ (I think you don’t want to do this but at least you’ll see my face lmao), @jbumholic, @minhyuku, @witchywonwoo, @liianghui (aww your new url ♥)


“Even if it takes three thousand, thirty thousand years, I won’t admit defeat!”

The Tales of Wukong | 悟空传 (2017) (x)