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Trini Dem Girls - Nicki Minaj | Choreography by Kyle Hanagami

:// step by step w/ seolhyun

just a week in and shiah was already being thrown into a huge evaluation that would be showcased to the other companies. sure it was exciting, but it was mostly terrifying. she was fresh meat, a new kid on the block, and already she was being thrown into this… this huge performance! performing a sunbae’s song, another company’s sunbae, a male sunbae group. good thing the bathroom was nearby, she could pule from her nerves at any moment.

not only was this a huge performance, but other trainees in her group for this eval were looking to her (and thankfully seolhyun too) to lead the choreography and teach them how to nail these moves. it wasn’t very difficult to do, even for a guy group dance, and shiah had been landed with the main dancer’s position in the song. this was a great opportunity to impress the staff of royal and show them she wasn’t playing around, if she failed though they would think her overly ambitious and biting off more than she could chew.

still, shiah was determined, and incredibly thankful to have seolhyun by her side for this. seolhyun was someone she knew from modelling work, and now they were training together, it was wonderful. they had been tasked with learning the choreography to fiction, and had nailed the first verse so far. it was easy, they had this in the bag, and shiah couldn’t help but feel more confident standing next to seolhyun, smiling at her through the mirror. “we got this, yeah?”


All I want for Christmas is you

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hiii! can you do hobi + all i want for christmas? thanks! 

Hi! Your blog is great! 💕 Can you do a Jhope Christmas party themed scenario!! Hope you have a great day thanks!

A/N: this was super fun to write!! hope you enjoy!

Fic 5 of 12 - Holiday Series

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Scott Moir, Patrick Chan & Tessa Virtue // The Three very coordinated members of a pop group Amigos.
Exo: Variety is Variety

Part 2       Part 3

(Request from Jay)

“Weekly Idol!” yelled the two hosts with the usual gesture.  You watch from the sidelines waiting for your cue.  I can’t believe I’m finally here.

“Today, we’re going to continue our program where we have not just one guest but two.  In case you don’t know, a lot of fans are very interested in how idols act around people of the opposite gender.  Therefore, the producers got together and decided that for the next two months we are going to be one girl group and one boy group coming in together.  Won’t that be interesting?”  Hyung-Don began.

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Who do you think are virgins and those not of bangtail?

Let’s start off by analyzing each member :

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Kim Namjoon:

This guy shows maturity and the symptoms of a man who knows what he’s doing.He might get flustered and shy sometimes, but that’s just temporary. He’s not ashamed to know all the girl groups names ,but he’s ashamed to assume he watches porn.Namjoon is 75% eligible to not be virgin ,cause’ his body language and the way he talks shows how he probably did it.I can also sense that he’s the kind of guy who gets EXTRA kinky for some reason lmao.

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Kim Seokjin :

This man is getting old and I can tell that from the vibe he gives off, that D is not something that stayed lonely before he became an idol.Look at him and try telling me that this Ullzzang boy stayed single before debut? I don’t believe this. Kim Seokjin is dorky but so serious when he’s around ladies. He’s a gentlemen and he knows what girls need to hear in any situation ( reference to rookie idol in the elevator days). Chances are that Kim Seokjin is at least 87% eligible to have done the deed and has developed all sorts of kinks too.

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Min Yoongi :

This dude is advanced and he ‘’Doesn’t give a F*ck when you f*ck around’’.Yoongi has had a wild life before debuting with bangtan. You guys better go listen to his mixtape and tell me how much of a MAN he is.Yoongi is not sitting behind while watching every one else move.He’s a man with ambitions and he knows what he’s doing unlike others.His maturity is something that he has since he’s very young and I wouldn’t be surprised if the guy did it in high school or after graduation. Yoongi is eligible to have done it at 96% and the way he acts chill as if he doesn’t give a f*ck in front of girl groups shows it.

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Jung Hoseok :

Now this guy is a bit more complex cause’ he’s  stuck in between sunshine and serious af. It’s hard to put something on Hoseok, cause’ he always changes from playing with vminkook to the Hyung who orders them. He’s the kind of man who’s immature but mature when the time calls for it. He takes things seriously when he feels it’s the moment to stop.I feel like he’d he either reluctant about doing at such a young age ( before debut) or just go for it.Maybe he lost it recently but I doubt that’s the case,cause’ BTS are way too busy for that Unfortunately loll. Hoseok is eligible to have done it at 50%.

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Park JImin :

Look at him giggling over little things and all of of these perverted faces he make.Chimchim is the fruit of a man whose hormones are acting up when he sees a girl. Jimin tries canalyzing that extra sexual frustration on stage by lifting up his shirt and making sexual faces,Hipthrusts, lap dances lol.Don’t get wrong on this one, its only natural for him to want to make his fans sexually frustrated when he also is. This guy dances to girl groups dances extra sexily. It’s real. Go search for videos of BTS covering girl dances, and you’ll see how chim is extra af. Therefore he is eligible to have done the deed at 10%, cause’ he just doesn’t seem in a state of mind to have done it. 

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Kim Taehyung :

This cute guy is probably the most sinful thing we saw on stage yet I doubt he even layed a single finger on a  girl before.He probably dated a few girls when he was young, but Taehyung just doesn’t call for trouble with his level of kindness. I doubt he was the kind to bang a girl when he was underaged.Tae may sound goofy and immature as hell, but I can sense that he’s very serious when it comes to girls. He’s the kind of guy who would want to marry a cute girl and have three kids while living in the country side. Taehyung wouldn’t have sex with someone unless he’s really in love (well that’s the vibe he gives off) and he often said in past interviews that he never really experienced love. He’S the kind of man who would wait to find the right one to do it and I doubt that right now he even finds time to breath with his drama and promotions.Taehyung is eligible at 2% to have done it.

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Jean Jungkook :

Well Well Well. Who do we have here? International Playboy he was called right?This same international playboy who usually run away from girls and avoid even looking at them.This one guy who lowers his eyes and looses all confidence whenever a girl shows up x) * WE LOVE YOU* Kookie just turned legal and the only illegal thing he’s done in the past few years was to drink juice instead of milk. His state of mind is definitely not prepared to see any individual naked and touch that same being. Jungkook is the kind of man who shows confidence on stage but is afraid to screw up in real life.He’s basically not ready for it and his psychological and physical state whenever a girl shows up is the answer.He’s still young and being shy is something unavoidable especially when he’s a busan boy, so its only obvious that he’s afraid to mess up when he tempts to woo them seoul girls. Jungkook is eligible at 0.1% to have lost his virginity and if he did , I bet the fandom’s jaws will drop loll. x) 

Hope my little theories helped you out :) 

Tell me in the comments who you think is the most eligible to have do not it or not ;)

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My reaction tbh

Important question: Why do we never see girl groups cover guy group dances or songs? We see guy groups cover girl group songs, but it’s never the other way around (with the exception of Sorry Sorry). Why is that? I sure as hell would love to see AOA dance our EXO’s Growl or f(x) and SNSD busting some Super Junior moves that isn’t Sorry Sorry. I’d like to see Girls Day dance out some SHINee. Why doesn’t this happen?

I hate the way the “sexy concept” limits girl group dances. Sure, guy groups have go-to sexy moves like crotch grabs, pelvic thrusts, and shirt lifts. They also pick up other members and throw them; they jump into the air; they kick; they do push-ups. Girls step confidently to the camera, wiggle their hips, and occasionally crawl on the ground. It’s frustrating because I’m sure many of them are capable of much more than that and they simply aren’t given the chance like boy groups. It’s sexist.

I really miss the old cheerfull Sungjong. He used to be such a bright and happy guy, dancing to girl group songs and always doing aegyo. But now he just tries so hard to look manly and he hardly smiles his precious smile. He gets so much pressure because he is so pretty for a boy but I don’t care. I love him the way he is. I just hope that our lemon candy Sungjong will return.