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clumsy! minghao

so i’m lowkey depressed bc i was almost done with writing this and it was going so well and my tumblr glitched out and deleted it and i almost cried. but it’s whatever i’m still gonna write it.

i’ve had this idea in my head for a while but never wrote it then when i finally did write it it got deleted but it’s fine i’m fine 

summary :minghao loves to dance but he’s terrible at it. he joins your brother’s dance crew and you’re stuck tending to his wounds when he hurts himself.

  • oK so
  • let’s say you have a twin brother or something who dances
  • but you do nothing at all don’t dance
  • but your parents think that you have to get out and do something 
  • and they also think that you have to be connected at the hip too like sometimes they even make you wear matching outfits
  • and you’re like it’s weird mom stop
  • so since you were like 5, when your brother started dancing, you’ve gone  to every. single. dance practice.
  • so you knew the guys of your brother’s dance crew well 
  • and you also sorta had a knack for caring for people 
  • AND their coach found out and he has LOVED you for it for the past like forever because HAYYY you can take care of the boys now and he doesn’t have to hire a nurse
  • (apparently his ex wife is a nurse and they freak him out now yikes)
  • but like one time he gave you 40 bucks because you puT A BANDAID ON  YOUR BROTHERS PAPERCUT
  • so since then you’ve enjoyed coming to the practices bc like woah,, i got the big bucks now :)))))
  • and you knew all of the guys in the dance crew so well so you didn’t have to worry about it being awkward when you tend their wounds
  • until one day,,,,,,
  • you’re sitting off on the wall next to the first aid kit while all the boys are stretching and talking before practice
  • and coach walks in with this guy
  • and you’re like woah woah woah it’s been the same for like twelve years why add another person now?????
  • coach introduces him as minghao 
  • and he sounds so sad when he says his name and you’re like what
  • then he’s like “despite minghao’s past,,, difficulties,,, with the sport of dance,, we will give him a chance in this crew….”
  • then everyone just mutters around and you see minghao’s face flush red as he ties his shoes
  • and then you start blushing???
  • you’re brother asks you why and you’re like secondhand embarrassment for the guy
  • but you’re really blushing bc he’s a really cute guy like what
  • then the practice continues on as usual
  • but you find that when they’re dancing, your eye is drawn to minghao?
  • bc like he’s really
  • bad
  • like he s u cks 
  • and you’re like wow no wonder coach sounded sad to introduce him
  • and you cringe so hard at him that you have to close you eyes for a second 
  • but as soon as you open them the first thing you see is minghao on the ground holding his ankle 
  • and you’re like woah what the what did i miss
  • and coach literally is crying on the floor
  • you could have sworn his hair wasn’t that gray before like he must be really stressed with this kid
  • he sounds insane
  • he keeps saying stuff like “mINghao. you wERE ONLY SUPPOSED TO BE w a L K ING AT THAT SPOT HOW DID YOU TWIST YOUR ANKLE???”
  • and minghao is just avoiding everyone’s gaze and holding his ankle
  • the coach literally crawls on hands and knees over to you and begs at your feet to take as long as possible to help minghao with his ankle
  • and he legit tells you he’ll give you a thousand dollars
  • and then you snap back out of it and internally you’re like oH MY GOD there’s a hURT kID this is mY JOB IM SUPPOSED TO HELP HIM
  • solike you crouch down in front of minghao and lift his face a little and he won’t look you in the eye but you can see that his are glossy and you hear a sniffle
  • then you legit melt
  • you feel so bad for the kid he’s probably in a lot of pain
  • so you grab his hand and wrap his arm around your shoulder and struggle to help minghao out of the practice room and into the break room
  • you set him down in a cushie chair and prop his leg up on your knee 
  • but when you look up the poor baby is bawling his eyes out 
  • and you’re like oH NO NO NO wHeRe DoEs It HuRt
  • and he points to his ankle while rubbing his eyes and nose 
  • and after you have it all iced and wrapped and stuff 
  • he’s still sobbing?
  • and you’re like so cautious because you don’t want to trigger more tears
  • so you just softly say “is there anything else you need?,,,,,”
  • and at this point he’s kinda calmed down a little??
  • so he like hiccups out the word “talent” and you almost laugh before you realize how sad that is
  • like dang lol
  • and you’re like “no no no baby no you have talent,,, maybe just not in dancing”
  • and he looks up at you with a blush, intrigued
  • and you’re like “well i haven’t necessarily found my talents yet, so maybe you’ve just been looking in the wrong place like you don’t need to keep dancing if you’re bad at it and always getting hurt”
  • and his face is finally dry and he’s like “well what do you think my talent could be?”
  • and you’re like idk minghao there’s so many out there that you just have to explore
  • and it’s silent for a bit and you’re both looking at your feet
  • well you’re actually looking at his foot which is still on your knee
  • and you’re like he has a cute pinky to-
  • minghao yells all excited and you get the living daylights scared out of you
  • and youre about to shush him but you look over and he’s smiling for the first time since you met him earlier today and you’re like aww
  • and now that you’re looking at him he starts blushing and he’s much less sure of himself
  • like completely different from the minghao from a second ago
  • “"well-i uh- i was wondering- since you haven’t found your talents yet- uh- do you wanna explore them with me sometime?? like we could play soccer or scuba dive or go to a painting class or something?”
  • and you’re internally screaming because he’S SO CUTE
  • and you turn to look at him and you’re like “minghao i would really really love to do that”
  • and then you sit there for a second just looking at each other
  • then he scREAMS?
  • and you’re like “woah buddy calm down i know you’re excited”
  • and then he’s like “nO y/N your elbow is diGGING INTO mY ankLE”
  • and you’re like woah woah sorry
  • and then he just gets all cute again and he’s like 
  • “but i am so excited that i could scream”
  • and he opens his mouth to cheer
  • and you z o o OOOOM to put your hand over his mouth 
  • because you were NOT about to be teased by your brother for agreeing to go on talent exploration dates with clumsy minghao


insectoid5  asked:

Two character prompts: 43, The Good Place, Janet + your choice.

Written in 36 minutes, no editing.

“Why are you/we whispering?”

She is in the void for 301256 milliseconds. Four cups of frozen yogurt are created: all black licorice. The weather simulation protocols are adjusted to fall within the stated parameters of “make the weather nice, but not too nice, just okay.” 

At 3526014 milliseconds she is summoned from her void.

“Hi there!”

Jason is standing in his yurt, and now Janet is as well. 

“Keep your voice down,” he whispers.

Voice volume adjusted down by 40%. “Okay! Why are we whispering?”

“Because Tahani and Vicky are outside. And Michael says I still have to pretend to be that Shamoo guy–”


“–Even though Tahani and Vicky both know that I’m not him, and they know that I know that I’m not him. But Vicky doesn’t know that I know that she knows that I’m not him. And Vicky doesn’t know that Tahani knows that Vicky knows that I know, and that Vicky doesn’t know that we know that she knows that–”

Infinite loop detected. Insert break statement.

“I am aware of the situation. How can I help?”

“I’m bored. I was gonna ask you for an XBox, but Tahani says there’s no place to hide one in here. And I can’t put a lock on the door, because everybody thinks I don’t believe in owning property. I mean, everyone pretends to think that, even though they all know that I don’t. But they don’t know that I know that they know, but I know. You know?”

“I do know, Jason. And I can help you. What you need is a secret room to play XBox in.”

“Yeah! Like, this guy in my dance crew–we called him Stump Foot, because one of his feet got eaten by an alligator so it was just a stump–Stump Foot had this dope pad that was totally sweet. There was a recliner, and a mini fridge for beer, and a plasma screen TV. Can you make it like that?”

“I can build anything you want! One moment.”

Construction protocols are run. Parameters: must be accessible from the yurt, must be concealable, must meet qualifications for a “dope pad” that is also “pretty sweet”.

“Done! Your yurt now has a “dope pad” basement! Here’s the trap door,” she removes the rug in the center of the floor to expose the trap door, and then opens it to reveal the staircase down.”

“It’s like a secret clubhouse! You are the coolest person here, Janet!”

“Not a person. Also I’ve included an alarm system so you can tell if anyone is approaching the yurt, that way you can leave the “dope pad” in time to not get caught.”

“Wow, you are so smart.”

“I am so smart. You have fun, I’m going back to my void now.”

She is back in the void.

GUYS. Terry Crews was dancing next to me at this after party and he was so cute and he went and searched out a tiny chocolate mousse for his lady and I hate bothering celebrities when they’re just trying to chill but I told him I liked his work on Brooklyn 99 and that I was really happy that he was such an amazing role model for positive masculinity and he shook my hand and said he felt blessed to hear that and well, if I didn’t already know Terry Crews was amazing, I sure as hell know now. 100% confirmed lovely human.