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Before Choices, I’d never been a part of a fandom before, at least not to the same level of involvement as I am now.

I know a big part of it is how friendly pretty much everyone is here. I love the way the community comes together over these stories and things like Becca’s hair. I love that people post diamond scenes for those of us who didn’t get them. I love the fandom jokes over the Bluebelle and the notorious LBD.

We don’t all agree on everything in the fandom but for the most part I’ve seen people be really respectful to each other, and able to have fun. Not to sound hoity-toity, but I for one think we’ve got one of the best fandoms on Tumblr 😉

Happy one year!!

Happy birthday to me 🎉🎉🎉

Hey guys so today is Aug 18th, and it’s really my birthday. I just want to celebrate it with you guys, my beloved fandom.

Wait am I doing a prize receiving speech 😂😂😂. Anyway, I just want to say thanks to you guys who really make me feel happu. As my name, Shiny-just-wanna-have-fun is really having fun with you guys. I hope we can interact more in the future.

Yay! Happy birthday to me 🎂🎂🎂

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I  really  appreciate  everyone  who,  after  episodes,  do  their  best  with  meta’s  to  explain  their  character’s  actions  &  explain  what  they  think  d&d  are  trying  to  get  at  and  how  they  see  it.  you  really  save  a  lot  of  this  for  me.

I  don’t  feel  like  doing  it  myself  currently  because  I  feel  like  sometimes  it’s  just  warping  my  character  to  try  and  fit  BAD  WRITING  using  what  knowledge  I  have  of  Arya  &  where  i  think  they’re  trying  to  go  with  her.  

but  i  appreciate  so  much  the  folks  who  do  that.  especially  @killthebxy  &  @breakercfchains

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How do think hisoka would react to someone showing sincere kindness and joy towards him? The person is genuinely happy to spend time with hisoka for whatever reason can be thought of.

This is something that’s been on my mind since I’ve been in the HxH fandom. So like, years. He’s a lonely guy by choice, he’s only with people for as long as he can obtain something from them. I don’t see him hang out honestly. I mean, he did ask Machi to stay for dinner, but I’m pretty sure he teased. He wasn’t expecting Machi to actually say “sure dude!”. Hisoka socializes when it benefits him. Whether the person actually likes him or not it’s irrelevant to him. He knows he has issues, if someone liked him he’d be more wary of them than he is of his enemies. Hisoka doesn’t strike me as the type of guy who opens up. He’s way too deep in his personality and after the fight with Chrollo he’s even worse.

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Hc's for being the little sister of Jeff and Liu but dating Ben.

- Jeff doesnt care. As long as it doesnt affect him, you can do whatever you like.

- Liu on the other hand…

- Liu is extremely overprotective, especially if the sister is not a killer like them.

- Ben does not make it better, he is constantly taunting them.

- Liu has tried to lock you in a room during what was suppose to be a date. guess he forgot ben can travel through electronics.

- To be fair though, Ben has probably tried the same thing with you. Liu just fought his way in with Jeff. 

- Jeff denies caring, it would just inconvenience him if you were captured, Thats all. 

- Liu has tried to set you up with other guys, but the choices are limited. Have you seen the guys in the mansion?

- He even once tried with Jane.

- Once he can make sure that you can take care of yourself he will calm down. Until then be prepared for every scheme he can come up with.

Help me reach Choices app

Guys I’m literally crying right now 😭😢 I entered the Choices giveaway last time and lost so I entered the giveaway again, but I have a strong feeling that I’m gonna lose. I never won any giveaway in my life and every time I enter one I lose. Anyways I just want to win the signed Choices poster. Which may sound dumb or stupid to some, but will mean the world to me if I got it. Choices is my favorite game and I’ve been playing it for a year now. I’m so addicted to it. Sadly there is no way get the poster except from the giveaway. I tried contacting them to ask if they could sell some signed Choices posters. I tried contacting them by email, Facebook messenger, from the actual app, Instagram DM, but haven’t gotten a single reply. Guys please help me you don’t know how sad I’m feeling right now. But I know that this fandom is kind and amazing. And I know for sure that you will help me reach them. Cause you guys are the best. I’m honored to be a part of this fandom.
Thank you in advance. Virtual xoxo 😘❤️
Ps. I’m not hating nor am I trying to backlash of any sort I am just trying to get a reply from them. Thanks again 😊💖
If I tagged you, I am trying to get noticed by @playchoices

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Riordan dudes react to Tumblr!
  • Jason: Hmph, seems neat. Lots of people love us. What do you guys think?
  • Percy: Nice choice of color for the site if I do say so myself! What about you, guys!
  • Magnus: *In embarrassed tone* Man, these guys are nuts, thinking me & Alex are a thing! That bone-headed, lifeless, green-haired, peppermint-smelling, beautiful-eyed, completely perfect angel of...THIS WEBSITE'S COLOR SUCKS!!!
  • Carter: *In frustrated tone* Wow, I'm about as noticed here as I am in real life. What about you, Nico?
  • *Nico has a smile covering over his face, blushing*
  • Nico: *Whispering* solangelo
every episode of roe


european guy: *does kickflip on skateboard* i hate my parents… and my hometown….. *takes bite of pizza*

bartender: i… have a mysterious past…….. don’t get near me,,,

business guy: we boutta do some moTHAFUCKIN’ BUSINESS y’ALL

party twin: the entirety of “gasolina” by daddy yankee

bookish twin: i get real wild… i once stayed up past nine thirty…. i can say a swear…. *whispers* heck


blake: simmer down now children simmer down

mira: WHAT ARE YOU???? “an idiot sandwich”

audrey: i’m GAY, i’m WILD, i’d KILL A MAN for FORTY DOLLARS,

paolo: curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal

brother: what the FUCK am i gonna DO my BUSINESS is FAILING and i have a BONER for my ASSISTANT what the FUCK

elena: what the FUCK am i gonna DO my BUSINESS is FAILING and i have a BONER for my BOSS what the FUCK


they are so good at praising each other 😎 + JH: “We personally styled ourselves today