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did you guys have a choices book that you love the characters—like, you like/love ALL the characters without hating or dislike a characters?

well, mine was Endless Summer, The Crown and The Flame and The Haunting of Braidwood Manor, like, actually, the characters on those book are well-written.

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“Mark and the Malamute” - Digital Oil Painting

“This is why I got him; because he laughs. I thought he was laughing at all my jokes… turns out it’s my fashion sense. I stand by that green sweater!”

Mark is very loyal to his clothes. I was going to go with a modern Mark Hamill and go for a Grandpa-Chic feel… but it just wasn’t going with the rest of the series. So we have a Classic Mark instead. ^_^

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Lame adaptations and sequels are always like, “how can Mina go back to her stifling Victorian marriage after her experience with the dark, seductive Dracula??”

Meanwhile, Mina marries her best friend, who she’s known since they were children, who she share common interests with, they build a home together, work as partners, make immense sacrifices for each other, support each other through their traumas.

Guys, a marriage isn’t stifling and restrictive just because two people… get along, I guess?


1) Bryan Fuller ended up wearing a pin badge with the art I did for @darkdreamsofhannigram ’s fic

2) The only picture I’ve found which evidences this also includes the magnificent dong straws (photo used with permission)

3) We are so blessed by this man


Alright, so for the past few months, I’ve been noticing a lot of talk about the whole “diamond spending” thing with PB. And before I get into the details, I’m just gonna say that all of you are 110% right. It is unfair that many of us can’t afford to unlock special items or scenes with our favorite characters because a lot of the times, we can’t do anything about it. We’re not all rich and capable like some other fortunate people are and while we think it may not affect us in the story, it actually prevents us from accessing other things that could help us like the dossiers in ES or the Adventurer outfits. I’m not saying PB has done nothing in regards to making us happy and having fun because believe me, they have❤️ But none of us want to deal with this issue anymore and it needs to be resolved.

So luckily, @cartoonfanforlife and I have taken the liberty to start a petition in changing this. And yes, I know what you’re thinking. How are we gonna make PB aware about this? Well, that’s why we decided we need backup. @hollyashton has been a HUGE part of the fandom since the beginning and while we believe she’ll be a big influence on getting our point across, she’ll also help take “the gold home.” So what do you guys think?? We won’t make further decisions on this until a majority of us agree to pitch in and work together. But until then, thanks for listening guys!! And spread the word if u can. It would be so awesome to make this real😊💯😊💯😊💯 Thanks again!!

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Honestly it really pisses me off when trans guys are left out of feminism or left out of the conversation about reproductive rights. Imagine 9 months of dysphoria. 9 months of being reminded that this body isn’t what you’re supposed to have. That this body essentially isn’t yours. Intersectionality is important and doesn’t just belong to women. Don’t forget about trans guys.


Tom is your Tom problem.

Captain Hera Syndulla of the USS Ghost. Boldly going where no one has gone before.

hey y’all you know what would be a really great thing to include in your fanworks? actual representation of amputation-type disabled characters as disabled. especially in the case of characters with prosthetics like shiro, bucky, junkrat, edward elric, etc, prosthetics are not actual limbs no matter how high tech they are

thing that most bothers me: sleeping (+cuddling, lazing around, etc)

just imagine for a minute you have a giant metal thing attached to you. that would literally be the most uncomfortable thing ever to sleep with. NO ONE with a prosthetic sleeps with their prosthetic on guys. even if in these characters’ cases the mechanical part is like connected to them and their nerves, there should still be an option to take off the limb and leave the mechanical stub, just like ed’s in a few scenes of fma. mad max did a good job of that with furiosa too. pls consider drawing your disabled characters in comfy scenes without their prosthetic 

I dont even know why I made this. 🤹🏼‍♀️

I’m not even into Jake. 🐺

But this is what he looks like in my mind whenever everyone goes gaga over him. 😽