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One Direction made the world dance, sing, cry, and scream. Whether you’re a fan or not, they had some form of impact on your life. Don’t let them just disappear. Don’t let them just fade away. They’re still our boys. They’re still trying for us. If Louis, Liam, Niall, and Harry can get up on that stage and sing without a brother then we can at least give them our support. Don’t give up on this band. Don’t give up on One Direction. It’s not what Zayn would have wanted. Lets make the world dance again.

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So, since Actor Zayn is rising now, and Disney are recreating their movies ... When are we getting Aladdin Zayn?

Zayn starring in live action Aladdin I’m

tag yourself, i’m the shook white guy behind Zayn

Can you imagine Zayn singing A Whole New World? CAN YOU? 

Zayn’s endearing penguin run through “One Jump”?

How do we make this happen?  I’m full on ready to write a letter to my local congressman for this. @ Disney let’s do this

Hybrid Zianourry part two

Part one

Harry and Zayn ran and didn’t look back until they were in front of their apartment complex. Harry, who was still holding the blonde boy, was panting hard, his face red.

“Fuck.” Zayn gasped, bending over. “Why did we do that?”

Harry was too out of breath to answer. Zayn glanced over at the kitten boy in Harry’s arms.

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I'd love like something with jealous Liam? Like maybe he gets handsy with Zayn at a club cause he's jealous and starts telling Zayn all the things he'll do to him when they get home. (Maybe bottom!zayn if you write smut)?

I didn’t write smut, but there is a bit of dirty talk, so I hope that makes up for it.


Liam watched Zayn walk through the crowd to the bar to get another round of drinks, ignoring Louis’ rambling about something or other adorable that Harry had done. His eyes traced the swing of Zayn’s hips, narrowing when a hand reached out to grab them. Zayn turned to the nervy stranger, a smile gracing his lips as he pushed the hands away.

A small shake of the head should have been enough to send the person away, but they were persistent. Liam watched as they tried to wrap their arms around Zayn’s waist. Liam started to rise out of the booth, stopped by Louis’ hand on his arm. Zayn managed to push away the person without appearing like a dick. He even gave a smile and a wave as Zayn turned to continue towards the bar.

“I should’ve gone for the drinks, mate,” Louis shouted into Liam’s ear. “It always takes Zayn twice as long as the rest of us.”

“Not his fault he keeps getting stopped,” Liam grumbled as Zayn was stopped again, this time by a curvy blond who was running her hand over his chest. Zayn looked amused, but Liam could feel his own eyes narrowing, mood darkening.

“Right. He can’t help being so bloody beautiful,” Louis joked, throwing his hands up in defense when Liam whipped around to glare at him. “Hey, not my type, remember. All yours, Payno.”

All mine!” Liam’s brain screamed as he looked to see Zayn stopped again talking to yet another person vying for his attention. Liam’s hands curled into fists on his thighs when he saw Zayn throw his head back to laugh. Liam bit hard into his lower lip as he pushed himself out of the booth. He stalked towards Zayn, ignoring Louis calling his name. When he reached Zayn he wrapped a possessive arm around his waist.

Zayn sighed before looking over his shoulder to see Liam. “Oh, it’s you,” he said with a fond smile, running a hand over the arm around his waist.

“Enjoying all the attention, babe?” Liam growled in his ear, biting a bit harshly at the lobe, enjoying the gasp he could feel against his chest.

Zayn turned in Liam’s arms, wrapping his arms around his neck. Pushing up on his toes, he made sure to rub as much of himself against Liam as he could while whispering, “Only want yours,” into Liam’s ear.

Liam’s lips trailed over Zayn’s neck as he started pulling him towards the dance floor. Once they’d managed to push themselves into the middle of the crowd, Liam turned Zayn around, so that his back was to Liam’s chest again. He ran his hands down, grasping Zayn’s hips firmly enough to leave fingerprint bruises. Tugging him back, he ground his already hardening length against his ass.

Once they fell into a rhythm which may or may not have matched that of the music, Liam returned his mouth to Zayn’s ear. “You sure it’s only my attention you want,” he growled. “Not that blonde who had her hands all over you?” Zayn shook his head. “The big guy who grabbed you, touching your hips, the hips that are all mine.” Liam squeezed those hips tightly before rolling his with determination. Zayn shook his head again.

“You’re the only one, Leeyum,” he said, trying to turn in his arms.

“Look around, babe. All of these people watching you, us. Wishing they were me.” He watched as Zayn’s eyes scanned the crowd, feeling heat in his stomach when the gaze slowed a couple of times. “See something you like?” He followed Zayn’s gaze to a young ginger that was dancing alone, body twisting in ways that shouldn’t be natural outside the bedroom.

“Twinks aren’t usually your style, babe.” Liam bit at Zayn’s neck, sucking a bruise into it.

“Maybe I was looking at him for you,” Zayn teased over his shoulder, eyes widening when Liam’s narrowed. Zayn swallowed hard as Liam turned him in his arms, hand running into his hair, grasping hard to force Zayn’s eyes to meet his. It took a moment for Zayn to recover from his surprise. “Thought maybe you’d fancy a threesome.”

Liam’s lip curled up in a snarl. “You tired of me?” he grumbled. “Has our sex life become too mundane for you?” Zayn’s lips quirked. Liam felt his anger flare, underlaid by hurt and jealousy that he refused to show. “Fine.” He released Zayn, pushing him gently towards the twink.

Liam turned on his heel and stalked away, his eyes feeling wet, but he refused to let Zayn see how his words had affected him. He knew that Zayn loved him, that he was only teasing, but it still hurt. He was almost off the dance floor when he felt a hand on his arm. Turning, he came face to face with the blonde that had been all over Zayn earlier.

Liam crossed his arms over his chest, quirking an eyebrow as he looked down at her. “Can I help you with something?”

She looked a tad nervous. “I didn’t know he had a boyfriend,” she said, blinking up at Liam. “Just wanted you to know I didn’t mean anyth-”

“Zero fucks given. Next please,” Liam deadpanned.

The girl looked stunned. “I just wanted to apologize.”

Liam rolled his eyes, immediately feeling a bit bad. “Yeah, cheers.”

“The two of you are really hot together,” she said, smiling a bit.

Liam let a smile take over his face. “We are, aren’t we?” The girl laughed, nodding as she turned her head. Liam looked and saw Zayn watching from where Liam had left him, the guy who’d grabbed Zayn earlier dancing behind him. Liam could feel his face turn to stone as the guy buried his face in Zayn’s neck. Jealousy roared through Liam’s body like a wildfire.

He looked down at the blond, a feral smile on his lips, before leaning over to whisper in her ear. “I’m just doing this to get a reaction out of him.” She giggled, nodding, running a hand up Liam’s arm and squeezing his bicep. “Thanks, love,” he said, smiling as he stepped around her. He jumped when the girl pinched his arse. He probably would’ve laughed if he wasn’t so focused on his Zayn.

Stalking slowly towards Zayn, Liam took a minute to dance with a few people, including the ginger who looked up at him with glazed over eyes. Liam reached out and grabbed the arm of a guy he knew was decent, pulling him in to take his place. “Make sure he gets home alright. Think he’s on something,” he shouted into his friend’s ear, who responded with a nod and an arm around the twink’s waist. He turned his attention back to Zayn, who was watching him with a fond smile.

Liam returned to making his way over to Zayn, his eyes never leaving him. Liam gently removed a guy’s hand that traveled to his ass, laughing and wiggling his finger in the guy’s face. A highly intoxicated woman tried to kiss Liam, but he gently pushed her away, turning her so she could go back to dancing with her friends. Zayn’s eyes stayed locked on Liam, despite the hands that were running over his body. Each pass of those stranger’s hands ignited a new spark of jealousy deep inside of Liam until he felt as if the entire club could see the glow of it burning beneath his skin.

Once Liam was directly in front of Zayn, he covered one of his hips with a hand, squeezing firmly. He saw the hitch of Zayn’s breath, the way his eyes darkened and his body leaned closer to Liam and away from the pushy bastard behind him. Liam slid his hand around Zayn’s waist until it almost reached his other hip, tugging sharply so that he fell into his chest. The guy behind Zayn started to protest until he took in Liam’s dark glare, then he held his hands up in surrender and pushed himself through the crowd and far away from them.

Zayn looked up at Liam through his long lashes, knowing just what that shy look did to Liam. Using his free hand, Liam hooked his finger into one of Zayn’s belt loops and pulled him completely flush against Liam. Then he ran his hand from Zayn’s hip up his back and through his hair, gripping the longer strands on top tightly. Using his grip, he forced Zayn to look up at him. “Are you done playing now?” Liam growled.

Zayn’s eyes fluttered shut as a moan escaped, the breath of it brushing over Liam’s lips. Liam leaned in, teasing his teeth against Zayn’s lower lip. He slid his lips across Zayn’s cheek until he reached his ear, nipping sharply at Zayn’s lobe. “Are you done being a bad boy?” He felt Zayn’s nod, felt Zayn’s hands twisting in the front of his shirt.

Liam’s teeth found the side of Zayn’s neck, digging in briefly before Liam sucked hard, wanting to leave a mark. Wanting to show everyone who this beautiful man belonged to. “Mine,” he hissed as he pulled away to admire the mark, pushing a thumb into it, chuckling at Zayn’s gasp. “I’m going to mark you up so much, no one will question that you are taken.” Liam moved his mouth to the other side of Zayn’s neck, mirroring the mark.

“Li,” Zayn gasped out. Liam pulled back to look at his face. His lower lip was wet and raw from his teeth digging into it. “People are staring.”

Liam smirked as he pressed his forehead against Zayn’s. “Let them stare. Let them see. Let them go home tonight and imagine what we do behind closed doors if this is what we do in public.” Zayn moaned again. “We could give them something really good to watch. You could drop to your knees, so I can fuck your throat right here. Move my hips to the beat of the music till I come, holding your head in place, forcing you to swallow every last drop.”

Zayn’s eyes widened. Liam could read the arousal there, but also an edge of fear. There was a small exhibitionist streak running through his lover, but not wide enough to include actually having sex in front of other people. “I know, baby,” Liam whispered, smiling when Zayn relaxed against him. “No one will see how lovely you look taking my cock, except me.” He turned Zayn in his arms, pulling his back against his chest, leaning in so he could still whisper orders in his ear. He slid a hand down Zayn’s chest, tickling his stomach before roughly cupping his cock through his jeans. Squeezing, he chuckled when Zayn squeaked. Just as Zayn’s hips moved against his hand, he moved to slide a hand into Zayn’s front pocket to removed his phone, holding it out for Zayn to take. “Text the others. Tell them we’re leaving.” Zayn whined, moving his hips back against Liam, but followed his instructions.

Once Zayn hit send, Liam took his phone, sliding it into his own pocket. Turning their bodies, he started to guide Zayn off the dance floor, his mouth attached to his neck to leave another mark. He ground his cock against Zayn’s ass, pulling him tight against him as they passed the blonde who blew a kiss to both of them. Liam felt Zayn’s hand slide between them, pawing at Liam’s cock. Liam stopped walking. “Hands to yourself, baby. You don’t get to touch.”

He felt more than heard the whine that left Zayn’s lips as they reached the edge of the dancefloor. Liam pulled away, grabbing Zayn by the wrist, tugging him towards the door. Thankfully, a line of cabs was waiting outside the club, and Liam pushed Zayn into the first one. After giving the cabbie their address, he turned back to Zayn grasping both of his boy’s wrists in one hand. He tugged him into his lap, wrapping his free arm strongly around Zayn’s waist. “Bad boys don’t get to touch. What do bad boys get?”

“Leeyum,” Zayn whined.

“Zayn,” Liam spoke firmly.

“Punished,” Zayn said, his voice a mixture of shame and excitement.

“That’s right, baby. I think ten with my hand and five with the paddle,” Liam said, his voice thoughtful, smiling when Zayn nodded eagerly. “And what don’t baby boys get?” He asked as he slid his hand up to press down on Zayn’s cock, feeling it twitch beneath his palm. Zayn whined, trying to rub against Liam’s hand. Liam took his hand away. “Tell me.”

“To come.” Zayn’s voice was high pitched in disappointment. “Bad boys don’t get to come.” Liam moved his hand to grasp Zayn’s face, turning it just enough so that Liam could take in his closed eyes. He was surprised by the couple of tears that were escaping Zayn’s eyes.

“Hey,” Liam said, quietly. Zayn’s eyes blinked open, the submissive glaze already fallen over the beautiful hazel orbs. “You’re okay, yeah?” Zayn blinked his eyes slowly, showing Liam that he was giving the question real thought, before nodding. “Who loves you?” Liam asked, running his thumb over Zayn’s lower lip before turning him completely on his lap, Zayn’s legs straddling each side of Liam’s hips.

Zayn’s smile was big as he reached his hands up to touch Liam’s cheeks. “You do,” he whispered before leaning in to kiss Liam deeply.

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Strong by @elerinwen
Pairing: Zayn/Liam
Rating: PG

“Tell ‘im” Louis mumbled, rolling his eyes so hard they almost went all white. Zayn groaned, letting his head fall, his forehead hitting the table in front of him.

“You don’t understand” Zayn complained, not even bothering to lift his head to look at him. Louis was a moron and he had no idea what it was like. It was much more complicated that just ‘telling him’.

Mostly because friendship was never something that came easily to Zayn. He was baffled every time he met that kind of people that have hundreds of friends and hang out with them all the time. You know, social butterflies that thrive on having lots of friends and acquaintances around them, people that only need to speak two words to have a whole crowd just paying attention. People like Louis, really. Louis baffled Zayn all the time. That’s why Zayn seldom went out with Louis when he invited him on a night out. It would always end up with Louis saying hi to practically everyone around them, chatting and dancing with every person he met, most of the time forgetting Zayn was even there. Sitting on the bar and passing the time people watching with a drink in his hand was how most of those nights ended for Zayn.

Except for that one night Louis came back to the bar with an amused twinkle in his eyes, dragging an embarrassed looking guy behind himself. Zayn remembers raising an eyebrow at Louis, wondering what the hell was happening. Until Louis said Zayn looked bored so he brought him a friend, and proceeded to introduce the guy to him, just because they were both geeks. Liam. It took Zayn a second to fall helplessly in love. It took one smile from Liam, all crinkly eyes and blushing cheeks and he was gone. He figured Liam was, like Louis said, just an old college friend, he figured it was a chance meeting and he would never see Liam smile again after that small fleeting introduction. He was wrong. Liam decided he had enough dancing for the night and stayed at the bar with Zayn, sipping on drinks and chatting nonstop while Louis went back to the dance floor.

They actually never stopped talking. Almost literally, because talking about superheroes that night ended up with Liam barely able to hide his glee when Zayn told him he had an original edition of The Killing Joke, and them exchanging numbers because ‘that’s so cool, Zayn, d’you reckon I could see it some day?’

That day happened after a week of texting and talking on the phone constantly. Zayn didn’t think he ever met anyone he could talk to the way he talked to Liam. Always so natural, always so honest, always receiving sweet enthusiastic reactions from Liam that left him shaking and wanting to scream inside. And after that day, many more days came, because they had too many things in common. For some ridiculous reason, Liam appeared to enjoy Zayn’s company just as much as Zayn enjoyed Liam’s, and that just didn’t happen often.

Weeks turned into months and months into years and Liam just became a permanent fixture in Zayn’s life. Everywhere he went, Liam was most likely there with him, sharing endless game nights and dinners and simple conversations over coffee or beers. And Zayn’s love for Liam refused to die. It simply grew exponentially, taking so much space in Zayn’s chest it made it hard to breathe.
It was embarrassing and obvious to the point of Louis noticing. Oblivious Louis, always too distracted to notice anything, one day simply stated matter of factly that Zayn should just tell Liam about his feelings. He didn’t even need to ask if there were any feelings to talk about. He knew. Probably the whole planet knew. The whole planet but Liam.

“What do I not understand, man?” Louis asked, clearly annoyed. “It’s simple, isn’t it? You both have feelings for each other. Just talk about it. Tell ‘im.” he said like it was nothing, grabbing an apple from the fruit basket that was sitting at the center of the table with no intention of eating it.

Zayn groaned again, turning his head, leaving his cheek against the cold glass of Louis’ dining table.

“That’s the problem. That’s exactly the problem. It’s not mutual. I would’ve noticed.”

Louis laughed and shook his head, tossing the fruit in the air again and again, catching it every time.

“For such a brilliant guy, you can be pretty thick sometimes.” Louis smiled through his words, raising his eyebrows like he was making an obvious point by insulting Zayn.

“’m not thick, asshole.” Zayn spat, more sad than angry, finally lifting his head from the table. “He doesn’t feel the same, and you know… If I say something, everything will change. This friendship I have with him is too precious, I can’t lose him.” Zayn explained, because he had a point. Because it was obvious. If he ever told Liam about how he felt, he was going to lose him, sooner or later.

Louis finally kept the apple in his hand, bending a bit to talk closer to Zayn, in a lower, almost loving tone. “Think of all the people that miss their chance out of fear, Zayn. Think of how much love’s been wasted. You know, people always trying to escape it, they move on to stop their heart breaking. D’you want that to be you? Regretting your silence many years from now?”

Zayn sighed, letting his forehead hit the table again, closing his eyes. Louis had a point too. Everything was already getting ruined already anyways, wasn’t it? He hadn’t seen Liam in a month out of fear of fucking up because every time his heart reacted to all the beautiful things Liam did, he was scared his body would betray him and reveal his reaction too. He was trapped. Whatever he did he was sure he was going to lose Liam, and it was terrifying. 

“It’s just too complicated, Lou. You wanna know why it is so hard to say it? Because I know he’s keeping things from me too. There’s so many words we’re not saying. I mean, I’m sure he has noticed by now, why won’t he say anything? He could just, I don’t know, reject me outright, but no. He just… He just won’t. He’s too kind.” Zayn thought out loud, not moving from his place.

“Oh for fuck’s sake, just fucking tell him!” Louis groaned, throwing the apple at Zayn’s head.


That same night Zayn’s will broke and he called Liam. No, not to ‘tell him’ Like Louis said. Just to see him, because he missed him like crazy, because Liam was like a battery plugged directly into his life, always giving him energy when he felt depleted. Just a smile from Liam was enough to make him feel warm inside. Just making Liam laugh was more rewarding than anything else in the world. Just being around Liam made him feel better than anything else in the world.

After a few hours of Liam beating the fuck out of Zayn at FIFA because Zayn was too distracted and after eating pizza and ice cream, they ended up in the same place they always did. Cuddling on Zayn’s ratty couch, almost one on top of the other, sharing secrets and smiles and little touches that drove Zayn mad. These moments made the fact that he fell in love so easily with Liam make so much sense. Zayn wasn’t a touchy person, he never was. He liked keeping his personal space as free as possible and to be honest, he never really knew how to express his feelings in a physical way. Words were always more useful, words were safer.

And then Liam came.

Liam and the way he elbowed Zayn on the ribs every time he laughed like it was totally okay to do that. Liam and the hugs he gave Zayn out of the blue, just because. Liam and how perfectly he fit by Zayn’s side. Liam and the way he smelled and the warmth of his body and the strength of his hands. Zayn knew it was a lost battle from the beginning and he just let himself enjoy this closeness, even when it made everyone that knew Zayn look at them curiously. Liam’s presence was just too intoxicating, too delicious. Liam was just the exception to every one of Zayn’s rules.

It was simply natural, the way they always ended up like that. Laying on the couch, so close to one another, talking in hushed voices or simply sharing that kind of comfortable silences people don’t get to enjoy often. Zayn closed his eyes for a moment, his head on Liam’s chest. Liam’s fingers were softly running through his hair. Ever since that time two years ago when Liam told him his hair looked great when it was longer, he just stopped cutting it. He shaved the sides, yeah, just because of that one time Liam told him that looked sick. Zayn was practically purring, basking in Liam’s warmth, his fears and problems far from his mind.

At least until Liam sighed, making Zayn’s head move up and down on his chest. Zayn just smiled, sighing was something Liam did a lot and he loved the little sound. “I missed you so much” Liam whispered, and Zayn opened his eyes.

Everything came back to him in a rush, especially the reason why Liam missed him. It was Zayn that had avoided Liam for a month, terrified of slipping up. It was Zayn’s turn to sigh, moving the arm that was holding Liam to place his hand carefully on Liam’s chest. “’m sorry.” Zayn whispered back, the guilt so evident in his voice it made him cringe.

“Is everything okay? Between us, I mean. Did I do something to…?” Liam asked, and Zayn frowned, looking up at him, because no, god no, much on the contrary.

“No, Li, not at all. We’re okay, we… I…” finding the right words to pronounce any of the excuses he had rehearsed in his head was impossible.

Liam’s hand halted its movement on his hair but it stayed where it was, cradling Zayn’s head and fuck, Zayn was melting in an infuriating mix of love and fear. But Liam smiled, looking at him with those huge, earnest, gorgeous brown eyes. “You know… I never… I mean… You do know you’re important to me, right? Like, the most important person in my life right now?” Zayn’s brows furrowed even further, his heart beating so hard it was a miracle it wasn’t audible. He knew they meant a lot to each other but hearing it like that, from Liam’s mouth, in his arms, was an experience wasn’t sure he could survive. “I hate missing you like that. I… sometimes I feel my hands and your hands are like… they’re tied up, like two ships, drifting, weightless, and waves try to break that and I just… I can’t let that happen, I feel like I’d do anything to save it. Do you understand what I’m saying?” Liam grabbed Zayn’s hand from his chest, interlacing their fingers, laughing a little self-deprecating laugh that was so endearing it took all of Zayn’s energy not to kiss his lips fiercely. He just bit his own lower lip, smiling at Liam, temporarily blinded by Liam’s light to actually try to process the words he said.

“Um… what are you saying?” Zayn asked, suddenly confused because Liam’s words did make some kind of sense, he did feel something similar, but he was pretty sure their reasons for feeling that way were fundamentally different.

Liam just smiled. It wouldn’t be the first time he had to repeat himself because Zayn was too distracted by him to pay any attention to the actual words he was saying. Liam moved a little on the couch to get even closer to Zayn, the both of them on their sides, face to face, in each other’s arms. “I’m saying I need you. I’m saying you make me strong.” Liam stated, his sweet strawberry ice cream breath tickling Zayn’s lips, making him dizzy, turning his thoughts into syrup. “I’m saying… I’m saying these past few days away from you made me fear maybe I’m just being too… too much and maybe you needed space, you know, from me… But at the same time they were hell to me ‘cause when I’m not with you I’m weaker. Us being apart just made me realize how much you really mean to me and that I can’t keep just wasting time, you know? I don’t wanna wait 'til it’s gone, whatever this is, between you and me.”

Zayn had to be dreaming. He just had to be still in his bed, fantasizing about how wonderful it would be if one day Liam beat him to it and actually confessed his love, tired of waiting for Zayn to actually gather the courage to do it, helping him take that leap. There was no way Liam was saying what he seemed to be saying. No way. Things just don’t work that way. Hope and dread gripped Zayn’s heart in equal measure, threatening to rip it in half. “I don’t understand?” he basically croaked, the words barely managing to escape his constricted throat, sounding tiny and desperate.

Liam took a moment to sigh again and maybe gather his thoughts, rearrange his words, find another way of conveying his message. “I’m saying I love being close to you, you’re just so amazing, so… so beautiful, and I think I love you. I mean, I think I’m in love with you. I think being your friend is wonderful but it doesn’t feel like enough anymore and I don’t wanna lose you but I just can’t keep this a secret.” Liam explained, his face getting closer to Zayn’s, his smile replaced by a little frown that looked so out of place on his face. “I need you so much and I’m not scared of love, I’m not scared of loving you. It’s losing you that terrifies me, and I’m here saying these things because something in my heart tells me maybe… maybe you feel the same?” he asked cautiously, hopefully, looking into Zayn’s eyes, holding his hand tightly, still cradling his head like Zayn was worth the world.

Zayn’s vision went blurry with tears in a second. He held onto Liam’s hand tight, trying to process what he just heard. Trying to process the fact that Liam loved him. Liam loved him. That was a real thing that was really happening and beautiful, perfect Liam was actually saying the same words Zayn spent years hiding out of fear. Liam took that fear and he obliterated it in a second, changing Zayn’s entire reality for ever, changing his life.

“Please say something?” Liam begged, sounding concerned. “Are you okay?” Zayn barely registered Liam letting go of his hand to run his fingers over his cheeks. Oh fuck, those were tears. Zayn was actually crying. Zayn was probably letting Liam think this wasn’t okay, he was probably making Liam feel on the brink of rejection.

“Fuck…” Zayn gasped in a broken sob that somehow turned into laughter halfway. “I love you too, Li.” He finally, finally confessed, and before Liam could do anything else, he finally, finally kissed Liam’s lips.

just bc zayn isn’t in one direction doesn’t mean he’s gone. he knows how he has changed lives and he isn’t dropping off the face of the planet. maybe he’ll start a tumblr or blog and share his artwork. maybe he’ll open a tattoo shop. maybe he’ll do YouTube videos. maybe he’ll write/draw a comic series. he is honestly so talented and has the money and resources to do anything like follow his other dreams and desires. this isn’t the end of zayn malik.


In honor of today´s TCA 2015 let´s throw it back to R5´s appearance at 2013 TCA´s (and Rocky´s epic twerking performance that gained him the title “The guy behind Zayn” :D)