guy as shezow


So there’s this kids’ show called SheZow and it’s totally awesome!!

The main character, Guy, turns into this superhero, SheZow (who was formerly his late aunt). Her powers are based around beauty: lazer lipstick, boomerang comb, vanishing cream, etc. and her weakness is bad hair. It show Guy totally comfortable in all the femininity (after a couple episodes) and empowers girls and it’s targeted roughly at late elementary school and early middle school kids. There’s also an alternate universe Guy called Gal.

She turns into DudePow

They’re equally powerful and competitive.

This show could actually save lives by cutting down on the bullying of trans kids or kids who express themselves differently than most. Seeing a boy in a skirt, kids might think of SheZow and how awesome she is.

It’s also a freaking hilarious show which punches gender roles out so completely that characters don’t even question why Guy is SheZow.

It’s on Netflix so watch the heck out of it (but please don’t perve it up like some people have already done)


Here is an very interesting question: 

My 8 year old daughter has been watching SheZow on Netflix. It’s a very funny show. (I love all the puns!) It’s about a boy who gets superpowers - but the catch is - the superpowers are for a superheroine! It’s just a boy stuck in a girl costume. He didn’t “Magically” change into a girl or anything. 

I did some research and apparently some “groups” where in an uproar about this cartoon. 

I don’t see what the big deal is because this kind of thing has happened MANY times before. Remember the Star vs. The Forces of Evil episode “Storm The Castle.” Marco had to wear a dress. This has also happened on Kim Possible and Danny Phantom too. 

So my question is…

Have you seen SheZow and what do you think of it? 

I literally

love this show so much like just

look at these small children

look how confident he is being a female superhero

look at his friend making fun of him

but then just helping him/her during the battles

and she’s so protective of them.  

I literally can not describe how adorable this show is. Like I need y’all to watch it immediately. Right now. On Netflix. So I can fangirl with someone. 

SheZow Analysis; The Long-Term Effects of the Ring

It’s no she-cret that SheZow’s powers come from her beauty and femininity; when not wearing pink the powers weaken or all but disappear, when having a hangnail or ingrown toenail wonky things start happening, and then the whole bad hair being her biggest–and, really, her only–weakness. So, it’s safe to say that as SheZow got older and less attractive (or, say, a boy SheZow getting older and less feminine) would weaken or all together stop the powers of the ring. Right?

I’m not so sure.

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