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hey my name’s dennis…. and i’m not like those other boys. oh no, i’m not an idiot, or … a savage, or.. some one-star man. i’m just dennis. *pans to mac* that’s mac. he’s soooo hot. how does one describe the level of hotness of the great ronald “mac” mcdonald. he’s like if you combined tom brady and dolph lundgren. *pans back to dennis* but i’m… just dennis. this is my story. *plays never gonna give you up by rick astley* 

of-gods-and-thieves  asked:

Okay, but, that whole ordeal with Keith being kidnapped must have been pretty traumatizing, right? I mean, that must have been a academy situation for both Keith and Shiro, but especially Keith. How does Shiro handle after? Does Keith stay in bed surrounded by his family for a few days? Is Shiro more protective of him now?

Kidnapping Keith Part 2 (Part 1) (what an awful title omg i know orz) 

[The Voltron Family] When Keith got kidnapped, Shiro wanted to just kill the old man who wanted to do things to his husband in bed. The man went to prison because Shiro made sure of that. 

It was traumatizing. For Keith who was ace, it was even more traumatizing.

After that event when they got home safely, Shiro and Keith took a bath together and Keith was spacing out. They sat in the tub for a long time while Shiro kept running his fingers through Keith’s hair. Shiro saw Keith’s bruised shoulder and bent down to kiss it. That caused Keith to go back to the present and he turned to the side and nuzzled Shiro’s cheek.

Keith: I’m fine. *whispers*
Shiro: No you’re not. 
Keith: *bites his lips* *sighs* You’re right. I’m not. I don’t think I will for a while. Shiro… he was… I was going to be… *whispers the word in disgust and horror* *buries his head in his arms as he silently cries* W-Why would anyone do that? Why are there people who do that? It’s so fucking awful. 
Shiro: Keith—
Keith: I wouldn’t wish it on anyone at all. Imagine if it was someone else? Someone else who didn’t know self defense like I do? Someone who couldn’t fight? Someone who lets fear overcome them instead of trying to find a way to escape? Someone who would just give up and let the man have his way if it meant they could leave after? But one couldn’t leave that place without being scarred for life. It’s the most horrible thing and I’m so pissed it happens everywhere—to anyone. And most of these people can’t fight back likecan. I’m not saying I’m thankful it was me instead but it sure damn feels like it cause I’d rather have it be me than Pidge or Lance or Hunk or you. To think if it happens to my little Pidge. My little ace Pidge. I’d fucking kill the guy, Shiro. I’d stab him 345 times for laying a hand on one of my kids and you can’t stop me—*wipes tears* God I’m such an awful dad to even think of that but I’m glad you arrived late and you didn’t get to see all of that because the way that man looked at me made me want to vomit. Why do people only think about sex when they see someone they like? Why is the world like that? Everything doesn’t revolve around that and it makes me so angry. *clenches his fist*
Shiro: I can’t even argue with that. *frowns sadly*
Keith: I’m just thankful you’re not like that, Takashi. Every. Single. Day. I’m thankful. Every day I’m thankful we get to take a bath together and just do this… just talk. Every day I’m thankful I get to kiss you as much as I want without worrying you’ll do something more than that. I’m just… really really…
Shiro: *wipes Keith’s tears* Shhhsh you don’t need to thank me for that, Keith. I’m thankful everyday for having me if I’m just being honest. I’ve never imagined to be married to someone ace when I was younger, but it’s pretty much the best decision of my life. *smiles sadly*
Keith: *tries to chuckle but more tears fell* You goofball cheeseball. 

When they went to bed, the husbands cuddled. Shiro kept caressing Keith’s arms, as Keith laid his head of top of Shiro’s chest comfortably, his arms around his tummy. 

Keith: *whispers nervously* Shiro, I think I might pass this year’s sexy time. *looks up* Do you mind?
Shiro: *kisses Keith’s forehead* Of course not, Keith. Take as much time as you need. We talking about 3 years? 4 years?
Keith: *deadpan* 10 years.
Shiro: *smiles* Okay. *caresses Keith’s cheek*
Keith: *pinches Shiro’s tummy* I was joking!
Shiro: Are you really? *raises an eyebrow* Cause I don’t mind, honestly. 10 years? 15? 20? 50? Or even just stopping all together. What happened to you was traumatizing and it’s 100% understandable if you don’t want to be intimate with me anymore. I don’t want to open a can of worms if—
Keith: *tightens his grip on Shiro* Thank you. But I don’t think it will take forever. I just… need time. 
Shiro: *pulls Keith closer to him so Keith’s on top* *hugs him really tight* Darling, take all the time you need. *gives Keith a peck on the lips*

The following day, Shiro advised Keith to just stay home with him and not go to work. Shiro took a leave for the day so he could comfort his husband. The kids all hugged their Daddy Keith longer than necessary before Shiro drove them to their schools. Sparring usually distracted Keith so that was what they did when Shiro came back, it usually ended with Keith on top of Shiro giving him soft pecks. Keith could handle and protect himself just fine, but he was only human, so Shiro made sure he was fine 24/7, calling Keith if he got inside the car safely after work and all that. 

[ It occurs to me that, perhaps, hoarding these instead of actually responding to them might make me come off as an ungrateful snob. So I’m responding to them en mass. 

Thank you guys, seriously <3 I haven’t had this blog for very long and I’m already on my way to 1.5k followers?? What?? This fandom is enormous and most of you guys are super creative and kind and it’s great.

Some of these I was sent … awhile ago, so I sincerely hope you still feel this way. And an equally big thank you to all of those nice comments you guys leave in your tags when you reblog. I read them. I read all of them. ]


It’s been six months since I started this blog way back before the season premiere and I was nervous, but it’s one blog that I have no regret in making. It is because of all of you that follow, interact, or simply enjoy reading what I write that have made the experience worth while. Can I lay down some facts for a sec? Yeah? Cool.

Before I made Lisa, I had all but given up on rping as a whole. I’d lost the love that I had for this hobby, I feel into a rut with my writing and I seemed stagnant, but it was the creation of Lisa that brought the light back into this hobby. It made me enjoy writing again, I met people that helped get the creative juices flowing again. For that, every single person in this fandom deserves my gratitude. Of course, I can’t include everyone in my bias list, but now that I hold a gratitude for the fandom as a whole for accepting me and giving a wife OC a chance.

So without further moments wasted reading about my endless gratitude for all of you, I would like to take a moment to thank those that have become great partners, this is to the partners that should all know how much they mean to me, and if two cute lil fox cubs is how I can show that then so be it :D

( please forgive me if i miss someone, there’s gonna be a hot mess of you all and we all know how tumblr can be. there’s no particular order here, just went from my follower list :D)

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