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Link Strikes

 Or: “How have they not accidently killed each other?” ft. Noctis and Ignis

Also let’s appreciate Ignis

Donghyuck: Mark you shouldn’t wear makeup, you’re already good looking

Mark: aw thanks

Yuta: lol you guys are finally not fighting

Donghyuck: instead how about we take Yuta on a shopping trip to Sephora because he needs it a lot more than you do


2,199 Days and You’re home.

Warning, this is probably going to be a long but cute asf fanfiction!

Clarke had never loved anyone as she had loved Bellamy, watching that rocket and knowing he was on his way to safety, she felt relief wash over her. She didn’t mind dying as long as it meant the people she cared for went on. Clarke had been sure the radiation would kill her, the memory of the searing pain she felt from her bubbling skin, the feeling of the burning blood choking up in her throat would forever be planted in her mind. She’d been so sure she’d die that day, dying on a dying planet. But then Madi found her, the girl only young then, barely able to take care of herself let alone nursing Clarke until she was at full health. Those were some of the most painful days of her life. Not just the radiation seeping through her but the fact that she’d let Bellamy go, she wouldn’t see him for years to come, no more warm hugs reminding her of home, no more playful smile crossing his face even though she knew he wanted to be mad at her. Everyone she loved so far from her but they were safe and that’s all Clarke could ask for.

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((Honestly whenever I think of Chloe, Brooke and Jenna’s little team of treasure hunters, I just imagine Jenna carrying around a huge stereo and blasting Team Charm’s theme whenever they make a really dramatic entrance or get into a huge battle in-game))

the quickest little Jay for warmup todaaay.


I got a few prompt requests about what if Tadashi’s leg braces broke mid fight and the team + Hiro had to step in to defend him, so here this is. I haven’t done an armordashi comic in a while and I realLY WANTED TO DO ONE so the prompt requests were perfect. (For those who are new: In armordashi AU, Tadashi survived the fire but is paralyzed from the waist down, though Hiro built him some leg braces to help him walk again, and he then basically becomes a hero along with everyone else)

Maaaaaan I have so many feelings towards the team working together to keep the two nerd bros safe, even Hiro tries his hardest for Tadashi because he doesn’t wanna risk almost losing him again. Of course that’s not to say Tadashi can’t pull some Captain America with his shields, with or without his legs. He’s a tough cookie.

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Final Fight
Publisher: Capcom (Arcade, X68000, SNES, JP/NA GBA, PS2, PS3, Xbox, 360, iOS)  U.S. Gold (Amiga, CPC, ST, C64, ZX), SEGA (Sega CD), Ubisoft (EU GBA)
Developer: Capcom (Arcade, X68000, SNES, GBA, PS3, 360, iOS), Creative Materials (Amiga, CPC, ST, C64, ZX), A Wave (Sega CD), Backbone Entertainment (PS2, Xbox)
Platform: Arcade, Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, X68000, Super Famicom / Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Mega CD / Sega CD, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation 2, Xbox, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iOS
Year: 1989 (Arcade), 1990 (SFC), 1991 (SNES, Amiga, CPC, ST, C64, ZX), 1992 (X68000), 1993 (Sega CD), 2001 (GBA), 2005 (NA/EU PS2/Xbox), 2006 (JP PS2), 2010 (PS3, 360), 2011 (iOS)