In case you haven’t seen this video yet, it’s about a Taiwanese father who tries to learn about the LGBTQ+ community after finding out his daughter is lesbian. Prepare the tissues and enjoy!

Note: Video is 2:25 mins long.

Angry Asian Guy

BTS Taiwan D&W Special Interview Translation

This is the special interview that’s included in the Taiwan version of BTS’ Dark & Wild. 
Also…this was my first time translating and there could be some parts that probably don’t make sense…I’m sorry;; >___< 

*Please take out with full credits~ thank you♡

Hello Taiwan ARMYs, we are BTS. Those who can see this interview probably already bought the Taiwan version of Dark & Wild right? Once again, I want to thank you all for the support.

Jin: Through this album we are meeting Taiwan ARMYs which makes me really happy. If there’s a chance I hope we can hurry up and go to Taiwan to personally thank you guys. I’m sure one day there will be this chance…

1. There hasn’t been any official events in Taiwan yet you guys already have so many fans, how do you feel about this?
JM: Receiving the love and support from those living in faraway places makes us feel special and we are extremely grateful.
RM: We have a Twitter account under our group name (BTS_twt) and we receive many tweets from TW ARMYs. It’s very interesting and we’re very thankful.

2. Its been a year since your debut and you’re probably used to the group life, right? Were there any parts regarding the group life where you found difficult?
To be honest with all 7 of us living together, there isn’t really any difficulties. I think this kind of question is the most difficult! It’s because there’s no difficulty so I can’t really think of anything to say.
JK: The first time we met, there were definitely some things we were unfamiliar with… but lately we’ve been used to it. Like Suga hyung, Rapmon hyung and I have known each other for 4 years, it feels like a family.
S: We’ve lived together for 4 years!
RM: It’s probably because we’re all guys..even though I tend to create some troubles, everyone seems to be used to it by now right? (t/n Jimin nodding his head continuously LOL so cute omg) 
V: Also, when we just debuted, we would all do our own chores. When schedules are finished, there were still a lot of chores to do, we’d really let out a big sigh but now theres an ahjumma who’d come help. She’s been a really big help to us!

3. Is there any words you wish to say to another member in hopes of them changing for the better?
 I have words to say to Suga! Suga is too stubborn, if he could change a bit it would be good~
JH: This is to Rap Monster, please pay more attention to your surroundings and stop being in your own little world!
S: I feel like J-Hope has been thinking about too many complicated things lately, I hope he can let loose a bit.
V: Lately Jungkook has been having symptoms of puberty and I want to tell him to be more careful.
RM: Jimin’s really very earnest and I hope he can be more confident.
JK: This is to Jin hyung, when you eat please don’t make any noise. (JM: It’s true!) It makes me really hungry!
JM: I want to tell this to V. I hope you would stop staying in bed every morning.

4. What good point do you wish to take from a member?
ME! I’m most envious of JungKook’s endless amount of energy.
JH: Yah~ That! I’m the same I’m most envious of JungKook’s energy. It’s because he’s still so young! He’s only 18, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t deserving.
Jin: I’m also most envious of JungKook. I really want his “anything can be achieved” ability.
V: I also have one! I want Jimin’s abs
S: I want V’s face
RM: I really want to be like J-hope, to dance really well.
JungKook: I want Rap Monster's hair (JH: What) That’s right.
RM: Isn’t it really cool?
JungKook: Yes, extremely cool.
(t/n: JungKook was talking about Rap Monster’s blond danger era hairstyle LOL)

5. Who has changed the most compared to pre-debut?
RM: WIthin all of us, the member who has changed the most…it’s actually very obvious. Let us point to that member..1..2..3! (everyone points to Jimin but Jimin points to J-Hope LOLOLOL THIS BOY)
S: Yes! That’s right, it’s Jimin.
RM: Actually this is a good thing because he went from being the least expected person to a very handsome boy. From the least expected to super handsome, this is very awesome, right?
JM: Thank you!
Jin: When Jimin just debuted his face was a little bit chubby now that he’s lost a bit of weight he’s become extremely handsome. This is a good thing
JH: Also his ambition is very big! He’s always practicing and improving. His skills have improved so much! The problem is…showing his skills..he ends up having the ambition in being the center of attention, ah~ this is no good!
RM: Now, onto the next question~

6. Which members are the dirtiest and cleanest in the dorms?
RM: The question’s asking who’s the dirtiest and who’s the cleanest.
JM: This should have a fixed answer right?
RM: Who is the cleanest, 1..2..3!
(Rapmon and J-Hope points to themselves but J-Hope changes to Jin, Jimin points to J-Hope, Jungkook and Suga point to Jin, V points to Jungkook, Jin points to himself) 
S: It’s Jin hyung
JH: Jin hyung
V: I think its Jungkookie
RM: It’s Jin ah
V: Oh it’s jin
JM: Ai~
RM: Why? Actually Jin is only clean to himself, cleaning his surroundings, he can really organize things.
JM: But lately he’s gotten older so we don’t know if he’s different or not.
RM: Now let’s see who’s the dirtiest member, anyways it’s not me~ 1..2..3!
(everyone points to Rapmon)
S: It’s Rap Monster!
RM: It’s Jungkook! (JK: Why me?!) It’s not me~
JM: Lately, he (Rapmon) and Jungkook are about the same.
S: Yeah, the two of them are similar

7. Which member doesn’t listen to the leader the most?
RM: The member that listens to me the least is…
(Jungkook is already ready to point at someone and Rapmon notices) 
RM to JK: Why are you in a hurry?…..1..2..3!
(Everyone points to Jungkook, he also points to himself lol)
RM: I think this can be split into two groups.
V: Why do I feel like I’m in the bad group
RM: Of course, of course you’re in it! Also, Jungkook and Suga hyung. The good group would be the remaining three members (Jimin and J-hope hugs Rapmon awawawwa ;u;)
Jin: I’m very kind-hearted
JK: But I don’t think it’s like that.

8. If you had a younger sister, which member would you want to introduce?
RM: If you had a younger sister…..I really have a younger sister….If you had a sister to introduce me … not me, I meant, which member would you want to introduce to? 1..2..3!
(Jimin points to Rapmon, Rapmon Suga and V points to Jimin, Jungkook points to himself, J-Hope points to Rapmon, Jin makes an X sign LMAO)
JM: Rapmon hyung!
S: I choose Jiminnie!
JM: Rapmon hyung!
RM: I think its Jimin
V: Jimin has 3 votes (JM: Ooh~)
S: I don’t have any votes!
V: First of all, Jimin is a very innocent boy. He’s very kind-hearted. And I also have a sister, I think Jimin’s not that bad! (S: Ooh~) But he’s too nice, I’m worried that it’s actually not too good.
Jin: Then would you really introduce her to him?
V: No
JM: Thanks
RM: Understood

9. Will there be a chance to meet you guys in Taiwan?
 This is the last question…will we have a chance to meet Taiwan ARMYs?..Of course!! (JM: YEAH~!)
JM: I hope everyone can listen to our music and be filled with anticipation in meeting us and we will run to meet everyone! Please wait for us~!
RM: This has been the BTS who keeps moving forward, thank you everyone!
JK: We will meet you guys~

My battle to reduce my plastic bag consumption in China is an uphill struggle that involves repeating 不用! 不用! over and over while waving my hands frantically as the cashier reaches for an individual bag to put my bananas in before she’s willing to surrender them into the big bag I’ve just pulled out, put on the counter, and gestured to quite clearly as the place I want these bananas to go. I try to reuse bags for eggs because I eat so many per week, and once had a cashier make a comment to the effect of “you and your bags!” The bakery girls are surprised when I refuse to give up my (already in a bag) red bean buns for further bagging and put them in my backpack instead. Come on guys. Taiwan has a bag fee at grocery stores. We can do this…or not, I guess. 


蔡依林 Jolin Tsai - 不一樣又怎樣 We’re All Different, Yet The Same 

The message in this MV is too beautiful not to share. Mandopop queen Jolin Tsai has invited veteran award-winning Taiwanese actress Gui Ya Lei and Ruby Lin to guest star.

Based on a true story, the MV follows an old lesbian couple, Zhang Shu Yue (Gui Ya Lei) and Qiu Xiu Man, who have been living together for the past 30 years.

We open with a scene where the nurse walks into the ward, and asks Zhang, “Are you the family of Qiu?” Zhang replies yes. The nurse then asks, “What is your relationship with her?”, to which Zhang hesitates.

Flashback to when Qiu was first hospitalized, the hospital needs authorization from a legally recognized family member to proceed with treatment. Zhang, hesitating to come out, states that Qiu is her best friend and dearest person in the world. The hospital, however, is unable to accept her as a signatory. 

At this moment, Zhang’s younger self played by Jolin appears, and brings her into a dream where she and young Qiu (Ruby Lin) are getting married. The lovely fantasy reminds Zhang of the strength of her love with Qiu, and the courage to protect that and stand for herself. The closing sequence echoes the opening, but this time Zhang tells the nurse firmly, “She is my wife.”

Absolutely beautiful. 

女方女方愛對方 不簡單也很平凡 Two women love each other, It’s not easy but also not out of the ordinary

在同一張床 讓人生變不平凡 On the same bed, they make each others’ lives extraordinary

是甚麼樣 就怎麼辦 非一般又怎麼樣 It is what it is, so what if it’s different?

還不是照樣尋找最愛是誰的答案 Don’t we all seek for the one we love?

庸俗地海枯石爛 世俗又憑什麼為難 Cheesy to the heavens in our promises of forever, what right has the world to make this difficult

不一樣 都一樣 有各樣的患難 Different, yet all the same, there are all kinds of struggles

不一樣 也一樣 有分合有聚散 Different, yet all the same, there are separations and reunions

各有各一生一世 (也)各有各的溫柔鄉 Each has their own life to live, each has their own center of warmth

哦愛不是抽象的信仰 有血有汗 Oh, love is not an abstract belief, it is made of blood and sweat

另一半變成老伴 留下非一般的遺產 When one’s lover ages, they leave behind an unusual legacy

愛一個人 看究竟需要多勇敢 To love a person, how much courage do we need?

另一種愛情的結晶 就是更單純的浪漫 The crystallization of another kind of love, is the purest form of romance

不一樣 也一樣 有分合有聚散 Different, yet all the same, there are separations and reunions

各有各一生一世 (也)各有各的溫柔鄉 Each has their own life to live, each has their own center of warmth

哦愛不是抽象的信仰 有血有汗 Oh, love is not an abstract belief, it is made of blood and sweat

誰比誰美滿 由誰來衡量 Who is happier, is it for anyone to judge?

不用誰原諒 就讓感動萬世留芳 Forget the forgiveness of others, just let your love move the world

哦不一樣 都一樣 Oh different, it’s all the same

信望愛 都一樣 Belief in love, it’s all the same

不一樣 都一樣 從缺憾 找圓滿 Different, all the same, from imperfection, seek fulfillment

不一樣 也一樣 會快樂 會悲傷 Different, and still the same, there are happy times, and there are sad ones

各有各一生一世 (也)各有各的溫柔鄉 Each has their own life to live, each has their own center of warmth

神不神聖 愛這種信仰 誰說了算 What is sacred, with something like love, who has the right to say

anonymous asked:

Hi PM, first I just want to say I adore your work, you're my biggest inspiration, I look at your artwork literally everyday (I'm a bit obsessed haha) Secondly,I've been drawing for several years now, I've been offered apprenticeships in tattooing, and someone even offered to put my work in a gallery, but I can't help but hate my art and myself,every mistake I make when drawing makes me literally suicidal. Art has gone from fun to stressful,Idk what to do, I just want it to be perfect,please help

Hi anon ^^

Thank you very much for enjoying my art! It’s great to receive this kind of feedback from fellow artists ♥

I can’t help but hate my art and myself,every mistake I make when drawing makes me literally suicidal. 

Oh, you mean you are an normal artist then? xD

Do you think that I love my art and that I don’t freak out when I make a mistake? Seriously, sometimes I’m like “Oh no. Why did I put this art in my shop? I can’t sell this. I’m conning people.” >< And when I notice a big mistake AFTER posting, it’s even worse. Also, sometimes I just want to erase my whole art tag when I see some artworks that date back only one year ago. It’s a normal feeling, I guess!

However, you have different levels of hatred toward your art and if it makes you suicidal as you say, I mean really (not just a figure of speech), because of anxiety and the fear of failure, you have either to take a break, either see a specialist to help you. And no, it’s not a shame and yes, it’s the right thing to do. If this anxiety is strong to the point of preventing you from functioning properly and holding you back, you have to do something about it. You have the “I’m an artist and I hate my art” level and you have the “I’m an artist, I cry all night, I’m depressed, I can’t take it anymore” level. It’s not the same thing. You know, it’s like pupils. You have kids who are “naturally stressed” by school (they shouldn’t be stressed by school but..whatever) and you have kids who just physically can’t go to school anymore because of anxiety and suffer from a real phobia. If you think that you are starting to step into the second category, I’m serious, a kiss and a hot chocolate from Mom won’t help you, so do something about it.

Anyway, in the meantime, you have to learn to detach yourself from your art and be realistic about it. If you had an offer for apprenticeships in tattooing AND have exposed in a gallery, if you accomplished all this by yourself and not because your parents paid people “Paris Hilton style”, you shouldn’t doubt so much about yourself. It’s an objective way of apprehending your art. These are facts.

Also, you could maybe explore new techniques, working on personal projects, with no pressure, no clients, no due dates? Isn’t there something you love? Something you could create without focusing on the mistakes? What about just…doodling? Not going for the “finished art” anymore, rediscovering the pleasure of letting the pencil go on the paper (while the cat judges you, but it’s the cat, it’s his/her job)?

I just want it to be perfect, 

Anon, I’m so sorry but it will never be “perfect” neither your art,nor your relationship to it (there, there, it’s ok, here, a Kleenex).

This acceptance is the first step toward a certain peace of mind and not having your brain explode like the victims in the first five minutes of a Supernatural episode. You won’t create the perfect art, it won’t happen, don’t try. You have to create the art that makes you happy, with a creative process that is fulfilling and no, it has nothing to do with technical perfection. You have to learn happiness again. I know that with anxiety in the middle, it’s a vicious circle and that it’s fucking hard. Just tell yourself that dissatisfaction and struggle is a part of the process but it’s not all of it. And you know what? You are not alone. Artists who are 200% happy about what they do don’t exist (no, don’t say Kanye West, nope!). Artists are often hyper sensitive. It’s a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because this sensitivity is what helps them create, what makes them receptive to certain things that other people can’t feel and what fuels their inspiration but it’s also what makes them doubt and put them in a constant state of anxiety and frustration.

In addition, all this is enhanced by “modern life” (Blur warned us years ago “Modern Life is Rubbish” ) With the Internet, you can’t help comparing yourself to other artists. You should be creating in the comfort of your home but because of the web you suddenly are in “competition” with the whole fucking planet. You think you are doing good and then, you see this art by this guy in Taiwan and your day is ruined.

So yeah, just stop focusing on mistakes and only mistakes, and rediscover your creative process by trying new techniques, doodling or just taking a short break from art. Go shopping, clean your house, play with the cat, paint your nails…whatever. And just remember what the great Rob Ross once said:

“We don’t make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.”

I’ve been offered apprenticeships in tattooing,

Dude! This is great! Take your chance!! I hope you said “yes”! Tattooing will be a brand new experience. It will maybe be the occasion to be more satisfied about your art, discovering new techniques, learning from tattoo artists. It’s going to be a very stimulating!

Anyway, stop hating yourself or your art. If it’s becoming really too much seek the comfort of your family and friends (or even a medical assistance, you don’t have to suffer like this), detach yourself a bit from drawing and please, stop looking for perfection, just happiness, fun, and adventure.

Shut the fuck up asshole, I said “happiness, fun and adventure”

150603  Fantalk - The8 (Minghao)

THE8: It’s been long…. I’m THE8 

fan: heol… oppa, it’s really been a long time

the8: yes it’s really been a long time kekekeke


fan: is Chinese okay? (in chinese)

the8: of course it’s okay! (in chinese)


fan: myungho what are you doing now?

the8: I’m practicing


fan: you’re really cute!! ♥♥ (with a gif of THE8)

the8: thank you hehe


fan: myungho you’ve been cool/handsome from the start until forever~ the8 I miss you

the8: really? thank you

fan: I really hope you guys will come to taiwan~~~~ 17 let’s go!

the8: if we have the chance in the future we’ll go, please wait for us!


fan: the8 oppa, your hairstyle is really handsome! I really like it!

the8: please keep liking it!


fan: don’t ignore me ㅜㅜㅜ today I’m not feeling happy ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

the8: be happy okay?

fan: we’re cheering for you from Japan! fighting

the8: yes, fighting!


fan: in the future let’s put in even more effort!

the8: of course, we’ll work hard and put in more effort!


fan: hello hehehehe

the8: hello hello hh (he literally typed it as hh i think it’s supposed to be a hehe)


fan: oppa, i dreamed of you yesterday. 88

the8: that was a good dream!!

THE8: We’ll end here for today. Please cheer for us a lot. I’ll work harder. Thank you everyone! Eat deliciously tonight.

Translation credits: akkinda

Take out with full credits


150928 Seungri’s Instagram Update

“i really wanna say thank u all the taiwan fans u guys was awesome also Lastnight AfterParty was epic too I think i’m gonna miss u guys and miss taiwan plz keep supporting us #Madetour #omniclub #DJhenry”