Guess who is now called Guv'na?

He is an adorable shy little “blue butterfly” mini lop. He is a bit nervous and confused after the drive home and the massive cage he’s now in, but he isn’t too scared(which is good). He hasn’t explored on the ledge (other than stretching up the ramp) or going under it(the bed area) but he found the green hay and is quite happy in that little corner.


Find the Guv'na.

(it’s a big cage)


Elow Guv'na


Happy Holidays from Guv'na.
I have learn’t three thing about since arriving;
1. He has no fear of fire and likes sitting next to the fire grate.
2. He like jumping on chairs, whether anyone/anything is on it or not.
3. He loves showing people his arse (and rubbing it in your face).