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Guuuuurl, your Headcanons are... SOME GOOD SHIT LIKE AHHHH YOU ARE GOALS~! Anyway Lololol How would the RFA members react to the MC wearing their clothes??? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Author’s note: omGGGG thank you so much!!!!! enjoy ;)


  • you probably had to change bc the poor child spilled coffee on your shirt
  • when you walked out in his “LOLOL is not just a game, it’s a way of LIFE” shirt he spit out his drink
  • honestly he would just stare at you as you walked over to him
  • before you could ever say a word he was PULL you on to his lap
  • “You can keep that shirt, it looks much better on you.”


  • it was was a really bad idea to walk to Zen’s in the rain
  • so when you went into his house he INSISTED you change and kept on going on and on about how you could catch a cold
  • as soon as you walked out in one of his big t-shirts and a clean pair of his boxers on he almost fainted
  • no I’m not kidding he had to sit down
  • when you walked over to him to ask if he was okay he stood up and kissed you
  • like
  • kissed you
  • -he could not contain the beast within


  • there goes her self esteem
  • like you looked so beautful in her skirt she couldn’t help but smile
  • she just has to kiss you
  • she needs to kiss you
  • you’re just sO DAMN PRETTY 
  • “You look… flawless.”


  • since he was late coming home from work AGAIN you decided to try on one of his button downs
  • you were gonna put on his pants too and pretend to be him when his bedroom door opened
  • you turned around to see Jumin smirking anD OH GOD HIS SMIRK
  • he slowly walked over to you and kissed you on the lips
  • when you two parted you picked up your shirt to change back
  • “Keep it on… ” was all he said before leaving the room
  • at first you were like ??? but then you also knew there were some fun things planned for you ahead ;)))


  • he dead
  • you walked out in just underwear and his zipped up jacket
  • and he dead
  • like his face is so red
  • his glasses have disintegrated
  • to save the moment he takes a picture just for himself and no one else
  • he tried to come up with something clever bUT OH GOD HE’S NOT EVEN SAYING REAL WORDS
  • “Y-you, icantspeak. I-I mean t-that isjustwow”  

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What is the story of the aclaimed author, Ballast McGee ?

so basically….

originally there was going to be a 4th main character, and i believe his design was for that? but when onorhant came around jay needed mercs and that character was in the list and jay ended up using it

then, during a break, faust points out this character and does The Voice and the “hey guuuuurl”. and when he later speaks, they kinda interpret it as. jay making fun of faust.

even later, matt blanks on the name of markus’ Rival Author, and jay mentioned that matt Never Blanks On Names, and somehow “ballast mcgee” is what comes out of his mouth. which sure is a name

and then it all comes together during the Reveal in Gods Are Gone, although ballast’s in-game backstory is because jay asked matt what he remembered about the villain in deck of disasters and he remembered BASICALLY nothing


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I butchered a prompt here. I’m sorry anon, but I was so tempted to do it… Sometimes I just feel like playing with my readers.

Summary: Sehun pointing out you basically know shit about sex.

“You do realize that it doesn’t work like that?” You jump in your seat, hand instinctively coming up to slam the laptop closed, as you turn around to face the speaker. To your mortification it’s Sehun, reading what you wrote under your arm. He even nudges your elbow out of the way.

“Go away– “ you whine weakly, but the harm has already been done, you know that. Sehun just laughs, but clearly not at your words, but at the page in front of his face. He squats next to you so it’s easier for him to read, and you’ve had enough.

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ONE OF MY FAV REACTION CHANNELS ON YOUTUBE REACTED TO ONE OF YOUR VIDEOS. /watch?v=j_JGjVsTyp8 OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. GURL GUUUURL GUUUUURL THE DUDE EVEN KEPT PRAISING YOUR EDITING SKILLS (I mean you are amazing) I swear every Jikook shipper need to subscribe to your youtube channel and even the non shippers because it's just soooo beautiful!!! I am proud of my girl <3



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The Twelve Olympians/ Twelve Titans : Fancast with greek actors and actresses. FEAT LINA. Modern Fancast.

(Maria Nafpliotou as Hera, Iosif Marinakis as Zeus, Ionna Triantafiliou as Aphrodite, Alexis Georgoulis as Poseidon, Renia Louizidou as Demeter,Giorgos Kafetzopoulos as Hermes)  (PART I/II)

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So what do you feed your stories to make them grow? Taking trip to Costco and I'm gonna stock up and send it to you. Guuuuurl, the excitement is real. My brain is just.... *explodey noises*

My soul.

A lock of my hair.

A drop of my blood.

And several wine fueled nights.

Um, if you find that in an easy to open box at Costco, would you please mail it to me so the next story is easier?


GOT7 REACTION To their new girl member

Hello there!!!!! Long time since I last came here, hun?



“Wooow wait! What? A girl?”


“You’re kidding right?”


“Oh hey! Hi..!”


“But weren’t we a boy group?? Now I confused haha”



“Hey Guuuuurl~”




Gif Cedits To Their Original Owners!

~ADM Pandacchi