The Little Misfit Filly proposed the adorable idea our two wee guttersnipes having a sister/brother bond

To which  I feel

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They’d be such a sweet little duo! Always looking out for eachother and being equally pathetic in their awkwardness and urchiny tom foolery~

Also, one of them is actualyl brave enough to steal, so a mix of that and music making and painting selling, I dare see now and then they could split a loaf of bread!

Nate didn’t like birthdays at Freddy’s; the pizza was soggy, the ballpit was supiciously wet, and the animatronics, well, they didn’t look like they were maintained. At all. In fact, he thought they were downright creepy. But Becky insisted, because, when you were in Freddy’s Birthday Club, you got those five free tokens only once a year and that meant five games of Pole Position or two and a half games of skeeball. Plus you could get your picture taken with the band…if you dared go into that darkened photobooth with them.

I think it might be a little self-indugent inserting my own characters into the 5 Nights at Freddy’s universe, but since Guttersnipe is primarily about weird childhood fears, it kinda feels like it fits. I’ve implied a couple times that Guttersnipe might actually take place in the late 80s, so we might even be seeing the lead up to the infamous BITE OF ‘87. Oh no!

Also I know I drew the animatronics all off model, but that’s just the way that I roll. YEAAAAH!

OCOctober Day 2

Lil’ Ragamuffin is a street urchin living on the streets of circa 1929 Garbageville DC (a rechristened alterna-universe Depression Washington DC) in Guttersnipe.

Some fascinating Lil’ Ragamuffin facts:

1) Rags’ hair alone is host to over 5000 species of parasite, some of which are typically only found in dogs.

2) Her favorite meal is a chicken bone sandwich and a frosty glass of garbage juice.

3) She is a “Steppenurchin,” one of the few street urchins in her city without a permanent gang affiliation.

4) Like all street urchins, she worships the orphan god Rapscallius – but not very religiously.

5) She always carries a bottle of poison sumac on her at all times. Just in case.

6) She is an accomplished gypsy fiddler.

7) Although illiterate, she does understand hobo signs.

8) She’s a former pugilist, once known on the prizefighting circuit as “Kid Pilliwinks.”  Her greatest fight lasted twenty three rounds against reigning bare-knuckle champion “The Hungarian.”

9) She has a tattoo on her back – a weeping swallow under a banner that reads “Dysentary Kills Slowly.”