gutter lemon

Apologies to my followers for not being around much of late, i’ve been down at the seaside with my best buddy Doug! I’m still here until next week, and i’m having an amazing time!
I’ve also been super busy with Gutter Lemon UK ( ) and helping the guys at Gutter Lemon itself ( promote with their various projects and photoshoots. 
I’m so excited for these projects, because truly, it gives me so much happiness to be able to use these sites to express my creativity and show as many people as possible what i’m capable of.
As well as that it’s amazing to see Lois and Golga and the Knoxx brothers grow and change as artists, and it makes me ecstatic every time they hit another one out of the park with their exceptional talent as photographers, videographers and models.

I can’t wait to see where Gutter Lemon and Gutter Lemon UK get to go in 2012, and I hope to hell the world doesn’t crumble into ash in December, otherwise you would miss out on how amazing it could be!

Follow, promote, and please tell your friends. 
There’s also a new video from the Gutter Lemon party, and it’s amazing. Check it out!