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Pittsburgh Gothic
  • You’re waiting for the 61D. A 61A goes past. A 61A goes past. A 61A goes past. A 61A goes past. 
  • The closer you get to the Squirrel Hill tunnel, the slower everything moves. Cars. People. Particles. It’s cold. Oh god, you’re so cold. 
  • It was raining this morning, now it’s sunny outside. You check the thermometer, and it reads sixty. Better salt your sidewalk, gonna snow tonight.
  • You dropped a rock in that pothole on Brookline, and waited to hear it hit the bottom. You’re still waiting.
  • The sidewalk is getting steeper and steeper. Now there’s stairs. You climb and climb and climb. Look, a mountain goat. 
  • Your GPS tells you to take a sharp right to stay on Forbes. Your GPS tells you to take a slight left to stay on Forbes. Your GPS tells you to hit the man in the suit to stay on Forbes. Hit the man. Hit him. 
  • No one goes to Carlow University.
  • Bleeding? Buildings don’t bleed, don’t be silly. That’s just the steel rusting.
  • An orange sign just ahead of you reads “End Road Work.” You laugh, and see another sign. “Please. Please, I have children. End it.”
  • They built a bridge under the bridge to keep the bridge from falling on the other bridge under that bridge. The trolls are confused. Where can they live?
  • Someone said that if you fall in the Mon, when you climb out, your skin will peel off. Ridiculous. No one escapes the Mon. 
  • You’re trying to get home, but every single street is a one way that takes your further and further away. Where is home? What is home? 
  • They say the steel mills poisoned the air and killed the sky. Is that why it weeps? Whenever thunder roars, you swear you can hear a sob. 
  • A man is stabbed with a bottle outside the bar, and ichor the color of tar drips from between his fingers, flecked with gleaming yellow. He bleeds black and gold. The gutters overflow with black and gold. Steelers going to the superbowl.
  • You woke up and found U P M C etched into your wrist. You went to UPMC physician, and he sent you to UPMC Shadyside. They checked you out and said it’s nothing serious. Good thing you have UPMC healthcare, could have been pricey otherwise. 
  • The guy at Phipps laughs when you ask him what they use for fertilizer and shows you big bins of mulch in the back. Pitt students keep disappearing. The bins are never empty for long. 
  • The treasure map reads “Turn left at the big church, then go straight till you see a PNC.” Thirty souls set out to find it, each took a different path. None returned. 
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My Open Letter to the 5SOS Fam

Friendly Reminders!!! : I put nice messages in the form of a lockscreen so you can always look at it whenever you need it. I hope this helps some people!


5 Seconds of Summer
4/4 Imagines

Ticklish - Fluff Blurbs. He finds out you’re ticklish.

Michael Imagines
Lie To Me - Angst Imagine. 
Based off of the line “I know you don’t love me, but please, just lie to me once more.”
Store - Fluff Blurb. You go to the store with Michael.

Calum Imagines
Triangles - Fluff Blurb. You make breakfast.

Lockscreens: (In order of Oldest to Most Recent for Each Person/Band)

5 Seconds of Summer

Airplanes (1) 
Landscape, Beside You (2)
Landscape, Castaway (2)
Black & White, Fly Away (2)
Girls Talk Boys (3)

Ashton Irwin:
Green, ”I got one foot in the golden life, one foot in the gutter…” (1)
Amber/Gold-ish, “Lost” (1)
Green, Many Instrument Ashton (1)
Black & White, Vapor (2) 
Black & White, “Fuck Off” (1) 
“She’s Kinda Hot” (2) 
Red, “Never Give Up The Fight” (1) 
Blue, “We Are A Family” (2) 
Mocha & Ice Cream Aesthetic (2) 
Brown & Red, Then V Now (2) 

Calum Hood:
Blue, “Smol Bean” (2)
Blue, “These words are knives that often leave scars…” (1)
Red, Stage!Calum (2)
Random Picture that someone asked for that could be a lockcreen (1)
Blue & Purple, Say It Now (2)
Really Cute Picture that I have used as a lockscreen (2)
Purple, “Underneath your pain I see your heart…” (1)
White, Calum & Bunnies (1)
Yellow & Green, Cal-Pal (1)
Dark, “You’re All That Matters to Me” (1)
Black & White, Vapor (2)
Blue, Calum Tweets (2)

Luke Hemmings:
Black, Punk Aesthetic (1)
Yellow, Hemmo1996 (1)
Blue, “Freaks Come Out at Night” (2)
Black & White, Vapor (2)
“You Made It, Hemmo1996″ (1)
Purple & Blue, “F.U.C.K.” (2)
Blue, “For all the things my eyes have seen, the best by far is you.” (2)

Michael Clifford:
Red, Story of Another Us (2)
Blue, “It’s a Good Kind of Madness” (2)
Black & White, If You Don’t Know (2)
Purple & Blue-ish, Michael Galaxy Hair (2)
Michael & Doge (1)
Black & White, Vapor (2)
Blue & Red, Tear In My Heart (2)
Stage!Michael (2)
Brown, “You Are Art” & Blue “…I care about” Aesthetics (2)
“Don’t Let the Colors Fade to Grey” & “Real Bands…” Aesthetics (2)
Pink & Blue, The Only Reason & Blue, “I just really fucking love you” (2)

Red & Brown tones, Malum, Permanant Vacation (2) (5SOS ACTUALLY REBLOGED THESE OMG)
Black & White, Malum, The Girl Who Cried Wolf (3)

Carry On Lockscreens (2)
5SOS Tweets (4)
Red, “Don’t Let Me Drown…” (4)
Black & White, “Real Bands Save Fans, Real Fans Save Bands” (4)
“You’re All That Matters to Me” (4)
Black & White, Tomorrow Never Dies, (4)
Try Hard (1)
Girls Talk Boys Music Video, (1)
Girls Talk Boys Lyrics, (4)

All Time Low:
Missing You (2)
Dirty Laundry (4)

Panic! At The Disco:
“I Love the Things You Hate About Yourself” (2)

Strangers Lockscreens (2)

Hey Violet:
Black, Sparks Fly (2)
Aesthetic, I’m There (2)
Individual Band Members, I’m There (2)

White Tumblr Aesthetic, Colliscool & Jessie Paege (2)


-So I’m like 99% sure that Rachel dissociated at some point during the missing months. I just. She wasn’t in Lima. She wasn’t in New York. She didn’t keep up with gossip. Her fathers’ marriage crumbled. She literally didn’t know that her parents and best friends split up. Rachel effectively dropped out of the world for months on end. Kurt and Blaine’s depression was made extremely explicit in this episode, but holy fuck so was Rachel’s.

-Everything that signified “Rachel Berry” in the pilot has fallen away. Hiram is gone. LeRoy is barely managing cheer. The Berry home is being sold. The bedroom where she sang into a hair brush will be gone within weeks. Finn is gone. Her friends are scattered to the winds. Her reputation is in the gutter. Her gold star falls to the concrete and her dreams are realized only to shatter. And she sings a song about how she’s uninvited and drops out of the world. RACHEL.

-“Loser Like Me” is about the psychological horror of being ambitious and fundamentally lonely. Rachel Berry’s life bastardized for the lowest common denominator gutter sitcom viewers. The best and worst things that ever happened to Kurt Hummel colliding horrifically until he crumples against a wall just like he did when that worst thing happened to him. Blaine Anderson’s Ace cards no longer working for him.

-But they changed the world. The support system is there, no questions asked. Blaine gives Rachel her version of “Teenage Dream”, putting a smile back on her face as he did for Kurt years ago. Rachel does more magic than she’s ever done in a dream sequence, proving Will’s idea of the bow that’s bent the most producing the arrow’s biggest arc. She helps a determined, brave, intelligent, stubbornly modern girl find her own voice, independent of her family and absolutely a product of her own generation.

-My favourite scene of the two-parter is the alumni charging into the Tea Party Club. Puck combines his genuine authority as a defender of his country (his community) with applied knowledge of how high schoolers really operate. Quinn combines the biscuits her parents taught her to make for Church picnics and chastity balls with her own shrewd brand of politics, whatever the scale. Tina and Sam keep it real with the awkwardness they know their friends will now accept. Mercedes is an absolute firecracker, recognizable as a person not an offensive stereotype (she uses the same gestures as not!Mercedes in That’s So Rachel but Mercedes’s anger has an angering source). It’s not that they give up on the tea-baggers. It’s that their community already exists and has a cause, and that cause is hatred. Each of the alumni knows exactly what destruction any one of these kids can wreak in a room of underdogs. So they walk.

-Kitty, as always, is wonderfully complicated. She is a millennial with genuine pain and loss, but she’s also a destructive force. She is the counterpoint to the tea-baggers who would never walk Unique home.

-They didn’t save Kitty. They changed the world but they couldn’t preserve the community for the new kids before Sue scattered them to the winds because she is more of a toddler than her daughter will ever be. They saved Will, who is spending his downtime exuberantly dancing for his son instead of getting drunk.

-Kurt knows he can go flop on Rachel’s bed when he’s the only one who makes it back to that street corner. Rachel knows her friends will create a cocoon of 80s music and love around her. They can’t save every single person - Sue knows that and does her own math, they all do - but they saved each other, at least. Kurt saved Dave without knowing he was doing it. They couldn’t save Finn, but there is time to help Roderick and Kitty.

That’s what I got from tonight’s episodes. I look forward to the next 10 weeks and beyond.