A Brief Analysis of Casca’s Psyche

At first when I read the spoilers to the 351 chapter it really disgusted me because of , yknow, the penis monsters and shit like that shit wasn’t cute we didn’t need to…

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We ain’t need to see that shit Miura you coulda used one of those hentai censors things or somethin… But then you remember that we are not in Skellig anymore bitch we are in motherfuckin Casca’s head bitch, it’s lit, we live baby Miura not playin wit us ya heard me? It’s real out here Casca’s psyche is all the way fucked up. Sooo, before I get into my analysis of the 351st chapter I just want to say that based off of the content of the chapters so far alone it really surprises me when  people take comfort in the presence of dog Guts and say “Okay good Casca still views Guts as his protector”. Or really, just taking any comfort in anything that Casca’s mind has showed us so far just that shit  gives me whiplash cuz im just like bitch what? Excuse me? Somebody’s perspective is in need of a very thorough dragging  because the problem with some Berserk fans is that ya’ll don’t know how to process and retain information

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