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  • Nickelodeon GUTS: Let's have kids' exercise in so many ways that Sportacus would be screaming
  • Double Dare: Listen up motherfuckers we're making THE ULTIMATE M E S S
  • Legends of the Hidden Temple: Ancient Mayan temples + inaccurate history + fucking up silver monkeys = profit
  • Figure it Out: Kids get prizes for confusing the hell out of celebrities and having a cool life
  • Nick Arcade: V I D E O G A M E S
  • Get the Picture: Look at this fucking screen and fight over connecting dots

Nickelodeon Studios Florida
December 17, 1998


Finding clips for a Nickelodeon Top 10. Anyone remember Brit Crust’s voice, Moira Quirk, was also the referee on Nick Guts

anonymous asked:

I would love to hear about some more of your favourites! Always good to know, you know

Here ya go!!! Also, here’s a link to my first rec list, just in case.

Long Playthroughs

1. Sonic Boom - This is one of the first long playthroughs I watched of the grumps, which is probably why it sticks out in my mind. The game is so glitchy, and Barry’s intermittent ‘Look at this shit’ vlogs are my favorite.

2. Spore - Markiplier actually suggested people watched this, and it did not disappoint, as long as you enjoy watching phallic shaped creatures run around for the majority of the play through. 

3. Endless Ocean 1 and 2 - You don’t need to watch one to watch the other, but they are both highly entertaining. More-so for the grumps’ additional commentary than the game play. 

4. Super Mario Galaxy - There’s an abundance of Dan Stories and amusing conversations in this series. But still this game is just fascinating to watch. It’s Mario in space. Hell yeah. 

Short Playthroughs/ One-Offs

1. Wheel of Fortune - Continuous laughter through the entire thing. Dan loses all the turns. 

2. P.T. - Scary, but Dan’s intense fear of horror games is as entertaining as it is infectious. 

3. Play with the Teletubbies - This just reaches into my seven year old side of humor, with fart sounds and stupidity. 12/10.

4. Nickelodeon Guts - You really only have to watch the first episode, but I love it so much. It’s JonTron Era, and Arin rages so hard at Jon, it’s so freaking funny.