mr-smit replied to your photo: My go-to running hat has been baking my head in…
Serious question. Do you use sunblock to prevent a hat tan line on your head? I’d like to wear one this summer but I sweat too much and the sunblock stings my eyes like whoa.

I do wear sunblock on the back of my neck, ears, arms and shoulders (if I’m in a sleeveless shirt showing off my non-existent guns) every time I run. And I am very familiar with the sweat/sunblock conbination burning my eyeballs too. It stings! So my solution is to use very little of on my face since it is already protected by the hat.

You can also get one of these GUTR Sweatbands. They prevent sweat from going in your eyes while doing sports and they’re only like $20. I’ve seen them at one of the local bike shops and I am tempted to get one because I sweat quite a lot myself.