guthries tavern

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      An intruder on the beach. There was an irony, perhaps, that John Silver was now being called down to the shore to determine whether an intruder ( no more than a boy, members of the Maroon camp, comprising of escaped slaves, were saying ) was to be counted among his men or any others that had seen the light and forsaken Woodes Rogers’ new regime in Nassau. It would certainly be a PROMISING sign after his visit to Eleanor Guthrie’s former tavern to spread the message of Captain Flint’s return from the dead, a night that had culminated in violence.

       Following slowly behind the others, accommodating for his lack of an appendage all the while, he finally reached the sand, the figures in the distance growing nearer until he could make out a boy, currently being held by some of the Maroon Queen’s most loyal men.

      ‟ Leave him be. He could have news from Nassau.

      He must have stowed away on board the Walrus as we left. The fact that nobody had noticed him during the voyage back to the Maroon island was a small wonder in itself, and certainly was something that caught Silver’s attention – though the jury was still out on exactly WHY the boy was here, on the eve of a war that could drastically change the fortunes of both pirates and slaves forever.

      Keeping his tone as good-natured as possible, he was determined to get to the bottom of it and, being a liar himself, Silver considered himself adept at telling whether people were being truthful or not.

      ‟ I’m sure you’ll agree that now would be a good time to be truthful about why you’re here on this beach. Who sent you to stow away on board the Walrus?