guthries tavern

Your Laws Do Not Apply To Me

The second Queer Walrus Variation - The Walrus is crewed by old married gay pirates who just want to get James Flint laid - a story in four parts, of which this is part one - read on AO3 here

“Dear Christ, how long has it been exactly?”

Flint frowns over the lip of his ale mug and regards Gates with an expression that’s two parts inscrutable and one part concerned. The midmorning sun is streaming through the windows of Eleanor Guthrie’s tavern, and it makes Flint’s hair look redder and his eyes look greener, and the three members of his crew that he’s been drinking with are all looking at him in utter disbelief.

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anonymous asked:

is black sails any good? I'm still a bit suspicious of it and can't decide whether to watch it or not..

Alright, take a seat, son, because Captain Marty is going to tell you about Black Sails.

See this motherfucker over here?

That’s Captain Flint. Basically he’s nuts. And tends to get very violent to get what he wants. But boy, who wouldn’t kill for five million, ya feel me?

Moving on. This is Billy Bones.

Cute pirate puppy, eh? Wrong. The moment he takes off his shirt, people die.

(And not just because he’s super hot haha.)

Now, this is Gates. He’s Flint’s Quartermaster. His job? Everything. But mostly dealing with Flint’s bullshit and making sure the guy doesn’t declare war on the rest of the world. He has nerves of steel.

This is Joshua. You can’t not love him.

This sneaky asshole is John Silver.

He’s a cook on Flint’s ship, but god knows if he can really cook. Can’t be trusted. Ever. Also, he totes has a thing for Billy.

I mean, this is how he looks at Billy. Every. Single. Time. Keep it in your pants, Silver.

(But who are we kidding. I mean look at that.)

(Look at those arms. Oh my god.)

Now, this fierce lady here is Eleanor Guthrie.

She runs a tavern in Nassau, but let’s be honest, she runs the whole damn place. Also occasionally frick fracks with Max.

This is Max.

Gorgeous, smart, cunning. She’s an angel and in the end, everything hurts.

Partly because of this guy.

That’s Captain Charles Vane. Everyone knows him and his crew, because they are the worst. And by that I mean that if you even look badly at them, you are going to die.

Vane’s Quartermaster is Jack Rackham. That’s this sunshine over here.

He’s super smart. He’s a sneaky little bastard who does the talking, planning and thinking, which makes him more dangerous than Vane himself in some ways. Plus, he wears sunglasses.

How fucking cool is that?

And let’s not forget Anne Bonny. Perfect in every way.

She’s too cool for everyone except Rackham.

Alright, now take all of these idiots above, add super neat scenes with ships, blood, death, pain, fights, sex, tears, more pain and some pain on top of all that and you have Black Sails.

To sum it up, it’s totally worth watching.