DECEMBER 28, 2016 - 363/366

The Endless Bridge at the Guthrie Theater is usually the first place I bring out-of-town guests; from there you can see the origin of Minneapolis at St. Anthony Falls and the Mills District. 

The space is mesmerizing; the windows are strategically placed to show gorgeous views of the city, which are often doubled, or quadrupled, in the mirrors that line each window. It’s a simple and beautiful effect, which I think of as architect Jean Nouvel’s funhouse.

Your humble engineer has accepted a full time position at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, MN as one of the house Audio Engineers. This blog and I are prepping to head North 500+ miles! An incredible opportunity presented itself and I am jumping at the chance to go be a part of some amazing theater.

The techblr community is full of some great and talented artists. I appreciate everyone who had followed me thus far, I hope you will stick around for new adventures, shows, pictures. I am very excited to get my feet on the ground in Minneapolis and start mixing in these new theater spaces.

AUGUST 3, 2016 - 216/366

There are so many things to love about the Guthrie Theater, but perhaps my favorite thing is the Dowling Studio Lobby, aka the Amber Box. It’s a beautiful space, unlike anywhere else I’ve ever been. When you’re in this 9-floor glassy space you have an amazing view of the Mississippi River and St. Anthony Falls—the birthplace of Minneapolis—but because the glass is such a strong amber color, your view is distorted and otherworldly. It’s one of the first places I’ll bring an out-of-town guest because it’s uniquely Minneapolis.