Baseball: America’s favorite pastime. What better way is there to enjoy some fresh air, watch a great sport … and apparently, stuff yourself silly with mounds of high-caloric, fattening grub. Like this bucket of sliders, which Yankee Stadium sells with more than a pound of French fries! And yet, there are even bigger ballpark food offerings across the country.

Instead of diving in head-first to deep fried everything, discover the healthier options at your favorite stadium. Better yet, blogger Kim Barry has done the research for you. Barry toured over 30 MLB ballparks to uncover the gluten-free options available. Read more about her food findings in our latest issue.


No matter what the trip is for we always stop at Stiles switch bbq in Austin Texas. They have the best beef ribs in the world!!!

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bethmalones asked:

the visit

*cracks my knuckles*

  • favorite ensemble song: yellow shoes!
  • favorite small ensemble song: eunuch’s testimony tbqh
  • favorite solo: love and love alone
  • the song i love to sing at the top of my lungs: i’m a #fakefan and i don’t sing any of the songs from this musical??
  • the song i sing in the shower: see above
  • the song that always gets stuck in my head: winter!!
  • the song i relate to because it describes me/my life: dude if i could relate to being the richest and most vengeful lady in the world i wouldn’t be replying to asks on tumblr in the middle of a saturday
  • the song that gives me the most feels/makes me cry: in the forest again goodbye
  • the song that puts me in a good mood: when i’m listening to the visit in order, i walk away 
  • the song that makes me laugh: there aren’t exactly any gutbusters in the visit it can be funny but in a v glib way
  • the song i can never remember the lyrics to: 90% of them i don’t know the words to anything
  • the song i know all the lyrics to: eunuch’s testimony i hate this
  • the song i wish i had someone to sing with: oliver i’m going to make you sing the entirety of this cast recording with me if/when we meet up
  • the song i would listen to on repeat for hours on end: oof this is tough love and love alone i guess??
  • the song i don’t like/get tired of easily: i must have been something is not up my alley
  • the song that i’m used to hearing a certain way (a specific version or recording) and get upset if i hear it a different way: n/a

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