jameskmitch  asked:

Have you seen any other costumes (Phantom non-replica or otherwise) that are clearly influenced by the Moreau painting of Salome? (As always, I LOVE your tumblr and appreciate the fantastic detail and meticulous tagging)

That’s a good question. It’s a motif Moreau repeated over and over again, varying his Salome in attire and details. Here’s three variations of the painting, where Salome’s pose is about the same, but her attire vastly different.

The latter seems to be the main inspiration for Carlotta’s Elissa costume sketch, with a basically identical shawl, crown and bead belt, a similar pose, and of course the head is also a nice hint, albeit one is the apparition of John the Baptist, while the other looks like the severed head of Beethoven:

I’m sure there’s dozens of other theatrical productions to use the painting as an inspiration for costumes. Alas I can’t think of any right now. But it’s definitely one of the paintings designers is aware of and is likely to turn to when recreating the opera costume look of the Victorian era. Anyone else with inputs of other costume designers using Moreau’s Salome(s) as inspiration?