gut with tattoos


TW: Mentions of past rape

As soon as you walked on set you felt like you’d been punched in the gut. The neck tattoo was the first thing you saw and you thought there was no way it could be him. So many guys had the same douchey neck tattoo. There was no way it could be Trevor. You were so wrong. 

“Y/N.” He approached you like a snake stalking his prey. Trevor moved his hand to your face, caressing it like he owned you and you squeezed your eyes shut, swallowing thickly. “Long time no see, princess.” 

“Trevor, you’re needed.” A voice you couldn’t quite make out called him away and he winked at you as he left, dragging his hand down your face and to your chest as he left. As soon as he was gone you bolted from the set, running so fast your lungs burned as you tried to suck in air. 

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Small Berserk flash drawn on procreate! I’ve been trying to get used to drawing on computer/tablets and it’s slowly paying off! All of these are available to tattoo!

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Monsta X reaction in finding the tattoos that you’ve been hiding because of work

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hey guys! I hope you guys enjoy this! I wouldn’t be able to post for the rest of the week (maybe) since I’ll be busy with school works. Anyways, I apologize for any misspelled words or wrong grammar. Credits to the owners of these gifs.


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Shownu; You were too preoccupied with the music blasting through the speakers of your phone to notice Shownu coming in the room while you were changing. Hearing a loud gasp, you turned around to see Shownu staring at your buddhist pali incantation tattoo on the small of your back. Shownu was flustered to see you remove your clothes in front of him but he couldn’t rip his eyes off of your tattoo. You knew that one day you had to tell him and that day was today. You explained to him what the tattoo really meant and that you had to hide it because of work. You were expecting him to give a negative response to it but would be surprised when he breaks into a loving smile. He’d pull you into a hug and plant a kiss on your forehead before saying,

Your tattoo’s pretty amazing, jagi. And you’ve also became 10x hotter with those!” 

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Wonho; You were in your room when Wonho decided to barge in and annoy you. After multiple times of asking you to give him some chocolate, you gave up and walked up to your closet. By the moment your camisole went up when you stretched out your arm to reach the box of chocolate, Wonho would literally squeal in delight. You’d be taken aback by his sudden outburst but would be literally be shook when he grabs you by the waist and study the tattooed numbers on your hips. It was the birthdays of your parents and this thrilled Wonho. Before you could even react, he’d start blabbering stuff like you are so good at hiding these stuff and etc. and etc.  Shin Hoseok would then burst out laughing, running out of the room while telling the members about your tattoo. You’d literally facepalm yourself and go out the room to calm down an enthusiastic Shin Hoseok.

Guys! You won’t believe this! [Y/N], MY BABE, HAS A TATTOO ON HER HIPS!!!!!!!”

“Wonho, calm down–”


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Minhyuk; Lee Minhyuk was in the midst of playing with your fingers when his eyes landed on your ring finger. There was something hidden under the ring he gave you. He’d casually play with the ring while making sure that you were engrossed with the tv show. Once he sees your inked ring finger, his eyes would widen and a big teasing smile would appear on his face. By the second you notice his smile, you sighed and told him what the tattoo was about. It was the date of your engagement written in Roman Numerals. Minhyuk would be really touched by the thought of having that day written in your ring finger. Without further notice, he’d engulf you to a tight hug before showering you kisses. 

Aww, you’re so sweet babe! Should I also get my ring finger tattooed? But instead of our engagement date, it would be the date of our marriage!”


“Oh oh! I know, we should get both of our inked! That’d be great, right? Let’s have it inked this Friday!”

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Kihyun; You were busy moping the floor when Kihyun walked pass you. His eyes were busy wandering when it landed on a specific spot on your wrist. There was a semicolon on the side of your wrist and this was something that he just noticed. He’d stop his tracks and immediately call your attention. Yoo Kihyun would flash a smile smile and would beat around the bush. When he’ll finally gather up the courage to ask you about the semicolon on your wrist, you’d casually explain to him what it means and how you really wanted to show the people that you cared for them. After knowing the meaning to it, he’d nod his head and smile to himself. He’d be totally touched by your story and would be really giddy about it the whole day. Yoo Kihyun would NOT be able to stop himself from asking you questions about it.

So, babe, when did you get it?

“Last year.”

“Was it painful?” “Was the tattoo artist a dude? Man, if that person was a dude….” “Wait, what made you decided to have that inked on your wrist?”

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Hyungwon; Chae Hyungwon happily listening to you blabbering about how your day was and how the kids gave you flowers and etc. when he noticed the tattoo on your collarbone. You were about to reach for your cup when your loose shirt moved, revealing the tattoo about your mother. His smile would be erased in a snap and his eyes would literally be glued onto your right collarbone. You’d immediately notice where he’s looking at, to which you you’d embarrassingly explain to him how your mom is a big part of your life and you decided to have something about her tattooed on your body to keep you going and whatnots. Hyungwon would be shook for a couple of minute before breaking into a smile. His fingertips would caress the tattoo and he’d be quiet for a couple of minutes.

That’s really… thoughtful of you babe.. I don’t know why but you’re really something…”

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Jooheon; Jooheon volunteered to help you wash up since you were sick and could even barely lift yourself up. Having you stripped off of your clothes, he starts to shampoo you then proceeds in washing you body. In the midst of washing you back, he notices the tattoo on your shoulder blade. He’d stop his tracks and would casually ask you about it. Jooheon wouldn’t be able to rip his eyes off of your tattoo. You told him that it was the moon on the day you were born and the other moon was his. He’d break into a big grin before cupping you by the cheek. He’d be so fascinated and touched by your tattoo. 

Aigoo, you’re so cute jagi. You never fail to amaze me!”

“Babe, can you please continue washing my back?

“I never thought that you’d have the guts to have a tattoo with that kind of job of yours.”

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I.M; Changkyun was busy playing with your hair when he sees the tattoo at the back of your ear. It was an inguz or viking symbol. He’d literally be lost in his thoughts that he’d stop running his fingers on your hair. You’d turn your head and look at him, asking him what’s wrong. He wouldn’t be able to tell you what was bothering him. He’d stutter while finding the right words to say. You would furrow your eyebrows and realize that he saw the tattoo that you’ve always hid. You’d explain him what it means and how much the meaning really inspired you. He’d nod his head and would be silent for a couple of minutes since he’d be busy thinking about it. When he’s out of his own thought, he’d nod and would smile at you, telling you that it really is inspiring.

Babe, it means that where there is a will, there is a way. I got it when I was in my last year of College.”


[Not sure if you were looking for separately, but I’m really feelin poly roadrat the last couple days so, aaayy]

You just had to be musing that nothing exciting happens at work, didn’t you? This could have been a normal night shift, restocking the candies and taking payments for gas, selling lottery tickets, the normal shit you did every night. So why did you have to go and tempt fate by complaining that nothing exciting ever happened?

About ten after midnight it happened, two rough looking men, the taller of which almost had to crouch under the automatic door of the convenience store, although the shorter one wasn’t much shorter than him, both of them well over six feet at your estimation. You were in the cooler when they came in, and came around through the back, calling a “Hello, Sirs” as you came around to the counter. You saw a ton of people in and out of of the store every day, from all kinds of walks of life, so at first glance you tried not to judge these two men, half dressed and clothes they were wearing were ratty and dirty, stained and torn in many places. It wasn’t until you saw their hands, weapons drawn, that you started to worry about what was happening.

“‘Elllllllllo Mate!” The lanky thin one cheered, grinning wildly, showing off his crooked teeth, the gold ones shining in the flourescent light of the convenience store, “Simple operation tonigh’ really,” He spoke again, leaning his sharp elbows on the vinyl of the counter, and looking at you, “If ya listen ta me and Roadie ‘ere, ev’rything’ll go smooth, alright?”

You nodded, still approaching the counter, though slower now, reluctant, but you know if you could get to the register, you could push the alarm, you could get the police on their way to help you.

“Hands over the counter,” The larger one, ‘Roadie’ said, his voice gravelly and deep, muffled by the gas mask on his face reminiscent of a pig, “Keep moving.”

You felt your heart skip, you couldn’t push the button if your hands were up like this, but all the training you had done said the money was less important than your life and to give thieves what they wanted, and you were pretty keen on staying alive through the night. You nodded and affirmation, and kept your pace, walking to the register with their guns pointed at you. The lanky one was eyeing you hard, and you felt like he was practically undressing you with his eyes.

“Give us the money from the register,” ‘Roadie’ said, gesturing with his huge double barreled gun from you to the register, “Rat, pay attention.”

“Oooooh, I am~” He said, “You don’ think they’re a lil’ bit too cute for this life, eh, Roadhog?” He said, standing up from where he was leaning on the counter and nudging the other man in his massive tattooed gut. He spoke as if you weren’t there, two feet away, hurriedly putting money from the register into plastic bags labelled, ‘thank you!’ all the way across them in white and red.

Roadhog grunted at this, “That’s not what we’re here for.” He said, he shot a glance at ‘Rat,’ which seemed to mean more to him than it did to you,

The lanky one was full of words again, mouth moving a mile a minute, “But I knoooow tha’ they’re your type, Roadie, jus’ look at ‘em! That hair! Those leeeegggs! Think ‘bout it, Hog: We take the cash, we take them, maybe some grub, and BOOM! Happily eva afta!” He looked at the other man with a huge grin on his face at the proposal, thinking that he was rather brilliant for thinking through the plan.

“Junkrat. No.” He said, and his tone said ‘and that’s final,’ even if his mouth didn’t, and the skinny one frowned deeply, groaning under his breath that he never got to have any fun. Roadhog took the bag from you, staring at you (which intimated you quite a lot) for a minute, silence filling the air between you.

“Havin’ second thoughts?” Junkrat laughed loudly, “C’mon, C’mon, you know it’s tempting you~” He said, nudging the man again and leaning on his side.

“Fine.” He said, and Junkrat beamed from ear to ear, though you wouldn’t say you felt the same as it looked like he did.

BTS reaction to you having a tattoo

Please take 7 minutes of your time and watch this video about koreans tattoo society: xx


He wouldn’t really care because it was your body and till you were fine and happy with it - he’d be too.

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He would appreciate the fact that in a society like Korea’s you would still have the guts to show your tattoo freely and mostly - to even have one.

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He would ask you questions regarding the pain, the care, the healing process and stuff like that.

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Like Yoongi, he’d be proud that you had a tattoo and showed it around freely since Koreas imagine of tattoos is still bad, since it gets connected with gangs.

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He’d be amazed and would compliment you on it all the time, telling you stuff like “it suits you”, “it makes you prettier than you already were” 

I know pretty is an adjective to mostly describe women but fuck standards you can call a male (or any other gender for that matter) pretty too

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He would ask you questions and thing about having a small one too - nothing too big though

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