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You know I had this exact same idea myself. Beaky, we should join forces and divide the list : D

Awww, unfortunately I dunno if I have the time to take on the ship challenge (Despite just being gung ho about other people doing it, lol, such a hypocrite)

But actually, this was spawned by a thought cycle that goes in my head all the time.  It goes like this: And I have to be good at thiefshipping or else I’ll never get my Bakura doctorate.

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1. Always post the rules.

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  • favorite video game?

          Pokemon games.  Not sure which one specifically yet, but the newer ones are getting my affection lately.

  • do you prefer to be outdoors or indoors?

         It honestly depends on both the weather and my mood.  Indoors is cool and I stay in here often, but if it’s beautiful out, sunny or rainy, I LOVE going to the park!  I thrive on it!  Nighttime and drizzly outings especially.

  • ever been camping?


  • what were you for halloween?

         I went on the train to Youmacon at Levi (which was on Halloween)

  • any new years resolutions?

        Live the semester.  Hopefully pick up the GPA back to high honors standards.  Learn how to draw dynamic poses and hands.  Get shit done for possible prints for possible convention tables~

  • favorite song?

         I still have ‘This Love’ stuck in my head.  But I’ve been listening to nonstop piano music lately.  No particular artist, just relaxing and mystical-sounding melodies.

  • do you prefer groups of friends or just one close one?

         I need a close one (or couple) friends.  Although it’s not like I don’t like groups of friends, in fact if they were a close small group of friends, that is nice.  But I get exhausted in social settings fairly quickly and begin limited the amount of contact to one or two people- who I can talk to constantly without the pressure of needing to really say anything.  My outside group are very extroverted people so…it’s kinda hard.

  • like(d) or dislike(d) school?

        I actually liked high school, despite the bullying, because at least I had a few people I was secure with.  In college, I’m very much on my own and while I like my quiet spaces…I’m in a public setting without any “safe” people.  So I mean, the classes are ok, but I dislike it more than high school.  :/

  • got any special someones? :3

         Special someones, yes!  Platonically.

  • how tolerant are you of others

         Very.  But watch out if it crosses the border.

  And now I must come up questions.  Ah…

  1. So…watcha think about that one gay show about the giants and angry spidermen boys on wires (you know that series)?
  2. Do you approve of genderbends?
  3. Reading books/fics or audiobooks?  Or neither?
  4. Be real.  How good are you at the mathematics?
  5. Have you ever been emotionally invested in a color palette?
  6. Favorite Pixar movie?
  7. Think of an awesome creature you can make by combining 2-3 existing animals.  Explain briefly.
  8. Pizza, hamburgers, or hot dogs?
  9. Why are you still on Tumblr?
  10. How do you know when (or if) to quit?