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Candice Patton and Danielle Panabaker.

Aka Iris West & Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost.

Listen up kids!  whether you ship SnowBarry or WestAllen you can’t and i mean it YOU CAN’T  go to the point that makes you insult one of the actresses personally that just shows how childish and immature and even racist -if you insult Candice bc she is black- you can be.

No matter what you think, Iris and Caitlin are both main characters on the show heck they’re pretty much the only main female characters on it! And they’re both important to Barry! Iris is the love of his life and Caitlin is one of his best friends so you can’t just ignore one of them or send hate towards the other or even try to lessen the importance of one of them to Barry and to the rest of the team just to try to prove your irrelevant point. 

But that’s all on the screen ,off the screen:













So whatever it is you ship, stop this madness and show some respect to these awesome ladies because guess what ? they’re both human and they both have feelings so shut your mouth, enjoy the show, respect the cast and spread love not hate. 

Don’t let a show and two fictional ships make you hate on two very real human beings.

P.s: just to be clear, when i said they’re both the leading female characters on the show i meant that from all of team flash and the main cast, they’re the only girls on it so obviously, they’re the leading ladies, both of them represent two main female characters yes of course Candice represents Iris, Barry’s love and the star that shines in the west family also the new leader of team flash in season 4, I’m not degrading of her importance, I’m just speaking my mind out defending both of the girls, whatever are your reasons of hate on one of them, they never ever justify you sending them insults or death threats.that’s all. I love Candice a lot and i love Danielle too so please don’t assume anything and don’t come at me all violently defending Candice bc i never insulted her.

Also I’m not trying to say anything or get any message through this post else than that Candice and Danielle don’t deserve to be hated despite of the several reasons that could push anyone to hate on them and i understand very well that they’re different that’s why i didn’t mention them. All I’m saying is that it needs to stop, they’re both good people with feelings who are worthy of our respect and note that i didn’t say love i said respect, the least thing you could do to the members of the cast who brings you your favorite show is to respect them.

Paradoxical Labour (Epilogue)

Summary: Y/N wanted her husband back and she didn’t care if she had cross through a million parallel universes, she’d find him but she nor he had any idea just what would happen when she would. (I haven’t gotten up to season 3, but I couldn’t wait to write something about Savitar, considering I spoiled it for myself, so if Savitar seems OOC, then I’m sorry and this is more AU than anything else.)

Disclaimer: I don’t own The Flash (2014) or anything associated.

Warnings: The word: shitload and shit but other than that, nothing. Just a lot of family fluff with both Allen families.

Savitar x Reader (and Barry x Reader from Earth 1)

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“Barry and Nora Allen, I want you down these stairs in three seconds!” Y/N hollered from her place against the banister of the staircase, her foot tapping dangerously as she rested her hand on her heavily pregnant tummy, her wedding and engagement rings displayed easily.

It had been eleven years since they had gotten back together.

Eleven years since Void Y/N and Savitar had barrelled into their lives and left with their baby Thomas and a matchmaking session in their wake.

Now, Y/N was Dr. Allen, the most promising and talented obstetrician of her generation in Central City hospital along with her husband, Barry who was the head of the CSI Department in the CCPD and also Central City’s hero: The Flash.

Married and already having furthered their careers, Y/N and Barry a beautiful baby girl, who was now a four-year-old kindergartner.

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In Sickness and In Health.(Grant Gustin Imagine)

Request: Can you do a grant imagine were the reader is over at grants childhood home for the holidays and while she’s there she has to have emergency surgery (maybe for appendix) and grant takes care of her because she’s in a lot of pain and he feels really bad

I’m sorry if anything isn’t medically accurate… I mean… I’m not a doctor or anything… 

I hope you enjoy! 

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Grant smiled down at your hands and you looked to see the dazzling engagement ring that he gave you not too long ago. The two of you were on your way to meet his parents, you were staying for Thanksgiving. 

The word nervous was a complete understatement. Your palms were sweaty and you felt your heart pounding. “What if they don’t like me?” You blurted out. Grant’s face scrunched up in confusion as his focus redirected to the road. 

“I’m a combination between them, babe.” He chuckled. “I’m pretty sure if I love you, they’ll love just as much.”

You pointed a finger at him, accusingly. “Offspring are technically 50/50. So your parents are most likely going to half like me and half hate me.” He laughed at your paranoia. “Thomas.” He laughed even harder as you used his first name in a stern tone. 

“(Y/N).” He said, reaching over and grabbing your hand. “I promise they’ll love you.” 

The two of you arrived, and Grant wasn’t kidding. Both his parents adored you. His mother cooing over the ring that you received from her son. “It’s gorgeous! Grant, baby, I didn’t know you’d go all out!” 

Grant blushed as his mother’s gushing. “Anything for my girl.” He smiled down at you. You felt a pang of pain on near your bellybutton and you moved your hand towards it. You gave his family all smiles as they complimented you and gave the two of you wishes on your soon marriage, but Grant immediately saw through it, noticing your pained expression. 

They all offered you both food they prepared but you told them you’d like to rest for a bit, feeling a tad jet lagged, although the truth was the pain had moved to your right side and you became very nauseated. You laid down on Grant’s bed, pulling the trash bin closer towards you. 

After what seemed like hours, Grant came in with a plate of food and witnessed you withering in pain. “Baby? What’s wrong?” He questioned, placing the plate down on his desk before kneeling beside you. He took you in his arms, bridal style, and ran down to his parents, telling them that you were in pain. 

You were brought to the hospital where the doctors informed the Gustin family that your appendix ruptured and that they’ll start the operation immediately. After one in a half hours, Grant was finally able to see you. Though you were groggy, your face still lit up like a Christmas tree when he entered the room. “Oh, her ring, sir.” A nurse piped up, handing him the diamond, before leaving. 

“How dare they take it off.” Grant joked, slipping it back on you. “I shouldn’t have left you alone, (Y/N).” He sighed. 

You shook your head. “I’m sorry for being so much trouble.” 

“You aren’t trouble. You’re my future wife. Here…” He said, helping you steady the straw that you were sipping your Gatorade out of. Grant then gave you a small smile, “and I’m with you until the end of the line. In Sickness and In Health.” 

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"Thomas Grant Gustin, what are you doing to my baby?" Grant x wife reader

You woke up in Grant’s trailer, completely alone. You panic for a moment as you check the crib next to you, seeing that both Grant and your baby were gone.

You groaned, making sure you look presentable before stepping out of the trailer, going to find Grant and your baby.

You walk around and eventually find them with Grant on set in the flash suit, taking photos with your child as cast and crew members watched, commenting on how adorable it was.

“Thomas Grant Gustin,” you crossed your arms as you walked up to Grant, and he gulped, knowing you were slightly upset by the look in your eyes and the use of his full name. “What are you doing with my baby?”

“Our baby,” He corrects you. “And I was just bringing them out for fresh air. They were crying and I didn’t want to wake you. You’ve been having to take care of it all while I’m gone and now that you’re here it’s my turn.” He leans down to kiss you quickly. “Plus, our baby needs proof that his daddy is the Flash.”

“You at least could have told me first!” You exclaim, swatting his arm. “Do you know how terrifying it is to wake up to an empty trailer?” Grant cringes, using the hand that wasn’t holding your baby to pinch the bridge of his knows.

“I forgot to leave a note, didn’t I?”

“Yeah.” You sigh. Grant leans down and kisses you again.

“I’m sorry. But now that you’re here…family photo?” You smile, laughing at his goofiness before walking back with him in front of the camera, leaning up and kissing his cheek while he holds your baby and smiles broadly for the camera.

Your little happy family


These last three months have been the best. Just getting to spend time with you.