Airrin Harker || FC: Dean O’Gorman

Citizenship: Gustentel || Current Location: Tonmentel || Team/Group: Neo AV’s

Age: 29 || Gender: Male || Birthday: May 29/Gemini

The oldest of the Harker brothers, Airrin had taken the responsibility of watching over his younger brothers after their parents passed away soon after Don was born. It was his decision for them to part ways and spread their good intentions throughout the cities.  Don was the only one of the four that officially joined the Neo AV’s, but their family was labeled as a sub group.  They are seen as loyal members but do not work directly under Felicia.

He tends to worry about his younger brothers a bit more than he should. They are the only family he has left and was given the task of watching over them. Airrin schedules regular meetings between them but does his best to not smother them with his concern.  Though he is often in Tomentel, Arrin prefers to migrate between cities regularly.  He goes to Xeeontel often to see his brothers as well as his best friend, Jack S. Levins, they make money by doing a few missions here and there for the Neo AV’s.


Like Skyler and Airrin he also has the ability to control air and wind.

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