gustavo reis

Ellos son la razón de mi felicidad.


Domino wasn’t sure how many days went by - hell, she’s missed work, she’s missed calls from Cristina, Jack, her moms, Gustavo, Rey, Jasmine, Shakira, Carmen, Aaliyah(who left a voicemail telling her ‘to get over whatever the fuck is going on’) - hell, even Gaia tried calling her. She wasn’t sure what to think of the fact that they were all trying to reach out to her - all except one. Eventually, she just decided to turn off her phone and disconnect her home phone. There were a few beer bottles decorating the floors in her living room - one she’d thrown against the wall close to the door and she still hadn’t cleaned up the stain from the alcohol and shards of glass left in it’s wake. While Domino’s apartment is usually more organized than it is now, she hasn’t done laundry, hasn’t showered and the clothes she’d borrowed from Ares’(including her underwear) were burned up in a tin trash can out on her balcony. With the lights out, Domino laid curled up in her bed, not bothering to look at the time but she could see light illuminating the curtains in her room. Somehow, the woman found the strength to get up from her bed and peak through the curtains, her eyes trying to adjust to the light. As she stared out at the world, she heard somebody come into her apartment, there wasn’t a struggle with the locks and there’s only one person who has an extra key to her apartment. “Cristina,” her voice was hoarse but she knew the woman could hear her “what the fuck do you want?”