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Voice actors of color in Uncharted

in order of appearance; not including unnamed nor multiplayer characters

  • James Sie as Eddy Raja
  • Pema Dhondup as Tenzin
  • Gwendoline Yeo as Rika Raja
  • Sayed Badreya as Rameses
  • TJ Ramini as Salim
  • Merle Dandridge as Sister Catherine and Evelyn
  • Alejandro Edda as Gustavo
  • Hemky Madera as Vargas
  • Brandon Scott as Jameson
  • Usman Ally as Asav
Mask | Gustavo Acosta


It was close to midnight, and I was nowhere near sleep. Sitting cross-legged on the bed, textbook laying around me as well as papers. I wasn’t feeling sleepy and after everything that happened with Jake, I was afraid of sleeping. Considering that I was standing right next to Brooke, and had some of the blood get on me, I didn’t want to see the nightmares. My eyes went to the window, where a sound of shuffling was heard. My breathing got faster as I grabbed the baseball bat that I kept next to me in bed. Holding on to the bat for dear life, I walked toward my window and took slow steps. Chances of the killers being here were high, especially since I lived in a one story house. I was thoughtful that the window was closed. When I came close, there was nothing in my sight. Suddenly, my palms were sweaty and my body was filled with fear. My mom was at her brother’s house, and my dad was out of the picture. I was home alone, and a chance of a psycho ready to kill. 

A head popped out, but with the Brandon James mask, making me scream and move backward. My bat had fallen and one hand was on my chest, and the other on my mouth. I was going to die tonight. A hand came up to the mask and slowly took it off. 

This is how I’m going to die, well at least I know who it is. 

The mask was lifted and Stavo’s face showed up. Was he the killer? My boyfriend was the killer.  

“Stavo,” I muttered to myself, as I went to open the window. He slowly climbed inside and smiled at me. I slapped him. 

“What the hell was that?” He asked as he held his cheek. 

“For scaring me, dumbass. I was going to knock your head off with the bat.” I told him. Stavo smiled and wrapped his arm around me, pulling me close. 

“Okay, I’m sorry.” He whispered, and slowly leaned down, attaching his lips to mine. My hands stayed at his chest. His lips were soft and warm and met mine perfectly. We pulled away and Stavo headed towards my bed, sitting on the edge. 

“Studying.” He said, picking up the papers and looking them over. 

“Yes, you know some of us want a life besides running from a psycho.” I laughed and sat crisscrossed. Stavo shook his head and moved the books so that he was sitting in front of me. Using one hand he slowly closed the book and placed them on one side. I opened my mouth to say something. 

“Shhh.” Stavo quieted me, and pressed a kiss, and slowly allowing me to move my legs so that I would be directly underneath him. His tongue entered my mouth as we fought. Stavo’s hand went down and squeezed my ass, making me gasp and him winning. I reached for the hem of his shirt and pulled his up. Stavo pulled away from the kiss and took off his shirt. His lips touched mine again as we laid there, savoring every moment together. 

Stavo was still shirtless, and I was sitting behind him tracing the tattoo that he had on his back. 

“I love you,” Stavo whispered. I laid my head on his back and wrapped my arms around his waist. 

“I love you too,” I whispered back, leaving a small kiss on the black ink. 

I swear to god, this boy does something to me. I had a freaking dream about him. <3 

MTV Scream - Plot holes

As great as the finale was, there is a lot of things which don’t make sense.

In 2x01, Kieran is shown to asleep on the couch before the killer knocks Jake unconscious. It doesn’t make any sense as to how Kieran could have been the one who kidnapped Jake at Wren Lake Estates.

As the killer is murdering Jake at the barn, Audrey finds the letters she wrote to Piper in the bathroom stall. Presumably, the killer would had to have been near the theatre to know when Audrey would find the letters, which would mean that the killer at the barn couldn’t have been the one who planted those letters.

In 2x02, Audrey receives a message from the killer, and she immediately suspects that Hayley could be the one texting her. However, Kieran was with Audrey at this moment, so he couldn’t have been the one who texted Audrey.

Since Emma wasn’t hallucinating, that means that she really did see someone dressed as Brandon James in 2x02. But Kieran was with Emma at this moment, so it couldn’t have been him.

Kieran was shown to be affected by the shots of tequila at his party in 2x04, so he couldn’t have been able to attack Emma outside his house.

In 2x05, the killer appears outside of the room Ms. Lang locked Emma in. However, there were only two characters who had the opportunity to appear outside the room: Noah and Ms. Lang. Kieran was in the library with the other students, so it’s impossible for him to have been the one outside the room.

Since Gustavo had no involvement in the murders, it doesn’t make any sense as to how he had the precise drawing of Seth.

It doesn’t make any fucking sense as to how Kieran was able to send Emma the video of him whilst he was tied up in 2x08.

Audrey has persistently claimed all she was responsible for was writing to Piper and bringing her to Lakewood. However, it Audrey who stole the Brandon James case files and the mask from the Lakewood County Municipal Records.

Audrey claims that she simply wanted to do a documentary about Brandon James. However, if all she wanted to do was create a documentary, then it makes no sense as to why she stole the case files and the mask.

It seems that we’re supposed to believe that Audrey finding the knife in Seth’s classroom was simply a coincidence. I find this difficult to take seriously regarding Audrey’s involvement with Piper, considering this scene made Audrey directly responsible for Piper being able to frame Branson.

In 1x06, Audrey is brought in for questioning because the Brandon James mask has her DNA on it. This means that Piper knew about Audrey stealing the mask from the Lakewood County Municipal Records. Since Audrey and Piper both knew what Audrey did, that would mean that Audrey would have realised that Piper was the killer the moment Detective Brock showed her the mask. But according to season 2, Audrey had no idea that Piper was the killer.

It doesn’t make sense as to who tried to drown Noah in 1x01.

In 1x06, Will is kidnapped by the killer. Now that Kieran is revealed to have been Piper’s accomplice, we’re supposed to believe that Kieran kidnapped Will. However, Kieran was with Emma when she received a message from Will’s phone, which means that message couldn’t have been sent from him.

Piper made Kieran look guilty to Emma in 1x09, which doesn’t make sense considering he was Piper’s accomplice.

Okay but just imagine it’s the final showdown at the lake. It’s almost midnight and the air is filled with an eerie silence. Brooke and Stavo were last seen bleeding out in a driveway. Eli is dead. Noah and Kieran are missing, believed to be hostages of the killer. And Daisy and the sheriff were in the middle of falling for another one of the killer’s traps. The killer has both Emma and Audrey tied up, much like Piper had done to Daisy only a few months before. They aren’t facing each other, their chairs back to back. Both are covered in blood. There was a knife laying in the middle of the dock, just out of reach. It was taunting them. They wanted to scream, but knew it was useless. There was no one to save them, everybody was dead.

Audrey has her eyes closed shut, trying to block it all out. She blames herself. She caused this. She brought Piper to Lakewood. And Piper brought the new killer. She killed everyone. Nina, Tyler, Riley, Will, Sheriff Hudson, Greyson, Eli, and Zoe. She killed Rachel. She probably killed Noah. And next up was Emma. They didn’t deserve this. She did.

Emma is angry. At herself, at the killer. She let the killer get in her head, he made her question her sanity, and he killed her friends. She let him control her. Not anymore. She wasn’t gonna just sit back and take it. She was going to win. He was going to pay.

Before either of the girls can say anything, they hear it. The sound of footsteps. They turn their heads to the other end of the dock. It’s the killer, slowly walking toward them.

“What do you want you dick?” Audrey shouts, unable to contain her anger.
The killer says nothing, just stares.

“Who are you? Why are you doing this?” Emma tries, but still gets no reaction from the killer. “Take off the mask! Show us your face.” She shouts at him.
The killer slowly raises his hand and reaches for the mask. He pulls it off to reveal himself. His back is to the camera, so while we can’t see his face we can see Audrey and Emma’s reactions.

Both of the girls looked shocked, betrayed even. The stare for a moment, mouths wide open, trying to make sense of this. Finally, Audrey manages to say the first thing on her mind. “N-Noah?” Her voice breaks. It’s full of shock, confusion, betrayal, and pain.

“You knew I liked serial killers, you just didn’t know I was one.” Comes the reply of our favorite podcaster.

“What did you do with Kieran?” Emma screams.

“Don’t worry, he’s fine. He’s just… a little tied up. Much like yourselves.” He laughs. “I must say Emma, you sure know how to pick them. Will got taken down by a girl and Kieran can’t even get out of a little duct tape.”

“But why?” Emma cries, confused. “Why did you do it? Why do you want to kill us?”

“I was an outcast, just like Brandon. Nobody understood me. Nobody loved me.” As Noah speaks, his gazes moves from Emma to Audrey. “Just like nobody loved Brandon.”

“But Brandon James wasn’t even the killer!” Emma screams, all the while trying to escape the ropes.

“Well it’s too late now.” He deadpans.

Emma is taken back; she’d never heard Noah sound so… cold. It was as if he didn’t care at all. She realizes that if her and Audrey have any chance of escaping they had to distract him, and it looked like Audrey didn’t have it in her right now. It was up to her.

“But you had Zoe. Why did you kill her?” Emma demanded.

Noah lets out a laugh. “You’re worried about why I killed her? Shouldn’t you be asking how I got in that box?”

“You had a partner.” Emma’s voice is quiet, almost as if she’s scared to say it aloud.

“Just Like Piper.” Noah reminds her with a smile before turning back to Audrey. “Enough about me. How’s my favorite final girl?”

Audrey had been silent up until this point. She looks up and you can see the heartbreak on her face. “H-How could you?” She chokes out, her eyes filled with tears. “I- You were my best friend, Noah. My partner in crime. Bi-Curious and the Virgin. World’s saddest crime fighting duo.” Silent tears streak down her face. “I trusted you.”

Upon hearing the brokenness in her friend’s voice, Emma reaches out for Audrey’s hand and intertwines their fingers together. Despite all that Audrey had done, Emma didn’t blame her. Audrey made a mistake, one that will haunt her forever. She had lost the girl she loved, and been betrayed by the person she trusted most for the second third time. Audrey had been Emma’s first friend, her best friend. And if they were gonna get out of this alive, Emma had to forgive her. She gives Audrey’s hand a tight squeeze in an attempt to concave her emotions.

“That was kind of dumb of you. I mean, I had a podcast called The Mourge for fuck’s sake. Then again, it’s the perfect cover.” Noah appears unfazed by Audrey’s reaction.

Audrey’s grip on Emma’s hand tightens. She takes a deep breath before answering. “You’re right, who would have thought the geeky virgin sidekick was the one behind the mask?” Her voiced is laced with anger. “You’re sick.” She all but spits at him.

“Everybody loves a good plot twist.” Noah replies, as Scream’s typical murder music begins to play in the background.  The killer stares into Audrey with his cold emotionless eyes so deeply she feels uncomfortable, violated even. But before Audrey can make another snarky comment, he keeps talking. “Although is it really a plot twist? I mean eighty percent of murder victims know their killer and this is the second time it’s happened in this town in six months. Then again people will do anything to forget. No one likes to believe that your best friend is capable of murdering half the town. He- “But before Noah can finish his creepy murder monologue, he gets cut off by the sound of laughter.

It’s Audrey who is laughing. It’s a loud, awkward laughter. “I’m sorry to interrupt your little psychobabble, Foster, but are you freaking kidding me? Is this a joke? This has to be some twisted joke. Is that knife fake?  Where is Haley with her camera? Oh right, She’s dead! Are you telling me you killed her? What is this some stupid plan to get me and Emma to be friends again? Payback for the whole carnival incident? Huh? What is this Noah?” She asks, in disbelief. “If you were really the killer you wouldn’t be giving us a damn speech right now. You have watched enough horror movies to know that that is always the killer’s downfall. If you talk too much you give the victim time to escape!” Audrey yells at him, convinced that this has to be a prank or better yet a dream.

The killer looks at both of his final girls for a moment before saying. “You’re right.”
Emma and Audrey both gasp. “Wait what?” Audrey shakes her head.

Noah slowly makes his way over to Audrey, knife in hand. He places the blade against her throat and whispers. “There really isn’t time for a speech, is there?”

Audrey makes eye contact with her tormenter, attacker, the Lakewood slasher, and best friend.  “Untie me.”

Noah tilts his head for a second, as if to consider it. “Okay.” He says, and then leans over and cuts the rope tying her to the chair, leaving Emma’s rope in tack.
Audrey slowly stands up, but before she can say anything Noah points at the knife on the ground. “Pick it up.”

She looks at him in shock. “What?” He continues pointing at the knife, so she slowly moves to pick it up. “What is this about Noah? Come on, the joke’s over. It isn’t funny!” Still in denial.

“You’re right Audrey. It’s not funny.” Noah’s voice is cold and angry. He sounded like a killer. Maybe that’s because he was one. His voice low, he speaks so that Emma a few feet away can’t hear. “Now Audrey, what you are gonna do is take that knife and plunge it into Emma’s heart.”

With those words, all color drains from Audrey’s face. She is no longer angry, she is scared. More scared that she has ever been in her life.  Noah isn’t playing games, he’s a killer. And he wants her to kill Emma.

“Why would I do that?” she asks, her voice shaky.

“Because if you don’t do it I will. I’ll make her suffer, and you will have to watch every second of it. If you do it at least it’ll be quick.”

Audrey and Noah look at each other for a moment, before she finally responds. “Okay.” She gives a small nod before turning around to face Emma. She slowly, painstakingly walks over to her. She closes her eyes and swallows the lump in her throat. She knows what she has to do.

“Audrey?” Emma’s eyes widen as she looks at the knife.

Audrey gives her a tight lipped smile. “I’m sorry but this is the only way.”

She raises the knife with shaky hands and lets out a laugh. Its wild, maniacal, and seductive. She shoots Emma a crazed smile, much like Piper’s at her big reveal. “What’s the matter Em? Are you scared?” Audrey asks, using the knife to caress Emma’s cheek, pressing just hard enough to draw blood.

She takes a step back and watches her former best friend. Emma looks lost, empty. She doesn’t say anything for a while, doesn’t cry. She just looks at Audrey for a long time, before finally asking, “How long?” No emotion.

Audrey turns to look at Noah and the two share an evil smirk. “Since the very beginning. We hatched this plan years ago Emma. Since the day you ditched me for that bitch Nina.” Audrey explains. “Noah and I found Piper in a serial killer chatroom and discovered she was your sister. She was angry and so was I, so we decided to get revenge. Only, Piper got a little bit too excited. She wasn’t supposed to bring you and Maggie to the lake that night, not yet. I wanted you to suffer for longer. I wanted to break your heart like you broke mine!”

Before Audrey can finish, Noah walks up behind her and wraps his arms around her. “Calm down babe, you’ll get your revenge.”

She leans into him for a second, before turning to face him. Grabbing the collar of his rope, she pulls him into a kiss, much to Emma’s surprise.  It only lasts for a second however because before they even get started Audrey takes her knife and stabs him in the back, twists it, and pulls it out. Noah falls to knees, gasping for air. Audrey leans down and whispers “Nobody tells me to calm down, not even you Foster.” Before taking the knife and slitting his throat, just like she had done to Nina. The last shot we see of Noah before he dies is his heartbroken expression.

Audrey stands over him before shrugging. “At least he didn’t die a virgin.” She chuckles, turning back to Emma. “Neither will you. Speaking of death, do you remember when we were kids Emma? And how we talked about how we wanted to die? I think you said you wanted to go peacefully in your sleep.”

At this point Audrey has made the way back to Emma and is mere inches from her face. “Well I’m sorry to say that it’s not going to be that pleasant, but don’t worry Em, I’ll make sure to give a nice speech at your funeral”

She looks at Emma with an evil look in her eye and just as she goes to plunge the knife into Emma’s skin there is a loud bang.  Blood splatters across Emma’s face. The bullet hits Audrey directly in the head causing her to fall back onto the dock.

The camera pans the other end of the dock where Brooke and Stavo stand. Brooke pointing a gun.

Brooke looks at Stavo and motions to Emma and he reluctantly agrees. He runs toward Emma and begins to untie her. Emma looks at him as if to ask “Is she really dead?” to which Stavo shrugs.

Meanwhile Brooke Maddox, looking like she had just been hit by a car, is wearing freshly applied red lipstick. She makes her way across the dock, high heels clanking, and stops in front of Audrey Jensen’s dead body. She raises her gun, aims for her heart, and unloads the clip. She pulls the trigger until no more bullets come out.

“That was for Jake!” Brooke announces.

And then the scene fades out.

I FUCKING HATE MTV IVE BEEN SAYING ALL ALONG ELI IS INVOLVED he was at will’s funeral???? will had a funeral?????? someone on twitter said he’s brandon james’ son bet 🤑 beeeeeeet and brandon james better be alive too. i knew his ass was gonna pop up at the end.


Tonight’s episode I can’t even explain, next week is going to be good . But damn can’t Audrey get a break, all of them need a break. Poor brooke 😭. Audrey, she’s my favorite. I still don’t know who the killer is but I have my thoughts, message me and we can talk about it 🤘☺

MTV Scream - Unanswered Questions

Who tried to drown Noah at the lake in 1x01?

If we’re to believe Audrey when she states that she was with Piper at the Crescent Palms motel the night Rachel was killed, then who killed Rachel?

Why was Rachel killed?

Eddie claims that Audrey and Piper were arguing when they were at the Crescent Palms motel, so what were they arguing about?

Who was the man outside of Emma’s workplace in 1x02?

Did someone lock Emma out from inside her workplace in 1x02?

Audrey claims that she was only in communication with Piper, however it was revealed in 1x10 that Audrey was responsible for stealing the Brandon James case files and the mask from the Lakewood County Municipal Records. So why hasn’t Audrey admitted to this, since it shows that she isn’t telling the whole truth about her involvement? (Plot hole?).

If Audrey only intended to make a documentary about Brandon James because she felt he was similar to her, why did she steal the Brandon James case files and the mask? (Plot hole?).

If we’re to believe Audrey when claims she was never directly involved with the killings, who is responsible for kidnapping Will?

Was it Brandon James who killed everyone that Halloween night, or was it someone else?

Is it just a coincidence that Audrey found the knife in Seth’s classroom, which allowed Piper to frame Seth?

Was it simply a coincidence that Audrey made Kieran look guilty around the time that Piper made him look suspicious to Emma?

Was the woman Piper took Emma to in 1x09 actually Brandon’s mother, or was that just a set-up by Piper?

Why did Piper incriminate Audrey by placing the mask with her DNA on it in the abandoned hospital?

Did Audrey know that Piper was aware that she stole the mask and the documents from the Lakewood County Municipal Records? If so, then much of Audrey’s confession is a lie, or it doesn’t make any sense. Audrey would have realised that Piper was the killer the moment Detective Brock showed her the mask with her DNA on it. This means that Audrey was definitely aiding Piper, by helping her frame Seth and make Kieran look guilty. (Plot hole?)

What exactly was Audrey doing when Piper attacked Brooke and took Seth captive?

How did Audrey know where Piper and Emma were in 1x10?

How did the killer know about the “girl interrupted” comment Jake made to Emma, considering the “Lakewood Six” were the only ones to hear Jake make that comment?

Was it Tina who set fire to Quinn’s real estate property?

Why did the killer trick Emma’s dad in returning to Lakewood?

How did the killer have the opportunity to appear outside of the room Ms. Lang locked Emma in in 2x05, if the two characters who would have been able to do so were Noah and Ms. Lang?

How did Gustavo have a precise drawing of Seth on the bed, since Brooke didn’t explain to him what she was going to do to Seth? (Plot hole?)

What exactly happened with Maggie, Miguel and Brandon James?

Why was Eli near the tree, where Maggie placed the note in 2x10?

Why was Eli at Will’s funeral?