Gustatory Receptors.
  1. Bitter - Evolutionary advantageous taste buds that immediately gross you out when something is potentially poisonous/hazardous.
  2. Sour - Warheads and spoiled food.
  3. Salty - Sodium. A craving for a salty flavor may indicate a sodium deficiency within the body.
  4. Sweet - Cake. A craving for sweetness may indicate a glucose/carb deficiency within the body.
  5. UMAMI - Japanese for “Savory!” Detects monosodium glutamate (MSG) in food, which gives it that tasty flavor, no pun intended.

Say hello to your taste receptors. There are +10,000 buds spread out across your tongue, concentrated in different areas (umami is scattered about). They die and regenerate about every 10 days.
Gustation of Thought – Creepy piece of art made from found objects

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Like some scene from a sci-fi movie, Gustation of Thought is creepy yet incredible handmade sculpture. Nothing special was used to create it, but just found things; collected from anywhere they could be found. There aren’t details regarding the objects, but a price tag of $76,00 suggests a lot of handcraft work and labor behind the creation of this piece of artwork. If you buy it, the sculpture will take a space measuring 26x36x10 inches anywhere it is installed.


커피맛은 로스팅된 커피를 추출했을때
물에 녹는 무기, 유기성분에 의하여 구성된다.

혀의 점막은 화합물의 종류 뿐만 아니라 그 강도까지 판별할 수 있다.

커피맛은 혀에 있는 미뢰(taste bud)를 통해 느끼게 된다.
이 맛을 느끼는 과정을 미각작용(gustation)이라 한다.

신맛, 쓴맛, 단맛, 짠맛, 의
네가지 기본 맛을 동시에 인식하는 것이다.

미각작용은 맛끼리 상호 조정을 거쳐
기본맛 사이에 서로 영향을 줌으로써 폭넓은 맛을 경험하게 되는 것이다.

기화하지 않고 물에 녹지 않은 성분은
입에 남아서 바디(body)를 형성하는데
바디는 물과 비교하여 입안에서 느껴지는 상대적인 감촉(mouthfeel)이다.


Hank resists the urge to devour a slice of pizza so that he can walk you through the way we experience our major special senses. It all boils down to one thing: sensory cells translating chemical, electromagnetic, and mechanical stimuli into action potentials that our nervous system can make sense of. Today we’re focusing on  smell (olfaction) and taste (gustation), which are chemical senses that call on chemoreceptors. As usual, we’ll begin with a quick look at how these things can go wrong.

Carnes Translation


I do not know if anyone wants to go one day
I want you to be quiet block
Perhaps no one knows that I will not naegayi security issues
I am what you can do
As they wander the streets empty of my heart

Meat from nostrae
In Salyan insaniam
Lux security etc.
From Plateis

consumens meat
Encroachment by Noctem
I amittere
Especially fun Omnium


It can survive in some cases, we will all die?
Or the rebirth of time to find a surprise?
The world still turns around
I’m responsible for all this tragedy?
do not make me laugh!

Meat from nostrae
dissolubilis Category
Such as ultra-Anis
utrescit auferet

consumens meat
saecula saeculorum
horrendum Gustat
SED estimated similis

All this flesh
Go to madness
In light of all
In alleys

All the meat we eat
Rolling hours around the moon. “
All losses
In the driveway of fun!

anonymous asked:

hi i run away from guys lmao and i try to keep my distance and if one comes it become awkward lol just how my mom programmed me like if a stranger as in dude says salam to me at like a gustation i run the hell away no eye contact needed lol why

ha i was similar, i didnt run away haha but i did makesure to tell dudes to keep an arms length distance. Like if i can touch you, you are too close lol