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Se que llego un poco tarde pero aqui les traigo una pequeña historia que quise hacer por el dia de San Valentin. Como dije se trata de una mini-historia, asi que son solo unas paginas. El dia de hoy compartire la portada y la primera pagina, mañana publicare la segunda y asi consecutivamente. Espero que les guste  :D

Save Me a Date?

High School! AU Series

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 2,389

Freshman year has been oh-so kind to Lee Chan. He mostly had his older friends to thank for that. Specifically, Kwon Soonyoung, or Hoshi as most people called him.

Hoshi and Chan had met during color guard, and from then on introduced Chan to the other 11 boys he now calls family.

“Hyung, I really don’t understand why you’re stressing out so much.” Chan whispered to his friend.

Hoshi let out a deep groan, hands ruffling up his own hair. “My creativity is drained and the team depends on me.”

“I mean, what does it say about me as the captain of color guard when I can’t even create a routine?” Hoshi face planted himself onto a book.

Chan patted Hoshi on the back, he tried to reassure the upperclassman that he was just being too hard on himself. Hoshi finally agreed.

“Hey, we should go to the theme park this Friday!” Hoshi jumped up from his seat causing the librarian to shush him.

Chan’s eyes widened at Hoshi. “Like, you mean skip school?”

Hoshi sat back down sighing, “Young grasshopper, getting good grades aren’t everything. It’s almost the end of the school year anyway.”

“Are you sure you’re a good influence on me?” Chan inquired jokingly.

Hoshi chuckled loudly at his junior’s question, “Of course I am, you’ll thank me later.”

Without much deliberation, Chan agreed to play hooky with Hoshi.


“Isn’t this great?” Hoshi took in a deep breath as Chan observed his surroundings. The smell of funnel cake filled his nostrils, the sound of thrilled screaming penetrated the atmosphere, and fun rides occupied his vision.

Chan and Hoshi tried to fit in every activity that the theme park had to offer before the sun sets over the horizon.

The two students tried every greasy fried food, went on almost every roller coaster and kid ride, and even participated in a dance contest which Hoshi had proudly won.

As the afternoon dwindled down, they only had one roller coaster left to cross off. Hoshi and Chan proceeded to stand in line.

“Two people per seat!” The intercom announced.

A kid in front of them noticeably started to panic, rapidly looking around.

“Hey, buddy,” Hoshi said, “You okay?”

The kid shyly looked up at him, “I-I don’t have a partner.”

Chan nodded at his friend, Hoshi smiled warmly at the kid.

“I’ll be your partner.” Hoshi kept a hand on the little boy’s shoulder and started to initiate conversation.

Chan sighed, waved goodbye to both Hoshi and the young boy before walking to the ‘singles’ line. The line moved fairly quickly, and soon Chan found himself stepping into a roller coaster cart.

When he caught a glimpse of someone sitting next to him, he was surprised to find that it was you. He had known you from school, but never talked to you.
In all honesty, Chan doesn’t talk to girls.

“Oh, Chan, hi.” You smiled at him as you buckled your belt.

“Hi, Y/N.” Chan gave you a slight wave.

Excitement and thrill overcame your whole body, the sound of laughter and screaming erupted as the ride shot forward.

A few turns, some loops lead to one thing or another and you found yourself hugging onto Chan as the ride slowed down to a halt.

As you slowly opened your clamped eyes you found him as red as a tomato, not to mention completely and utterly frozen. You whispered a small and awkward apology. Your arms untangled themselves and you scooted away from the shocked boy.

Yet surprisingly, all Chan was thinking about was how your hair smells like vanilla.

“Exit to your left, exit to your left.” The intercom instructed which snapped the both of you out of your trance.

You and Chan quietly exited the ride together. He had his hands stuffed in his jean pockets, while you counted every step that you took.

“So, I guess I’ll see you at school?” Chan glanced at you.

“Yeah, see you.” You answered quickly turning to walk the other direction.

However, of course, you felt bad for giving Chan a slight heart attack ironically at the end of the ride.

You turned onto your heels, “Sorry about that, er, incident? I didn’t mean to hug you.”

He gave you a slight wave and a friendly smile as if to say ‘don’t worry about it’.


As the next day arrived, Chan found himself falling back into the usual routine of awaking early for school. The amusement park was a nice change from the norm, schoolwork needed to be done, and Chan felt anxious about skipping school anyway. The first seven periods of the day felt like a gentle gust of air, carrying Chan as he floated through them. Then finally, eighth period arrived, which meant lunch with the boys.

Chan merrily skipped to the cafeteria, only to find an unusually well-dressed Joshua seated at a table alone with you. A highlighter green piece of poster paper lay upon the table, and Joshua appeared to be sketching on it with a pencil.

As Chan moved closer to the table, Joshua acknowledged his presence and said, “Hey maknae, what’s up?”

“Nothing, what’s up with all this?” Chan replied, gesturing to the poster paper.

“I’m running for class president, and Y/N here is going to be my campaign manager.” Joshua explained.

Chan nodded in understanding as he sat in the seat closest to him. It just so happened to be the seat directly next to you. As you shyly tucked a piece of hair behind your ear, Chan found himself basking in your familiar aura of vanilla. He hadn’t even noticed that he was staring at you, until Joshua snapped him out of his trance by saying, “Oh, Channie, I may need your help as well.”

Finally coming to, Chan asked, “With what?”

“I’m planning on hanging twelve posters altogether, and I don’t want Y/N to have to do it all alone. Would you mind helping?” Asked Joshua.

“I would be happy to help!” Answered Chan, his eagerness present in his eyes.

You turned to Chan with a smile, and nodded as a gesture of thanks. He returned the smile with a grin of his own. Just then, what seemed like a stampede of rowdy boys bursted through the cafeteria doors. It was the rest of Chan and Joshua’s friend group, which was characterized by Hoshi and Seokmin constantly screaming about something and Wonwoo and Mingyu never losing sight of each other.

Chan sighed audibly, as whatever tidbit of a moment he’d just had with you was interrupted. However, the period continued on as well as the rest of the school day. As the bell finally rang for the last time, Chan excitedly raced down the stairs to the lobby, to meet you there. He quickly stopped by the art room to steal some tape for the posters and dashed off again. Entering the school lobby, his eyes focused on you, who was standing by the main entrance with twelve posters in your hands.

Almost as if appearing out of nowhere, Chan came to your side saying, “Here, let me help you with those.”

He took half of the posters out of your grasp, a smile present on his face as he read the first one.

“Hyung sure knows how to win my vote.” He remarked.

As you and Chan busied yourselves by hanging the posters, you chatted back and forth, the atmosphere gradually becoming less awkward as you got to know each other more. You asked him about his hobbies while hanging a poster outside the library, and he asked you about your dream college from the inside of the boys’ bathroom as he hung a poster near the sinks. Somewhere along in the conversation, the topic of summer plans came up, so you sadly had to inform him of your family’s biggest plans for over the summer.

“We’re moving to a new city in August.” You stated, a melancholy expression quickly taking over your face.

Chan’s facial expression darkened as well, his eyebrows furrowing as he asked, “So you’re not going to be coming to this school next year?”

You shook your head, looking away from Chan as his sad face was too much to bear.

“Our new house isn’t far away from here, but it’s in a different school district.” You said in hopes of lightening the mood a bit.

But as Chan finished hanging the last poster, a cloud of gloom still hung over the both of you. You said your goodbyes to one another and went your separate ways at the door. As Chan walked home, he dreaded the next day: Saturday. Usually school kids don’t want the weekend to end because of school on Monday. However, Chan wished that the weekend would last forever, as the impending Monday would be the second to last Monday of the school year. The last Monday of a whole week of school on which he would see you.

Was it a crush that Chan had on you? Was he infatuated? Chan shook his head at those thoughts, no, was it too soon?

After much thought, he ruled that his feelings towards you was a predilection, a liking towards someone or something. More specifically, towards you.

Besides the shy smiles and glances you two shared during class, and the friendly waves to each other in the hallway, neither you and Chan initiated conversation.

And before either of you realized, the week rapidly passed by leaving you and Chan one last chance to say something on the last following Monday.

“Chan, there she is.” Seungcheol pointed at you from across the lunchroom. Chan’s heart did cartwheels and somersaults and even the moonwalk as his eyes landed on you.

Seungcheol encouragingly patted his junior’s back, “It’s now or never, buddy.” Hoshi massaged Chan’s shoulder while Mingyu handed him a bottle of water.

Woozi squinted his eyes as he arrived, the scene in front of him causing him to burst out laughing, “Are you guys getting ready for a wrestling match?”

Seungcheol smirked, “Something like that.”

“Okay, you got this. You just have to ask for her number, easy peasy.” Mingyu reassured. Woozi let out a knowingly sigh, now knowing the situation at hand and excitedly grinned at the young boy.

Chan shot up from his seat, his adrenaline pumping faster than when he rode the roller coaster.

“Hi, Chan.” You beamed at him as he approached you. Oh gosh, your smile.Once he appears in front of you his usually confident and sure self disappears, he’s completely unprepared every time.

“I just wanted to say goodbye, you know, since it’s the last day of school,” Chan mentally patted himself on the back for not stuttering, “S-so, I was wondering…”. Too soon, he internally groaned at himself for tripping over his own words.

You raised a curious eyebrow at him, wondering as to why his cheeks were growing pink and you became unaware that yours was doing the same.


Your eyes became hopeful. Is he finally making a move?

“…If we can remain friends?”

Your heart dropped but nonetheless you maintained a smile, “Of course!”.

Chan extended out a hand to which you gratefully shook.

He turned to walk back to his hyungs, the solemn expression on his face saying it all.

“I blew it.”


It was two months into the summer, your family was vacationing at Jeju Island. The sun’s warmth kissed your skin, the sand rubbed against your body, this was paradise. Well, almost. You still found yourself kicking the blankets at night out of frustration, unsatisfied at Chan’s gesture.

You audibly groaned at the memory as you walked along the shore, it’s like you could still hear his voice. Actually, it’s like you could hear his and the rest of his 12 friends’ voices. Then it hit you, literally.

You felt a sharp pain hit the back of your head, you spun around to find the frisbee’s origin to meet 13 familiar faces. A moment of silence occurred before all but one boy ran off.

The distance between you two was filled with awkwardness and unsaid words. What was there to say when you didn’t know how to feel?

Slowly but surely, Chan made his way towards you. The both of you strolled across the beach, engaging in small talk.

“It must be fate that we’re both vacationing at the same place, huh?” Chan smiled at you.

You nodded, the tension enveloped you like a blanket. The silence was suffocating and you just had to get the words off of your chest so you can finally breathe again.

“You know how you asked me if we could remain friends?” You looked over at him, his hair was slightly tousled, an inquiring expression masked his face.

“I don’t know if you feel the same as I did, I mean, I still do feel the same as I did. But I guess what I’m trying to say is that I was hoping for a different ending to that day?” You took a deep breath as the words left your mouth. They hung in the atmosphere waiting for a response.

Chan let out a sigh, and nodded agreeing, “Me too. Can we try it again?”

Chan stopped walking to face you to which you did the same.

“Y/N. Since it’s the last day of school, I was wondering if I could have your phone number?”

A big smile adorned your face, you pulled your phone out of your pocket. You unlocked your phone and handed it to a blushing Chan. He was surprised that you couldn’t hear his heart in that moment, a thousand beating drums couldn’t have compared to it.

“I don’t want to remain as friends.” Chan said as he handed your phone back to you.

Chan slowly grabbed your hand and intertwined your fingers with his. “Since you still feel the same, I want to let you know that my feelings had never changed. It’ll be regrettable if I didn’t make a move this time around, right?”

You were amazed at his straightforwardness, the confident Chan that everyone knew busted to the surface of the once shy boy.

You agreed with him, his eyes bore deep in yours. “Right.”

“Then will you, Y/N, save me a date?”


Hm, I guess I have Hoshi to thank for this. Chan thought.

Written by Admin V.K and Cali

Shuu: ¿Como en un sentido romántico? Pft, qué pérdida de tiempo, encariñarse con alguien.

Reiji: Me costaría bastante, si te soy completamente sincero. Quiero decir, vengo de una familia y con una educación donde tu posición y la especie y los clanes lo son todo.

Ayato: Pft, si a Ore-sama le gusta, ¿qué le importa a los demás?

Kanato:  No creo que Teddy ni yo seamos los mejores relacionándonos con lobos.

Raito: A mi realmente no me importa qué sea, siempre y cuando me guste Bitch-chan, tooodo~ está bien, nfu~.

Subaru: Supongo que si siento cosas por ella y ella p-por mí, no importa lo demás.

Ruki: Eso estaría interfiriendo con la misión que tengo acerca de convertirme en Adán, así que supongo que no podría estar con ella.

Kou: Debe ser difíiiicil, pero no le veo mucho problema,. Si nos llevamos bien, ¿qué importa? Fufu.

Yuma: ¡Bah! Si ella me gusta no veo por qué no intentar algo. 

Azusa: … Sería un poco difícil… pero no lo veo como algo imposible…

Carla: No lo sé. Quiero decir, si no es 100% una metamórfica no me convendría si lo que quiero es volver a poblar mi raza.

Shin: Hm, es interesante. Quizá funcionaría, aunque eso significaría renunciar al trono y dejarle camino libre a mi hermano.