gussy the goose

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Name: Gus

Nickname: Gunch, Gun, Goose, Gussie, (if I add ‘Gussie-bee’ will ppl start calling me that?)

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Height: 5′5

Orientation: Ace/arospec/demiboy 

Ethnicity: American (my mom’s a German Jew and my dad’s half Venezuelan but whatevs)

Favourite food: MAC N CHEESE

Favourite season: Summer!!!

Favourite book series: uhhhhh fukin uhh anne of green gables

Favourite flower: Sweet peas, yellow and pink roses, uhhh forget me nots and lilacs!!

Favourite scent: Lilacs, spring rain, cigarettes and tide laundry detergent, whatever my boyfriend smells like

Favourite colour: Yellow! pink! purple!

Coffee, tea or cocoa: cocoa!

Average sleep hours: bitch idk

Cat or dog person: Dogs! idk anything abt cats

Favourite fictional characters: Patroclus, Jughead, Snufkin, Francie Nolan, Anne Shirley

Number of blankets you sleep with: Alone, three, with my boyfriend, none

Dream trip: Tbh? I’ve always wanted to go to France

Blog created: fuck lmao idk

Number of followers: like 225

I tag: @coffeecommie @papa-problems @tokyomewmew @areaon @fighter-ace @bunumblebee @asexualzoro