Gussie Manlove

During a Thoughts from Places video, John discovered a grave with a birthdate for Gussie Manlove (1887) but no death date.  He wondered, as any sensible person might, what happened to her.  So, Nerdfighteria got to work.  Within a week, Gussie’s long and complicated story was uncovered, as explained by Hank in this video.  

This is one of the best examples of Nerdfighteria coming together to accomplish something amazing, showing the true power of collaboration.  

My sister is awesome.  She loves history and genealogy.  That has now resulted in her research being used in a vlogbrothers video!  She was one of the detectives on the Gussie Manlove case.  She found a ton of stuff including the things in these two shots!  Congrats Sissy!  Stuff you found is next to Hank’s head!

Now shameless plugs for her tumblrs!  Because they are awesome, and she puts a ton of work into them.  If you love history or fashion history you should follow these:




Watching some vlogbrothers videos.

(Currently about a third of the way through the Thoughts from Places playlist)

I just thought I’d share this video because I cried during the end.

(I’m not sure if it’s the story, or John Green, or just the time of day, but yeah.)

I still find it fascinating that Nerdfighters uncovered the story of Gussie Manlove. It makes me wonder what the difference is between things that can be found and things that can’t. What was it about Gussie Manlove’s story that made it able to be found? What is it about the Library of Alexandria that makes it lost? Is it just the time difference or is it more than that? And what about things people don’t try to find? What if John Green never went to that cemetery and Nerdfighters had never tried to find out her story? What about all the other stories out there waiting to be found? What happens then? At some point people have to stop focusing on the past, right? 

(This post was just supposed thoughts but it’s mostly questions instead)

As a side note,

Part of why I like these comments are that I always find it interesting when from the future (now the past, of course) send messages even farther into the past. The top comment makes me wonder whether John Green had already written about Encouragements when that was made. If past!John saw that, would he have any idea what they were talking about?

The reason I like the bottom one is much more straightforward. Because, really, who has seen these videos without thinking that? Anyone?