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Mick + Love

He hears people talk about it and he sees it in movies and magazines and plastered all over every screen, everywhere. He wonders at the idea of people giving up everything for it, the things they do, the way they act.

He can’t imagine it. 


What’s the big deal?

Even Snart falls into it at times; mooning over big brown eyes, over lanky nerdy boys with hearts of gold. Snart, usually so rational and clear-headed, goes gaga over carefully styled hair, sweet smiles, and bad jokes. 

It doesn’t make any sense.

Yeah, okay, there are people Mick likes better than other people, that part he gets. But the swooning and the heart eyes and the obsession, none of that rings true. 

It’s not until he stumbles upon Nate in the library one day that he figures it out. Nate is asking Gideon about the concept of something called aromanticism, and asking how he might possibly date someone who is aromantic.

Mick listens to Gideon explain it, and things click slowly into place. No romantic attraction? No interest in romantic relationships? 

Halfway through Gideon explaining the concept of queerplatonic partners, he steps into the room, and Nate frantically tries to silence Gideon. 

“Is that about me?” Mick asks, staring Nate down.

Nate swallows. “Maybe? Is it? I–I won’t, like, put words in your mouth, but you haven’t, like, responded in any way to my flirting, not even in a negative way, and I don’t really know what to do with that so I thought, maybe–”

“Yeah,” Mick grunts, cutting Nate off. “Sounds right.” And it does, it fits. 

It fits like a glove, and Mick likes the feeling that comes along with having a word, now, to help him figure out and navigate relationships.

And that whole queerplatonic thing, that sounds nice. There are certainly some people he likes better than most others. 

Yeah, Mick guesses that love is kind of okay, as long as it’s not that whole romantic gushy stuff. Friendship love, though, that feels…right.

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Hey! Hope you feel better! Can I have an imagine where you and Stiles are together. And you both make cookies together for the pack because they dared you in truth or dare.

thank you love! this is such a cute idea. i love it! sorry if it’s a bit short, i tried to make this one sweet and simple, because that how i would imagine a relationship with stiles. here you go!!

“Okay…Stiles, truth or dare?” Scott asked. We were having a pack bonding night here at my boyfriend’s house. “Hm.. I don’t know. Babe, what do you think?” Stiles asked me. Oh my god, he’s so adorable. He doesn’t care whether I tell him to do truth or dare, he just wants to hear my voice. It’s like one in the morning and everyone’s tired, so we all have sleepy voices.

“Well, I mean, truth could be something really embarrassing, so you have nothing to lose there,” I paused and laughed at my own joke, and Stiles started laughing too. I think the rest of the pack is getting tired of our “mushy-gushy love stuffs” (that’s what Malia called it, at least)

“Oh, yikes, well I guess I’ll choose dare. Alright, dare me, Scotty wotty do dah!” Scott rolled his eyes when Stiles called him that, but then smirked at the thought of the dare he was going to give Stiles. “Alright Stiles, I’ve got the perfect dare for you. You, and {Y/N}, have to bake cookies for the rest of the pack!” Everyone laughed, including me. This was going to be so fun!

“Guys, just think of it as like a punishment for being so lovey dovey around the rest of us!” Malia laughed.

“Alright, alright. C’mon, {Y/N}, let’s go make some cookies!” Stiles giggled and grabbed my hand, pulling me into the kitchen. Once we both stepped into the kitchen, we looked each other in the eye and said, “how do we bake cookies?” We both slipped into fits of laughter, and decided to start searching for a cooking book. Finally, after a while of searching, we found a good recipe for chocolate chip cookies. I read him the ingredients, and he got them out of various cabinets in the kitchen.

“Okie dokie, so first, we need some-” I got cut off in the middle of my sentence when I got hit on the cheek with flour.  “What was it we need, sweetie? Some, flour, perhaps?” I gave him the most intimidating look I could muster and said, “it’s on, Stilinski,” and grabbed the bucket of flour. This would be a bad idea, knowing Mr. Stilinski would make us clean it up, but I jumped up (because I wasn’t tall enough) and dumped the entire bucket of flour on his head.

“Wha- hey! No fair!” He pouted like a little kid who got told they couldn’t get a new toy. Then, he got an idea. “Heyy, babe! C’mon! Give me hug. I love youu!!” He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me into a big hug, getting me covered in flour as well. “Stiles- get off” I mumbled, but there was no way he was letting me go. And that was just the way I liked it.

“Babe, I am so lucky to have you. I love you.”

“I love you too, baby” 

Why did I choose you?

I chose you because our eyes kept speaking
to each other, saying things only my heart knew,
and your laugh was hearty not fake.

I chose you because you honestly listened
not to give an answer, but truly hear me,
making me feel important to you.

I chose you because my heart raced
every time you approached me, tongue tied,
from nerves, you soothed my speech.

I chose you because I couldn’t breathe
when my mind thought of losing you
or not having you in my life for even one day.

I chose you because every minute, of every day
since the day I met you, I’ve been happy. You
always find a way into my heart.

I chose you because, you won my heart,
I love you…
no doubts, no regrets, I’d choose you again.

today was honest to god the best day of my life. I started crying, almost sobbing, when Rush came on stage. every single second of this experience was incredible. And I really feel like I made the absolute most out of the whole show knowing that it could be my last time seeing them. I just love them so fucking much. I want to thank my parents endlessly for taking me.

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So incredibly grateful for this organization. I often will look to you for inspiration, encouraging words, reassurance that everything will be alright. You guys exceed my expectations every single time. To someone who didn't receive a lot of positive feedback growing up, it's a beautiful thing to experience it from an organization that generates so much love and positivity. I know that you get this kind of gushy stuff all of the time, but you are doing great work. I love you&I like you:]

A. We LOVE the gushy stuff. It hits us right in the feels. 

B. We’re so glad you’re here. 

C. Seriously, we’re thrilled you know that you can come hang out with us and get complimented and feel supported and just be yourself. 

D. We love you and we like you too. 


Team Smart Girls

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