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The thing about Malec that I just cannot get over, is how amazing Matt and Harry’s chemistry is. Honestly, every single scene that includes Magnus and Alec, is just amazing. They have the kind of chemistry that just hits you in the face. Sometimes it’s honestly so hard for me to watch Malec scenes, not because they’re bad, far from it, but because they’re just so good. I think the sneak peek of their date, honestly solidifies what I’m saying. Those looks? Their smiles? It’s honestly so electrifying and I believe wholeheartedly that Malec has one of the best, or to be daring, the best romantic chemistry on shadowhunters. All the praise to Matthew and Harry. All the praise. You can tell when two actors take time and learn their character’s and their relationship. It shows. It really really shows. We are so blessed. 

@ahshesgone‘s latest drawing made me gush and fangirl so hard and sooo much that I got Ash into having an art trade with me!!! :DDD *throws confetti around* I’m so happy and soooo insecure that I messed this up sob

Ash requested a pencil drawing from me with Soul and Maka being domestic… and I pimped it a bit with digital colors to not have it too dirty and dull… I hope you like it Ash! ;u; ♥


i just watched episode 4 and heard the yuri on ice theme for the first time and honestly like

i had no idea what i was missing, okay?

i’ve been playing the theme on the piano for weeks and i could hear some of the pitches but like i’m honestly crying it’s one of the most beautiful pieces of music i’ve heard in a long time (and don’t even get me started on agape holy hell).

not all d/Deaf/hoh people want/use hearing aids, and that is completely fine, to each their own, but for someone like me, having to wait literal years to get them due to financial issues has been extremely hard. they’re not a perfect solution but like…i’m honestly nearly in tears and overwhelmed at everything and i know it’s silly that it’s about yuri on ice but i just love this show so much and to finally be able to enjoy it with everyone else while really hearing the characters and the music is incredible

i replayed the end of ep 4 about five times because i can’t get over how the sounds of the skates weave in with the music and it’s honestly so beautiful and i just can’t believe i missed out on something like that for so long. 

and finally being able to really hear the theme song…it’s so beautiful and stunning and happy and i am just overwhelmed


Okay so originally I was gonna post all these later but there’s really no point to that! So! Here’s this big ol thing! It’s fanart for one of myyy most favorite @cookinguptales fanfics! It’s right here and if you haven’t read it yet you are doing yourself a major disservice,can I just say. Anyway!! I loved this fic so much I hadda draw this!! SO!!

Klance Fic Rec 3

Please check the archive warnings and fic summaries before reading to make sure you’re gonna be okay with the fic contents!  Spoilers for Season 1 abound.  Plenty of other fics that don’t fit my personal reading preference are on AO3, so you should check them out if you have time! (I tend to avoid character death fics or really short ones.) 

Past fic recs found here.


  • tropical drink melting in your hand; we’ll be falling in love by jojotxt – beach resort au where keith gets a job at the rental shack and lance is a lifeguard / surfing instructor, and the whole thing is really cute
  • surfing lessons by shingekinogtfo – lance is bad at surfing and tries to show off for the cute lifeguard with a mullet, but he doesn’t seem to have the memo that almost-drowning isn’t a very good flirting tactic
  • baby love me cause i’m playing on the radio by dizzyondreams – cute college/uni au where keith is in charge of a radio show and lance keeps calling in to criticize his music taste and request songs
  • Faking Flight by prettyshiroic (AnalystProductions) – keith gets really angry after lance flies off in ep.6, and the other paladins help him sort out his feelings because he’s not very good at that
  • Doctor’s Orders by genericfanatic – post season 1 where lance and keith end up stranded on the same planet, and they slowly learn to work together and tolerate each other before they’re rescued
  • Found in Translation by princevince – some cute fluff where lance takes keith on a stargazing date in the castle of lions
  • Royal(ly fucked) by Ididntsignupforthisshit (Oliver_Ravenwood) – i love this bc lance is dancing and signing to music that hunk, pidge, and allura are playing, and shiro brings his deaf cousin keith to watch (i’m just excited bc i rarely see fics talking about sign language, go read it)
  • Humidity by Metis_Ink – i am always a sucker for fics featuring lance’s family bc i just want him to be happy, so this was a pleasant fic to read where lance takes keith home to visit them
  • Call me now, it’s urgent. by morvish – in which lance has absolutely terrible timing with comm calls to keith and is bad at prioritizing
  • It’s still gay even if it’s in space and you cry a lot (it might actually make it gayer) by Universebound – keith has a crush on lance and is afraid of how people will react, but he slowly comes out to the team when he feels safe, and everything is okay
  • Babysit Your Heart Out by opalfire – lance and keith have to babysit some aliens, and it turns out lance is pretty good with kids
  • in spite of you by regicide – high school au where keith and lance are at the aquarium for a field trip
  • head over feet by safra – college/uni au where keith and lance start off casually banging each other but then they become friends and eventually date
  • Kiss It Better by agalaxywithinyou – cute fic where keith gets seriously injured during a mission and lance frets about it
  • I’ve already rec’d What a Healing Pod Can’t Repair (by Remember_Me) before bc mmm quality angst, but it recently finished so check it out if the fic summary and tags interest you!


  • Pulsar by southspinner – [warnings: descriptions of anxiety] – college/uni au where keith and lance meet at a frat party and slowly get to know each other; the worldbuilding is nice and the writing (especially characterization) pulled me in pretty quick! 
  • Backhand by Raylou – college/uni au where lance invites keith to join a martial arts club formed of the voltron crew, except lance is kinda an asshole and keith isn’t having any of it
  • Halcyon Days by bolbessa – prince au with a fairytale sort of vibe, in which lance is a longlost prince of a kingdom and keith is a knight sent to bring him back to the current king
  • Fill in the Space by Star_right – post season 1 where lance and keith end up stranded on an alien planet together; it’ll be interesting to see what happens next!
  • The Lion’s Den by Gigapoodle – coffeeshop aus where shiro owns the fic’s eponymous coffee shop in which a bunch of teenagers end up hanging out and becoming friends; it’s cute so far, check it out!

Smh I’m so proud of my bf he’s at a huge conference for the biggest nerds in our company and our fucking CTO gave a speech about a project and the work that was done on it last week - a project my bf is on and literally was one of the people that did that work last week. Anyway he shook the CTO’s hand and sat with him and my panties are so wet I can’t believe I landed someone so fucking SMART and successful

In sadder news I’ll prob eventually have to get a job elsewhere bc if he keeps moving up the corporate ladder like this it’s gonna turn into a conflict of interest lol
Ageless by Gin-No-Bara

Okay, you guys, I rarely gush so hard over other people but dang I’m so PROUD of this girl.

About more than a year or so ago, a reader of my Laito/OC fanfic In The Shadows, came up to me in Wattpad to talk about how much she was enjoying my story and we started talking psychology about the Sakamakis, vampire lore and all that good stuff. She later told me that she wanted to write as well and she usually kept her stories to herself, but I told her, based on our conversations, that she should go for it because I could tell she has a good writer’s instinct and knows the boys extremely well.

That was Gin-No-Bara and she started writing Ageless which is an AWESOME dark Diabolik Lovers fanfic. I honestly fangirled seeing how talented she is and continued encouraging her to write, so seeing her successful makes me truly happy for her.

Imagine my shock when she said my writing inspired her own story. I still get shocked by people telling me this so I asked her yesterday if it was okay for me to recommend her story here on my blog and she said she was totally okay with it.

So here it is in case you guys haven’t seen it! Please give her story a shot! Though I must warn that it’s very dark and has torture themes (nearly all my DL recs do. I’m a naughty girl) but if you like a dark atmosphere and in-depth characterization of the Sakamakis and can handle lots of blood and psychological mind games, you will really like Ageless.


Cobalt, our Theon x Viserys AUs made me want to put them into ridiculous onesies since forever and it’s a 15 minute thing but here we go
thanks for being rad ♥

pls everyone look at this immediately!!!! holy SMOKES.

himchan is jsut so dreamy im crying i love him with my Whole Heart! 

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Why thank you! I mean idk what prompted this but its cool regardless! Good blog and good night!

***Edit: Omfg I’m,,,, wow, okay I just remembered re blogging something saying that if you compliment my blog I will smile 38 minutes and tbh I gushed so hard about this too a friend but like I honestly reblog those “send me an ask” or whatever so much immediately forget cause no one usually responds so this is just so freaking cool***


Interviewer: Normally, when a guy of your age starts acting there has to be gossip about them and at least one of their heroines. Is it because you’re already married that there isn’t any gossip about you?
Dulquer:  My ultimate girl is Amaal. I don’t know exactly why… I love her a lot… it’s been that way even before we got married. Even now, I think she’s prettier than any other girl I’ve seen. So I don’t think I’ll be distracted. I’m very much in love with her. 

This has been a Mrs. Amaal Nizam Salmaan appreciation post. Also happy birthday to her :)

Wow. I had a magical night at fusion dance. They had a dance contest, and I went up and told the winning guy that he was astounding and that I couldn’t take my eyes off him during the contest. Also that I would come back to fusion just to dance with him sometime. He was flattered and offered to dance the next song with me.
Now, I’m not much of one for slow songs, people usually end up being kind of boring, but that dance was the most genuinely charming thing that’s happened to me in ages. I’ve never had a more perfect romantic experience with someone I just met.
He probably dances like that with everyone. It’s amazing how something so common to someone can be so touching to another.
I really hope I can dance with him again.