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I've had a crush on this guy because he had really good video editing skills (and he's really handsome too) and we actually ended up dating because I gave him pie with a sticky note that said "I admire your talent" for Valentine's Day but anonymously tho bcs I was shy and a lot of girls were pining for him. Our prom was 2 weeks after Valentine's Day and we got to talk at the after party because he found out I gave him the pie 😅 aaaaand now we're dating

Omg go you! I’m actually so impressed that you even gave him the pie, let alone told him about afterwards. So proud :’) And super happy because it obviously payed off! I admire your talent in making such a bold move and now dating your crush! 


170625. This. warms my heart (And I just realized that their IG username format is similar with the group name and their initials…) Seungho is just such an incredibly charismatic leader, whose care and guidance extended to Madtown during their trainee days (and even when they were preparing for OMGT, I remember heojun saying seungho was giving advice on how to refine their choreography with better gestures and all). Seungho is like, the dad of them all lmao (I kind of laugh and cry at the same time, all these memories) It’s just nice to see them keeping up with each other’s activities and staying connected. That’s a nice little touch, Daewon, this just made my day brighter ☀️💖.

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asdfghjkl okay you. changed my life i swear. you mentioned COG and I was curious. so I went and found the Eagle's Heir, played it because the cover art was beautiful, anD IT BROKE MY HEART. I played it like? seven times? trying for different endings with Alexandre. and then I find out that you had the audacity to make the beautiful cover art that got me into this mess like??? thank you but also you owe me a box of tissues. because I'm going to play Heroes now and it's gonna hurt probably

I finished the Heroes Rising trilogy and I was right you owe me so many tissues asdfghjkl

Welcome to CoG hell, anon B^)

YO MAN Eagle’s Heir has easily become one of my faves from CoG for SURE!!! I’m really glad you enjoyed it!!! I only played it once but aoufhsdoh WHAT A GOOD GAME. I romanced Alexandre and Eugenie (THAT WAS A PLEASANT SURPRISE) and oooooh man I loved it. I’m really really happy that you liked my cover art!!!! Definitely one of my favorite jobs even if that background nearly killed me. 

CACKLES TO THE SKY Heroes Rise was one of the first series I got into and def one of the bestselling ones!! Have a bunch of tissues, Anon, bless your soul, you made my day. 

If you’re looking at other titles to play, I highly rec Creatures Such as We, Choice of Robots, Choice of the Deathless (haven’t played it personally but heard only good things abt it). 

If you wanna get into the Hosted Games stuff, which are the community created titles using ChoiceScript, I always rec Community College Hero (kiiinda biased since I’m working on CCH2 now too), and Zombie Exodus (both the ZE1 and Safe Haven). Lurk around the forums too, there’s a bunch of cool demos you can try out!! 

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Last night I had my first kiss at the ripe old age of 19 and even better, it was with my best friend of almost 2 and a half years. Most of our friendship has been with distance but we have the whole summer together now. I really liked our kisses even though we were tired and clumsy and neither of us really knew what to do and we bumped teeth. I don't really know if the nature of our friendship is changing but I'm so beyond excited to just make memories with him that I don't care

Ahh hey congratulations! I’m 19 and still haven’t had my first kiss yet, but your story gives me hope, so thank you for that ;) I hope you two have been enjoying your summer together and have many more kisses and memories to come! 

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Are you still into Lost Dimension because I'm dead, I'm keeled over. I picked it up while shopping and within two days I became super attached to Marco and Agito (sadly my 3rd and 4th traitors). And the dialogue during the judgments just kills me. Like how did you have the heart to do multiple playthroughs because Himeno was my 5th and she broke my heart. Idk if I have the heart to finish man, it's tough on my heartstrings

I AM SO SORRY MY FRIEND That the game decided to off your favourite characters….IT’S THE RISK YOU TAKE PLAYING THIS GAME AND IT’S TERRIBLE, Agito betrayed me 9 times in a row and I’m still so bitter about that LOL. BUT HOW COULD IT CHOOSE MARCO. The purest of all pure. That is ROUGH I really feel for you ;_;) /holds you close…to be honest though, Himeno’s max bond traitor dialogue is one of the best in the game…it’s so heartfelt and stuff so even if it was painful I’m glad you got to see it…

AND I STILL totally love Lost Dimension!! :’D My favourite chars are Toya, Marco, Agito and Sho! I actually doodled Toya the other day cuz I missed him haha here he is (it’s not very good, sorry)

You should keep trying to finish the game!! AT LEAST MAX BOND MARCO AND AGITO 

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I'm in love with my girlfriend, she's the first girl I've seriously dated. It's long distance now and I just wanna be with her so badly. She's an angel

I’m so happy you found the one, and even if they are far away for now, it won’t be long distance forever <3 You’ll be with your angel one day soon enough :)

i love mod j and i feel like he understands me more than anything! i love him so much. he’s so sweet and so kind just to me, and even if he has rough edges i love them. i don’t want to force him to smooth them just for me. i love everything about him. he is the ocean, far and wide, distant yet always a constant in my life. a mysterious yet loving, nurturing force.

i love mod c too! though we’ve only been dating for a handful of months, he is so sweet and so affectionate and romantic… i want to just stay wrapped in his arms all the time. he reminds me of a warm blanket and the sweet smell of your favourite candle in the winter. he’s also the soft, light snow that’s untouched when you first wake up in the morning.

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my crush is my boyfriend and very best friend in the entire world. we have been together for over a year and i can't believe how in love i am. we do just about everything together and he makes my heart so warm and fluttery:) im so happy

seeing crush + boyfriend + best friend in the same sentence as the same person just made my heart soar. I’m so happy for you, too, because he sounds absolutely amazing <3

I honestly love that 99% of the Star Trek fandom is so… nontoxic.

Yeah of course there’s the shadowlands and the elephant graveyard where the light doesn’t touch and anon hate roams wild, but compared to a lot of other fandoms it’s not only “chill” but widely accepting and outwardly kind!

Whenever I have a conversation about characters or ships or headcannons even if others disagree with me there’s an initial attitude of “oh huh I haven’t looked at it like that!” and then a discussion/debate which might not end in agreement but usually ends with a “cool thought process!” and that is SO underrated.

I feel so non-stressed when engaging with most other Trekkies because even if I ship Spirk and someone ships Spuhura I can still admit that Uhura’s a badass who cares about Spock a LOT and the other person can admit that Kirk flashes Spock bedroom eyes whenever the Vulcan makes a snarky comment.

And people share fanart and fanfics and have such nice things to say and they generally just enjoy the content without tearing others down! And if someone says “your fave is problematic” there’s a general willingness to listen and accept certain things and then continue to enjoy the content without needing to shame anyone for that enjoyment!

I know this is a bit sappy but I just love that a show about a future where everyone is treated with kindness and respect brings that out in so many people *today* because we’ll never get where we want to go if we don’t work towards it now, but I think we are working towards it, and I know Gene would be overjoyed to see that his work has led to so many good people doing good things.

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I love my best friend. She's the only person I know that is accepting of me for me. She's the most beautiful person I've met, inside and out. She tells me that she loves me all the time. She makes me want to love myself. I know I can't be with her. She doesn't like girls, and even if she did, she lives far away. But that's okay. Loving her means that I want to spend my life making her happy. I do that best as her friend. But I just love her so much, she makes me smile whenever I think of her. <3

This is beyond sweet :’) I’m happy that you have someone so special in your life, even if it is as a best friend. It clearly doesn’t change how important your bond is. You two deserve each other’s love <3

hey kit, i have news: you have a crush af
  • “He looked at the boy with the knife to his throat, the boy whose black eyelashes feathered down against his cheekbones as he glanced away from Kit, and he felt something like a shock of recognition pass through him. He thought, How beautiful.”
  • “Ty raised his head. Kit got a quick flash of the color of his eyes: true gray, that gray that was almost silver.”
  • “Ty smiled. It was a genuine, light-up-your-face-type smile, and it made Kit remember the first time he’d met Ty. Ty hadn’t been sitting on him then, but he had been holding a dagger to Kit’s throat. Kit had looked at him and forgotten the knife and thought, Beautiful.”
  • “Ty laughed. The salt air had tangled his arrow-straight black hair, and his eyes glowed like the moonlight on the water. Kit just stared, unable to think of anything else clever to say, as Ty gently placed the starfish back in its tide pool.”
  • “Ty climbed up onto the porch beside Kit and sat down. He smelled faintly of desert, sand and sage. Kit thought of the way he’d liked the sound of Ty’s voice: It was rare to hear someone get that kind of sincere pleasure out of simply sharing information.”
  • “Ty shook his head again. His black hair was sticking to his forehead. Kit frowned. He wanted to grab Ty and drag him out of the Market to somewhere it would be calm and quiet. He remembered Ty saying that he hated crowds, that the sheer noise and confusion was “like broken glass in my head.”
  • “Ty was leaning forward, his arms clasping his body tightly. Kit wanted to reach out, wanted to put his hands on Ty, wanted to tell him it would be all right, communicate it in a way that startled him.”
  • “He looked anxious, the shadows under his eyes more pronounced. Kit wanted to go across the table and put his arms around Ty the way he had the night before, on the roof. He felt intensely protective of the other boy, in a way that was strange and unnerving. He’d cared about people before, mostly his father, but he’d never wanted to protect them. He wanted to kill anyone who would try to hurt Ty. It was a very peculiar feeling.”
  • “Ty smiled, and despite everything that was happening, it made Kit want to smile, too.”
  • “He knew he ought to feel exhausted, but there was something about Ty’s energy, the brightness and concentration of his focus, that worked on Kit like caffeine. It woke him up inside with a sense of promise, as if the moments in front of him suddenly held endless possibilities.”
  • “Your whole family would miss you,” said Kit, “and I would miss you.”

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so it happened!!! my boyfriend and i met today!!! and i've been on cloud nine ever since i saw him ugh we kissed twice and held hands a few times and he told me he loves me!!! i miss him already ugh that's the only thing that sucks about distance but i love this boy with everything i have

!!! Ahh I’m so happy for you omg that sounds absolutely amazing! Just like a first meeting should be :’) Distance definitely sucks, but don’t worry – you’ll get to see him again soon enough!

jack: ha. haha. 

marty: you say something, kid? 

jack: ha. oh nothing. just thinking about something funny bittle said yesterday. 

marty: oh okay. 



jack: haha. 


jack: *ahem* haHa. 

marty, knowing the storm he’s about to release and praying to all the higher powers that there are: what did he say 

jack: okay so we were at my apartment and we had just finished dinner and we were watching masterchef and this one guy has a hat and wait haha i have to go back bittle has this thing about hats so 

marty: *staring into the camera like jim on the office*

I love how I can be in a different area of my apartment but can tell which Sanders Side is talking purely by the tone of their voice. I love how even though they are all characters Thomas has created, and therefore look and sound like him, there are enough subtle differences in their voices that you can tell who’s speaking even without any context.

I think that just goes to show how incredible talented of an actor/singer Thomas actually is.