bts on valentines day

jungkook: too embarrassed to talk to you, taps you on the shoulder and puts a sticky note on your forehead before running away, the sticky note says “happy valentines day you look kind of ok sometimes”

jimin: the actual perfect boyfriend, buys you lots of roses and chocolates and caters to you all day, makes you feel like a princess and pampers you

namjoon: probably tries to do something romantic like buy fancy wine or something but when he tries to pour it into your glass he fucks up and spills it all over the table

yoongi: not really one for romantic gestures but he really understands you and knows whatll make you happy, buys you something substantial like a new pair of headphones or maybe even concert tickets since its something you two can enjoy together

jin: the most romantic of bts, he would be so warm and gush over you and make your day the absolute best it can be, hed go out of his way to make you happy, takes it a little overboard when he hires a violinist to come play a special song to dedicate his love to you over a filet mignon dinner

hoseok: wants to do something unique, hed probably do something like choreograph a dance and then dedicate it to you in a special performance, coming over to you at the end with a dozen roses, smiling at how flustered he was able to make you

taehyung: romantic but also dorky, prints out valentines memes and sticks them all over your bedroom walls, yet makes up for it later by giving you lots of warm hugs that have you melting in his arms

“R… roleplay? 

…That actually sounds kind of fun!”

I actually meant to do an Alphyne picture–but when I drew out Alphys, I just couldn’t help but think: “Boy, this sure seems like she’s gushing to Frisk about how much she likes Undyne and–WHOOPS. MY HAND SLIPPED. HI FRISK!”

(Yes, I will draw some Alphyne very soon, since they’re one of my favorite ships! But I just couldn’t resist some bonding between my favorite lizard girlfriend and child~)

hey everyone!! i’m sorry i’ve been so inactive lately; i’ve been trying to deal with some personal stuff and i’m also working on my school’s musical — we’re in tech week rn and boy am i tired. however, i wanted to drop in to gush about…. my girlfriend!!! i FINALLY got the guts to confess the feelings i’ve had for my best friend for a very, very long time and found out they’re returned and we’re DATING now!!!! i’m really unbelievably happy and i just wanted to share that w you i hope you’re all having good days ♡♡♡

The Key by Sara B. Elfren and Mats Strandberg (#3)


By the end of the second book, Fire, the remaining Chosen Ones know they are the last defense against the mysterious, demonic forces that have been plaguing Engelsfors.

The Chosen Ones are still coming to terms with their loss when evil strikes again, barely a month after the showdown in the school gym. They have no chance to recover, and no choice but to rally together to try to prevent the apocalypse—even while their personal dramas threaten to tear them apart.

Time is running out for the Chosen Ones to fulfil the prophecy and save the world, but whether they succeed or not, one thing is certain: Everything will change.


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Chloe loudly gushing in class about how beautiful Ladybug is…

”She has the most beautiful eyes!” “And her hair is so shiny and looks so soft, and her pigtails are just the cutest!” “She’s got the most perfect looking lips!”

(Meanwhile Marinette doesn’t know how to feel about this.)

“You accidentally took my suitcase home from the airport and I accidentally took yours so we agreed to meet at a coffeeshop nearby, where you immediately started gushing about how adorable my dog is (you saw pictures in my suitcase) and demand to meet her and I decided you’re too cute to say no to, so now we’re going to my house to meet my dog while you talk about arranging doggie play dates”
10 Books That Put the "Hit" in Hitler
The curator of Kindle Cover Disasters soils his search history to bring us the very best Nazi-themed books that money can buy… 1. Hitler's Time Machine, by Robert F. Dorr More like Back to D...

Here’s another piece I wrote for Genre Reader. I’m not a Nazi myself, so this one really took me out of Mein Kampfert zone.  

*Bow tie spins, goes out of control, slices through jugular, soaks front row with great gushes of blood, audience bursts into rapturous applause* 

After both realizing it’s difficult for our irl friends to understand our level of trashiness for Star Wars, Alyssa and I decided we needed a place where people could go to be SW trash together. Thus, the creation of the Space Trash Network! If you love Star Wars and admit that you are complete and utter trash for anything even remotely related to it, then this network is for you!


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  • active, friendly, and positive bloggers
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  • Space Trash™


  • a follow from both of us, if not already
  • a spot on the network page
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  • a tag to post all your original content, selfies, headcanons, etc.


  • first round of members will be selected and announced around March 14th
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  • May the force be with you~

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask either me or Alyssa

I just want to mother Killian?

OK so I know a lot of CS fans and Hook fans are like “DO ME RIGHT NOW IN THE MIDDLE OF GRANNY’s” but are there any other Hook fans like me who have now migrated toward “Hook is my tiny broken son and he needs a warm blanket and soup and I just want to be his mom and take care of him and why is everyone hurting my child please stop he is so hurt why is someone holding his hook why is it bloody I just want him to be safe and happy” ?

Basically my feelings for Killian have become super maternal and it’s a little creepy but I just want him and Emma to make babies so I can have grandbabies to gush over WOW I AM SUCH A CREEP THESE ARE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS

Khloe Kardashian Gushes Over Gigi Hadid's Nude Vogue Cover

Gigi Hadid wowed everybody yesterday afternoon when she shared a photo from that time she stripped nude and posed for Vogue Paris’ magazine cover.

We mean, is it even possible for her to look any hotter?

Gigi shared the image on Instagram alongside the cheeky caption: “And here’s the version where I’m wearing mostly Chanel N°5 ;) lol @vogueparis” and it didn’t take long for fans to respond in their hundreds of thousands.

And it isn’t just us whose eyes popped out of their skull when they saw the pic, with Khloe Kardashian also sharing the image to her social network page, gushing over her pal in the caption: “Are you serious?!?! @gigihadid you are my f*cking spirit animal!!

"Epic f*cking cover!!!! Bawwwwdy for days!! Lezzzzz-be-honest…. I’m in love”.

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

Other celebs to share their utter appreciation for the shot included Kim Kardashian’s best mate Jonathan Cheban and Laura Whitmore, who reposted the image alongside the caption: “Body goals”.

Tell us about it, love.

One thing’s for sure, Gigi’s rumoured boyfriend Zayn Malik is one very lucky man.

At The Doctors

This was the worst thing that had ever happened to Rachel.

A potential career ruining move.

Things had been going fine. A few days ago, she woke up in Quinn’s arms, delightfully sore from the night before. With a quick kiss to the sleeping girl’s cheek, Rachel slipped out of bed and out of the apartment, but not before leaving a piece of paper with her number on it on the nightstand.

The rest of the day, the soreness between her thighs and stinging of the bruises where Quinn bit her were a pleasant reminder of the night they had spent together. She felt like a new woman. She felt sexier and freer, and her director noticed. Praising her on bringing Fanny to life even more on stage. Kurt threw her a knowing look during rehearsal and that whole night they are ice cream in their shared apartment while Rachel gushed about Quinn. It was then that Kurt psyched her out about ever seeing her again, saying that Rachel would become nothing more then a booty call and that was the last thing she wanted. So when Quinn called later, Rachel respectfully declined hanging out again even though her heart and body were screaming for Quinn. She was sure it was just a product of attachment after losing her virginity to the girl that would soon fade.

But then this. The most career ruining move ever. During dance she had hit the boy next to her who wasn’t on his mark and she fell right on her ankle. Now it was swollen and puffy and probably broken and her career was over.

She insisted that Kurt accompany her to the emergency room immediately in case they could save her ankle. It was of the utmost importance.

“This is highly unnecessary,” Kurt complained as he helped Rachel hobble into the waiting room, “It’s just a sprain.”

“I’m not going to gamble my career over something that may or may not be sprained,” Rachel insisted. The wait was relatively short and she was bustled into the exam room. Kurt insisted on staying in the waiting room in case they needed to take her clothes off even though Rachel told him that was ridiculous.

Soon there was a knock at the door and a familiar blonde head poked in the door. Rachel’s eyes grew wide, heart pounding in her chest. “Quinn?”

turtlegramps asked:

Hi friend ;u; I just had this thought earlier and I wanted to share it with you. I really love and admire how you always take time to answer all the messages you receive with such care and detail despite getting SO MANY. Especially when I see other popular users reply to long heartfelt asks with one word replies... it makes me lose respect for them and not like them in general. I think it says a lot about character. So umm ye -u- you're gr8 and I love seeing you on my dash =w= <333

OMG??? THIS PUT THE BIGGEST SMILE ON MY FACE, I AM SQUEALING AND GUSHING! This is the sweetest thing ever, thank you so so much bb, you have no idea how much I appreciate this! And I’m posting it because it needs to be on my blog forever so that I can look back on and smile all over again! I’m so glad you appreciate the effort I put into responding to my messages because I really do spend a lot of time trying to reply back to everyone in a way that I know I’d like to be responded to, and just thank you so much for taking the time out to tell me this! You are such a joy to see on my dash as well and always make me laugh and smile!<3 Thank you thank you thank you!

The Flash 2x13

that brief flash of Supergirl when they were traveling to Earth 2 was unexpected, but very welcome

Cisco and Barry fanboying over Earth 2, and taking selfies, and Harry being annoyed by it all was hilarious

as was Earth 2 Barry getting transported by our Barry, and him gushing over Wells

at least Westallen sails in Earth 2. I hope it starts sailing again in Earth 1 soon

Barry talking to his Earth 2 mom over the phone gave me all the feels

Barry impersonating his doppleganger was great; as was his interactions with Earth 2 Iris and Joe.

It was odd seeing a version of Joe that hates Barry. but it was cool seeing him sing

Killer Frost and Deathstorm were awesome. It was neat seeing them interact with the “breachers” as they called them

EVIL CISCO. Oh my god, I didn’t expect that. but I gotta say, it was hot

sidenotes: Floyd Laughton (sp?) as a good guy, but this time as a terrible shot, was great. as was that brief glimpse of criminal captain Singh

Zoom captures Barry

meanwhile, on Earth 1, Jay uses Velocity 7 to try to subdue the latest meta human threat but it wears off quickly

but they have bigger things to deal with, like fixing the last breach between Earths so our people aren’t stuck in Earth 2

can’t wait for the next part.

EastEnders' Jake Wood 'Honoured' To Be The UK's Top 'Weird Crush'

Jake Wood has a certain je ne sais quoi that has made women weak at the knees ever since he joined EastEnders a whopping ten years ago, with the actor winning over more people than ever when he debuted his sexy dance moves on Strictly Come Dancing back in 2014.

Now, Jake has been named the UK’s biggest “weird crush” for the second year running - and he couldn’t be happier about it.

Pipping celebs such as Ed Sheeran and Greg Davies to the post, the 43-year-old admitted that he was “honoured” to top Heat magazine’s annual poll, and he is especially chuffed to be the “hottest ginger” in town.

Speaking to the mag about his achievement, Jake gushed: “I must be the weirdest crush in the history of weird crushes. I’m quite honoured. Last year I was delighted, and this year I’m even more bowled over. Lost for words.

"I must be slightly weirder then Ed [Sheeran] and that’s a great honour to me. I’m obviously the hottest weirdest ginger.”

Too bloomin’ right you are, Jake.

Last year the star admitted that this was one award that he wanted to win above any other, sharing at the time: “I’m absolutely honoured. It’s the award I wanted to win more than any other. I’m so happy I won.

"Thank you to the people that voted for me. I’m doing it for the weird crushes all over the world. Ginger, tall, freaky looking guys with a sexy glint in their eyes, that’s me.”

Fingers crossed for next year, eh?

I just beat my dad in pokemon alpha saphire
THOUGHTS so far:

I just wanna pet my pokemon in pokemon amie and play head it for housr bc im good at it
current team is that rose pokemon, gardevior (he’s a male too, beautiful boy) whatever torchik’s final furry lookin evo is, the weasel thing and the bear sloth thing

i forget their real names bc i named them all so i kinda just forget what they’re called in the wild

naming things is so fun. i have a gloom named kush, they all have silly names but also cute I caught apincer just to fill my dex tho and i named it nightmare jfc those things are horrifying imagine a like, 6 foot bug with a mouth full of pointy teeth on its chest no thank you
** I was gushing over just how pretty this game has gotten since the ol’ days of static sprites and limited colors jfc we have panning camera angles and cinematic cutscenes wth

anonymous asked:

S/o's matsu tries to come up and cuddle them and s/o accidentally hits them in the face, reactions? 😂

Osomatsu: Plays like he’s really hurt just so you could gush over him for a bit but tell you it didn’t hurt

Karamatsu: he’d brush it off like he does with his brothers but he’d be super touched when you started apologizing profusely

Choromatsu: Would tell you it didn’t hurt and proceed doing what he was doing

Ichimatsu: Would tell you to do it again but when you told him no and apologized he said “oh.. ” in an almost dissapointed tone

Jyushimatsu: Would probably start dying laughing but reassure you that he was fine

Todomatsu: Would fake being hurt like osomatsu but let you fawn over him for a little longer before telling you he was kidding