gus the theater cat

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: in the musical cats, gus the theater cat says “these kittens do not get trained like we did in the days that victoria reigned.” later, jellylorum mentions a part he played in “east ‘lin,” obviously meaning east berlin. queen victoria ruled england from 1837-1901, and east berlin was not established until 1949. even if gus was trained at a very young age (which we can assume since he talks about kittens being trained) and at the very end of victoria’s reign, and his aforementioned part in east ‘lin took place at the very beginning of east berlin’s establishment, this still means that almost fifty years would have passed between these two events. the average housecat only lives about twenty years, so is gus really meant to be a cat? does he have some supernatural powers to make him live longer? or do cats actually have nine lives in this world? someone please explain