The Last Episode of Immersion, Ever
  • Burnie:In the popular video game, Overwatch, it's possible to avoid a mech explosion by hiding behind a small object. Today, we are going to test this with Gavin and Michael.
  • Gavin:Wait, wat?
  • Burnie:We're going to have Gavin huddled behind this parking meter while Michael hides behind this block of ice simulating Mei's self protection.
  • Michael:Hey, Burnie, if this is about me disrupting that meeting with a sponsor while I was filming Rage Quit...
  • Burnie:Now let's see if this quarter ton of explosives are ready as Gus and Geoff tie up our test subjects.

“Miles has been promoted to the Head Writer of Animation at Rooster Teeth, so congratulations to Miles, who will now be doing a victory lap here in a moment.” - RT Podcast #349

What Has Been Learned/Confirmed From This Years RT Extra Life Stream:

~Miles Luna may have some very dark thoughts and is in need of a therapist.
~Gus Sorola gets very touchy feely when he is drunk (basically the opposite of regular Gus).
~Jack Pattillo has a chin.
~Ryan Haywood’s black tennis shoes were truly demonic (they had to put out the fire with salt)
~Jeremy Dooley gives very nice kisses.
~Matt Bragg has a smooth head.
~Miles Luna strives for perfect entrances.
~Gus Sorola knows various Japanese phrases.
~Adam Kovic can fit approximately 3 donuts in his mouth.
~Jon Risinger once wanted frosted tips (but no longer does).
~Mica Burton can braid hair like an elven princess.
~Michael Jones can still somehow make jokes right after being tased twice.
~Larry’s name is Larry.
~Gavin Free can keep down his milk longer than Michael Jones.
~Amiibos die in horrible ways.
~Ryan Haywood can lift Meg “Dirty Dancing” style.
~Jeremy Dooley still had his “Bag Of Emotions”.
~Millie Ramsey can punch hard.
~Gavin Free enjoyed slapping Jack pattillo for revenge.