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Signs as Disney Princess moments

Aquarius: When Mulan takes Shan Yu’s sword using only her fan

Pisces: When Rapunzel leaves her tower for the first time and soaks up the sun and feels the grass

Aries: When Merida yells “I’ll be shooting for my own hand!”

Taurus: When Cinderella interrupts her morning work to help Gus-Gus

Gemini: When Aurora gets over her initial trepidation of Prince Philip and dances with him in the woods

Cancer: When Tiana is singing in the run down building she wants to make her restaurant 

Leo: When Jasmine sneaks out into the market

Virgo: When Anna thinks she’ll have to literally climb a mountain to get to her sister, and starts without hesitation

Libra: When Snow White wakes up surrounded by dwarves and immediately tries to befriend them

Scorpio: When Pocahontas stands in the mist and stares down a stranger with a gun

Sagittarius: Rapunzel interacting with the people in the tavern without any hesitation or fear

Capricorn: When Ariel sits as a princess, in a grotto full of treasure, and sings about how she still wants more

i still can’t believe MNET had jinhwi at an arcade, minhwan having friends over at home, ongniel going on a drive in a fancy rental car, but had woojin and the two aunties go 200 miles to ilsan to go work sungwoon’s grandpa’s field and panwink to dobong-gu to train as army men. dead.


“Joaq was always worried he wasn’t doing his best. He’s a great actor, but he was always trashing himself. It was the opposite of River. River would know when he did a scene well. If someone suggested that maybe he should have tried another approach, he’d debate it and say, ‘No, no, it was really good.’ You’d never say that to Joaquin or it would send him into a tailspin of self-criticism. In the end, both ended up doing good work, only one was confident, the other’s not”

- Gus Van Sant, The Face 1995

aliceace14  asked:

Hello, I just read your animal story about Gus the emu and let me tell you I work at a zoo and we have emus and you are a very brave person, emus are pretty much all assholes. (I still love them though lol.) Did I read it right that you just had an emu wandering around your house sitting on your couch?? Wow, you are amazing. I am totally aware that you are a very busy person so feel free to ignore me, but I would LOVE more of these stories!

Yeah, that was Gus.  Gus was, to put it mildly, a total asshole.  He’d been raised in an apartment as a “pet,” and he had too many “I am the boss of people, I want to hang out on the furniture” traits to really re-acclimatize to being a normal emu.  So he got bounced from foster home to foster home until he wound up at the emu farm and was eaten for being a jerkzilla.

Don’t be a jerkzilla.  People will eat you.

NDRV3 Transcriptions: Ouma and Kiibo Bonus Mode Event

This wasn’t a request or anything, but I wanted to translate this one just out of personal preference. It’s really cute, good Kiibouma at its finest. Scenes like this one are a big part of why I really do like their interaction together.

I took the time to icon this one, this time around. Hope you all enjoy! Thanks to @shinjiroaragaki for the icons as usual!

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I’m gonna keep posting about this in case anyone hasn’t heard. When We Rise is a 4 part miniseries airing on the 27th chronicling the fight for LGBT rights in the U.S. Here’s a link to the trailer! From what I’ve seen and read they actually are including important moments from our collective history that are overlooked, like the Lavender Menace protest, the fact that some members of Act Up were opposed to the AIDS quilt, etc. Also it was created & written by Dustin Lance Black and two of the directors who worked on this project are Gus van Sant & Dee Rees (the black lesbian director of Pariah). Part 1 airs on abc, February 27th at 9pm EST.

Essays in Existentialism: Stud IV

more stud lexa????? totally my fav.

Previously on Stud

The first hint of the autumn chill was a glorious kind of magic. It rattled its way through the streets on rickety wheels, making leaves chatter on leaves and making ships creak in the harbour. It climbed its way up buildings, leavings the fingerprints of the impending winter on the glass. The first chill was a defiant, fierce little thing, that was known to only a few who braved the early hour as the sun began to wake in this half of the world. Their breaths all became clouds, drifting along aimlessly as their throats tightened against the cold. But, like the first line of soldiers, the first hint of the end of summer was bombarded and dispatched with little effort by the day once the sun rose and attempted to hide any evidence of the bodies. 

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ok idk if its a little too early for a Halloween themed headcanon but maybe,,,,? MJ dresses up as Spiderman for Halloween (to mock him) Peter not ok™

HALLOWEEN SPIDEYCHELLE. high school group costumes are fun, right?? cool. that’s what we get here.

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