gus is my fave

This scene has two of my favorite things: Robotboy being friggen adorable and him Superactivating to protect Tommy.


okay but this is a great episode: murder… anyone?… anyone?… bueller? (psych | 3x02)

i do have a question for you though. assuming that parker stevenson had never been born… have you ever seen a very attractive man solve a crime before?

it’s time for an UNCLE REDRAW (top is the original and bottom is mine!)

tiger was the hardest to redraw, so i sort of just winged it and made her a stereotypical teenage girly girl because it’s heavily implied that she IS one (i was really debating on just drawing her as a tiger or cropping her out altogether)

i was gonna humanize belly bag too, but i thought the position he’s in in the original screenshot would be a little… awkward

also pizza steve is standing on a stool because he’s A Short Nerd